3114 February 2016
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Columbia’s website has updated with (very tiny!) cover art and a complete track listing for the upcoming Dragon Ball Super Original Soundtrack. The release is packed with background music from the ongoing TV series by Norihito Sumitomo, along with TV-sized versions of the opening theme (“Chōzetsu ☆ Dynamic!”) and first closing theme (“Hello Hello Hello”).


  1. Chōzetsu ☆ Dynamic! (TV Size)
  2. Toward Tomorrow
  3. Believe in Yourself
  4. Believe in Yourself (String Version)
  5. A Strong Enemy Appears
  6. A Tough Battle
  7. Crushing Defeat
  8. Omen of Victory
  9. Turning the Tables
  10. Super Saiyan God
  11. Compromise
  12. Beerus’ Planet
  13. Beerus’ Tea Time
  14. Beerus’ Madness
  15. Vegeta’s Strength
  16. Team Dragon’s Theme
  17. Where’s Goku?!
  18. Under the Blue Sky
  19. Chaotic Streets
  20. Party Scene
  21. Romantic Evening
  22. Like That Cloud
  23. Tropical Island Scene
  24. Fire Dance
  25. The Earth’s Fate
  26. The Pilaf Gang’s Plan
  27. The Pilaf Gang Runs Away
  28. I’m the Best in the World
  29. The Infinite Universe
  30. The Birth of a God
  31. Pleasant Friends From Pluto
  32. Trouble Erupts
  33. Feeling Each Other Out
  34. CHA-LA HEAD-CHA-LA (Days of Battle)
  35. Preview A
  36. Preview B
  37. Preview C
  38. Eyecatch A
  39. Eyecatch B
  40. Subtitle


  1. Pleasant Days
  2. Goten & Trunks’ Mischief
  3. The Gods of Destruction Selection Tournament
  4. Champa’s Theme
  5. The Fatso Waltz
  6. Freeza is Resurrected
  7. Freeza’s Scheme
  8. A Bad Premonition
  9. The Terror of Freeza’s Army
  10. Inescapable Fear
  11. Rushing Into Battle
  12. An Antagonistic Battle
  13. Freeza’s Chosen Ones
  14. Golden Freeza’s Theme
  15. Formidable Opponent
  16. Time to Strike Back
  17. A Break in the Battle
  18. Blue Saiyan
  19. Regret
  20. The Death Match Winds Down
  21. Training With Whis
  22. Endless Training
  23. Unfamiliar Work
  24. Freeza’s Penance
  25. Here’s Jaco!
  26. The Gods of Destruction Selection Tournament Kicks Off!
  27. Space is Vast!!
  28. Mysterious Alien #1
  29. Mysterious Alien #2
  30. Hello Hello Hello (TV Size)

The two-disc Dragon Ball Super Original Soundtrack is due out 24 February 2016 for ¥3,500 + tax and is available for pre-order via CDJapan and Amazon Japan.

VegettoEX3:34 PM ESTPodcast

It’s predictions time! Each year on the show we like to not only make predictions for the next year in the Dragon World, but also check in on last year’s predictions and see how we fared. With 2015 bringing a slew of new material our way, was it even remotely possible to make an accurate call?

Episode #0395! VegettoEX and Hujio check in on last year’s predictions and make new ones for 2016. What does the Dragon World potentially have in store for us, and how will it all go down? Your own predictions bring us into some pretty wacky territory, as well!


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Columbia has released cover art, bonus DVD content information, and other details regarding the Dragon Ball Godly BEST theme song compilation due out 24 February 2016 in Japan.


While the main compilation’s track listing — set to span two discs — has yet to be revealed, the bonus DVD will include the following opening animation sequences (with a note that the Dragon Ball GT opening will unfortunately not be a creditless version a la the others):

  • Dragon Ball TV Series Opening Theme
    Mystical Adventure!
  • Dragon Ball Z TV Series Opening Theme #1
  • Dragon Ball Z TV Series Opening Theme #2
  • Dragon Ball GT TV Series Opening Theme
    DAN DAN 心魅かれてく
    Bit by Bit, You’re Charming My Heart
  • Dragon Ball Kai TV Series Opening Theme #1
    Dragon Soul
  • Dragon Ball Kai TV Series Opening Theme #2
    空・前・絶・後 Kuu-Zen-Zetsu-Go
    Kuu-Zen-Zetsu-Go: Like Nothing Before or After
  • Dragon Ball Super TV Series Opening Theme
    Chōzetsu ☆ Dynamic!

The two-disc Dragon Ball Godly BEST (ドラゴンボールの「神 BEST」) set will be released as a standard edition (COCX-39493-4) for ¥2,778 + tax and a “Limited Edition” (COZX-1144-6) — which comes packed with the bonus DVD — for ¥3,500 + tax. The regular and “Limited Edition” versions are currently available for pre-order at CDJapan.

Famitsu reports on Bandai Namco’s announcement that Dragon Ball XENOVERSE has shipped over three million copies worldwide, including both retail and digital download versions of the game.


The breakdown includes approximately 230,000 copies in Japan; 60,000 copies in the greater Asia region; 1.78 million copies in America; and 1.05 million copies in Europe.

Dragon Ball XENOVERSE, developed by Dimps for Bandai Namco, is the latest console game for the franchise on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC.

Online retailers have updated their listings for the second Dragon Ball Super home video box set in Japan:

As with the first set, the disc label art is recycled character design artwork from the 2013 theatrical film, Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods. In addition to a 16-page special booklet and box with a new illustration, on-disc extras will include a creditless opening (the “Freeza version” of “Chōzetsu ☆ Dynamic!“) and ending (“Starring Star“).

Toei and Happinet are releasing the series in DVD and Blu-ray box sets of 12 episodes each. The first set saw its release 02 December 2015 (episodes 1-12) with this second set dropping 02 March 2016 (episodes 13-24). The third set was recently delayed by one month to 02 July 2016.

DVD sets are listed at ¥12,096 with Blu-ray sets at ¥16,416. Both DVD and Blu-ray sets are listed as two discs each. Sets are available to pre-order via CDJapan and Amazon Japan.

Digital download versions of both the 2014 Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z and 2015 Dragon Ball XENOVERSE video games are on sale via the North American PlayStation Network for their respective Sony consoles as a part of Bandai Namco’s “Play Anime Games” promotion.


Battle of Z is currently 75% off for both the PlayStation 3 and Vita at $7.49 and $4.99, respectively.

XENOVERSE is currently 60% off for both the PlayStation 3 and 4 at $15.99. Additionally, the game’s downloadable content “Season Pass” is also on sale, down from $24.99 to $14.99. Finally, bundles of the game itself with its season pass can also be grabbed for $25.99 on either console.

J-Stars Victory Vs.+ is also available at reduced prices of $9.99 on the Vita and PlayStation 3, and $14.99 on the PlayStation 4.

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z, developed by Artdink for Bandai Namco, was released worldwide in January 2014 for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Vita. In North America, the Vita version was released exclusively as a downloadable title. Dragon Ball XENOVERSE, developed by Dimps for Bandai Namco, is the latest console game for the franchise on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC. The game is available both digitally and in retail disc form for both Sony consoles.

VegettoEX6:07 PM ESTPodcast

In our attempt to get things back on a weekly schedule for 2016, we must once again preempt our yearly news recap and predictions episode (stay tuned for that — it’s not not coming!). Instead, this week’s episode brings a bit of a language refresher and behind-the-scenes look at some internal Kanzenshuu debates. We are in the process of changing some of the name spellings in our style guide, so tune in for sneak-peek at names we are either in the process of deciding or want to avoid for as long as possible in hopes they solve themselves!

Episode #0394! VegettoEX discusses the process of adapting a name from “Dragon Ball” in Japanese to our alphabet and have it still make sense, sound the same, and do something to acknowledge or bring out its pun source. Some names are easy, some are even deceptively simple, but others stump us a bit to this day. Tune in for a bit of a behind-the-scenes lesson and learn a bit about some of the most difficult name spellings to adapt!


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The fourth collected volume of Naho Ooishi‘s Dragon Ball SD — the spin-off/re-telling of the Dragon Ball series currently being serialized in Saikyō Jump — is set for a print release in Japan this week.


最後のドラゴンボールのありかを求めて、占いババの元を訪れた悟空たち。ババが用意した5人の選手に勝てば、占ってくれるというが…!? SDだけのオリジナル・エピソードも続々登場で、原作ファンも必見!

Seeking the whereabouts of the final Dragon Ball, Goku & co. pay a visit to the fortunetelling crone. If they win against the five competitors she has brought out, she will divine its location for them, but…?! With original episodes found only in SD, it’s a must-see even for fans of the original manga!

The volume picks up with Chapter 29 of the monthly/bimonthly reboot of the comic as Goku and friends visit the old fortuneteller, and going by previous chapter totals, will likely conclude a ways into the 22nd Tenka’ichi Budōkai. Within this material is a short bout of extra chapters telling stories not found in the original manga: “Goku’s Solitary Training Arc”.

The 192-page tankobon-sized volume runs ¥600 plus tax and preserves the full-color presentation from its original Saikyō Jump serialization. The collected volume will also come packed with a Super Saiyan Vegetto card for Dragon Ball Heroes (GDPJ-18).

Volume 4 of the collected Dragon Ball SD is available to order from CDJapan and Amazon Japan. While the print edition is due out this week (04 February 2016), the digital edition will not see a release until next month (04 March 2016); the third collected volume also saw a staggered print vs. digital release back in 2014. Chapter 41 of the reboot will also see its serialization in this week’s March 2016 issue of Saikyō Jump in Japan.

Dragon Ball SD began with Saikyō Jump as a quarterly publication with four total issues in 2011 re-telling major aspects of the franchise in an even more childish tone. When the magazine switched to a monthly format in 2012, Dragon Ball SD started over at the very beginning of the series with the same kind of writing and artistic style. The publication switched to a bimonthly release schedule in late-2014.

Today’s 29th episode of the Dragon Ball Super TV series featured an appearance by the character Tights (originally from Jaco the Galactic Patrolman, Akira Toriyama’s short manga series from 2013). The character was voiced — somewhat appropriately enough considering her family ties — by Hiromi Tsuru.


Tights’ appearance in Dragon Ball Super was teased in Toyotarō’s sixth manga chapter originally published back in November in the January 2016 issue of V-Jump.

Amazon Japan have updated their listings for the third DVD and Blu-ray box set of the Dragon Ball Super TV series with a new release date of 02 July 2016.


The new date marks a delay of exactly one month from the previously-announced 02 June 2016 release date. The set will contain episodes 25-36; episode 28 aired this past weekend. In addition to the special booklet and box with a new illustration, on-disc extras will include a creditless version of the third series ending theme, “Light Pink“.

The first box set (episodes 1-12) was released 02 December 2015 and contained minor animation updates in very select spots compared to the original TV broadcast, most notably in the fifth episode. The second box set (episodes 13-24) is seemingly still scheduled for release 02 March 2016.

Thanks to Rachel for the heads-up!