Published by VegettoEX
07 December 2012, 9:19 AM EDT

Much like its original announcement via a teaser this past July, a new trailer for “Battle of Gods”, the upcoming movie set to debut in Japanese theaters in March 2013, aired on Fuji TV this morning:

UPDATE: While the video initially posted has been set to private, other folks have of course taken to re-uploading it.

The trailer (mostly set to the tune of “CHA-LA HEAD-CHA-LA”, the original opening theme to Dragon Ball Z) gives us a glimpse at new characters Bils and Whis (in addition to some short voice samples), returning characters like Pilaf, the fusion of Goten and Trunks into Gotenks, Gohan in his Super Saiyan form, and much more.

Thanks to our buddy kei17 for the heads-up!

  1. mozart13x


    07 December 201210:18 AM EDT
  2. fogdark

    What an awesome birthday present! Thank you Toei! 😀

    07 December 201212:55 PM EDT
  3. vrblitz

    they don’t make them like they used to..

    07 December 20124:51 PM EDT
  4. gozar

    Really nice trailer. When this Movie was first announced, I was a lit pessimistic about it. But it’s really looking like it’s going to wind up being a great installment into the DragonBall Franchise.

    07 December 20125:17 PM EDT
  5. Chuquita

    Giant hourglass-shaped “time-bombs”. I love it. X3 Also, Birusu and Uisu’s reaction to Goku all happily introducing himself. Wonderful. XD

    07 December 20126:21 PM EDT
  6. ryuman

    Maybe you’d want to update this post now that the current video is now private.

    07 December 20127:06 PM EDT
  7. dragondyle

    Here’s a link to it since this one is now private:

    07 December 20127:33 PM EDT
  8. krakabeast

    Wow! I wan’t psyched, but I am now.

    08 December 20122:01 PM EDT
  9. nslshockwave

    It looks so awesome! Can’t wait got the full trailer! :))

    08 December 20128:44 PM EDT
  10. zestanor

    It’s great, but I really wish it were drawn more like the manga/anime. Or, go the whole mile and animate it on 35mm film, that would wonderful.

    08 December 201211:35 PM EDT
  11. destro4thewin

    this movie is going to be greeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeat!!! 😆

    09 December 20127:26 PM EDT
  12. songoshen

    It looks pretty cool, despite the main antagonist looking really silly. And the fact that Gohan shouldn’t be going super saiyan with his mystic powers. XD Looking forward to it!

    10 December 20121:02 AM EDT