Following up on our recent posting of a short Masako Nozawa interview from earlier in the year, we have yet another piece of translation work from the never-ending pile of Battle of Gods promotional material. This time around, it is a joint interview between Shōko Nakagawa and original manga author Akira Toriyama!


Originally posted on the official website for the movie, the interview consists of Nakagawa tossing out brief thoughts and questions to Toriyama regarding his work on the film. Toriyama mentions that, despite being so heavily involved with the film and even designing characters, he apparently did not provide enough guidance on the design of the Oracle Fish – Nakagawa’s minor role in the movie – compared to what he originally had in mind:

Incidentally, I didn’t imagine the Oracle Fish as being this size; I pictured it as being bigger than human height. Although, since I didn’t draw a chart for scale, it ended up this size. (laughs)


Read the full interview, which has been archived in the Battle of Gods section of our main “Translations” page.

  1. sangofe

    This was a very nice read. More interesting than reading “normal” interviews.

    15 December 20136:52 AM EDT
  2. Tyro

    There’s a spelling mistake near the top. It says “I’ve been *wating* for this! Yes!”

    15 December 20132:03 PM EDT
  3. Tyro

    Found another. In the second “question” it says “I *though* it was something you could only have with Dragon Ball.”

    15 December 20132:05 PM EDT
  4. Tyro

    Hmm, weird wording for this one: “Matsumoto-san, who went down the path of fighting because she aspired to Dragon Ball.” Aspiring to Dragon Ball… I like it.

    15 December 20132:09 PM EDT
  5. Tyro

    “I took *once* glance…”

    15 December 20132:11 PM EDT