Published by VegettoEX
07 December 2016, 8:22 AM EDT

After floating around a nebulous “February 2017” timeframe for a few months, the European branch of Bandai Namco has officially announced 17 February 2017 as the region’s release date for Dragon Ball Fusions on the Nintendo 3DS.


Dragon Ball Fusions, developed by Ganbarion for Bandai Namco, is the latest Dragon Ball franchise portable video game and is exclusively available on the Nintendo 3DS. The game has sold upward of 170,000 copies thus far in Japan and has received three free updates as of this week.

Read our full review, or check our Episode #0415 of our podcast for more discussion regarding the game.

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  1. moltenman

    I wonder if they’ll have sticks for swords too… :\

    07 December 201610:28 AM EDT