Published by VegettoEX
08 January 2017, 3:41 PM EDT

We were privileged to have the “Did You Know Gaming?” crew approach us with a great script and narration request for a new Dragon Ball entry in their video series.

Enjoy the video!

  1. ShadowBardock89

    I enjoy the content from channel, so this is a very good opportunity to attract new people (hopefully).
    Good job, guys!

    08 January 20175:57 PM EDT
  2. simtek34

    And the YouTube comments section says that he is pronouncing the names wrong. Then Hail Zeon and the Kanzenshuu YouTube say otherwise.

    10 January 201710:46 AM EDT
  3. MondoCool

    Really good video 😀

    10 January 201711:01 AM EDT