Has there been an idea to do a Video Game Guide?

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Has there been an idea to do a Video Game Guide?

Postby Apollo Fungus » Sat Dec 09, 2017 6:22 pm

On the Kanzenshuu website, there are many guides to help fans through various aspects of the series, ranging from rumours, animation styles and intended endings, to stuff like the various home video releases in Japan and North America, the soundtracks and singles, and even battle powers.

But I'm curious to know if there's even been an attempt to create a guide to Dragon Ball's video games. There are a lot of them, which would make it something of a challenge to collect information and capturing quality screenshots, but I would argue that the video games are just as important an element to document as anything else in the franchise. If there's any way to get the ball rolling on that area, I'd like to help out however I can.

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Re: Has there been an idea to do a Video Game Guide?

Postby Hujio » Sun Dec 10, 2017 2:47 am

Yes, there was actually an attempt at one point in time. There was a guide on Kanzentai back in the day dedicated to the Jaapnese video games, but we haven't yet ported it over to Kanzenshuu. At some point it should become a reality, but there's no definitive date at this point. If it's something you're wanting soon, or within the next 10 years, then definitely bug VegettoEX.
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