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Re: Create Your Dream Game / Roster

Postby mahakaishin1991 » Mon Apr 02, 2018 11:17 am

A xenoverse type game that is based on the TOP, however, the demon realmers and the time patrol have been chosen by Zeno to fight for supremacy much like the TOP but this time for the fate of the universes in a good vs evil kind of way.

Mechikabura (representing the god of destruction)
Paragus Xeno (representing the Kai rank)
Dark Masked King (as the 'angel' representative)

Demon God Dabura (leader)
Demon God Shroom
Demon God Putine
Demon God Gravy
Demon God Salsa
Demon God Towa
Demon God Chamel
Demon God Berserker
Demon God Elite
Demigra (who can access his Makyouka form in game)

In the game's story, the time patrol also enter by countering with their own team

Chronoa (adult form, representing the mahakaishin)
Old Kai (representing the kai role)
TokiToki representing the angel

Trunks Xeno (leader)
Goku Xeno
Vegeta Xeno
Gohan Xeno
Goten Xeno
Bardock Xeno
Time Patroller
Master Roshi (brought in so they can seal mechikabura away if they need to)
Bulma (based on her Heroes support version)
Zamasu (recruited out of his hatred for the demons as a kai)

these are the main characters, but the 80 fighters from the TOP are all present and playable, plus the core important ones such as Cell etc

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Re: Create Your Dream Game / Roster

Postby Lucky_Deity » Wed Apr 25, 2018 1:31 am

I've got another idea for a Dragon Ball game, it would never happen but it's basically Super Smash Bros., Dragon Ball Edition.

For the characters I tried to keep it realistic and not to over-the-top, though I still ended up with 80 characters but I wanted to try and represent all parts of the series, though the original Dragon Ball could've needed a little more love but I chose the most iconic characters from that part of the series. When choosing the characters I went with who is important to the franchise, who can work as fighters, who is popular etc. and I tried to not include to many characters who are clones, i.e., no Nail unfortunately. Admittedly a few clones may have fell threw the cracks but the reasons I mentioned before justify them being there plus I do have ideas to make them different somewhat.

Character Roster


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Re: Create Your Dream Game / Roster

Postby gohan2k » Sun May 13, 2018 8:36 am

I've actually been making up fantasy DBZ games for years and imagining what they'd be like.

Some of my favourite creations:

- "Enter the Dragon World" - You create a custom character and then you basically just explore the locations Dragon Ball World at your leisure.
Perhaps there's two modes, and in one there's no goal at all and so you can do whatever you want - you want to go search for the dragon balls? You can do that, You want to be the villain and go blow up things? Can do! (though the heroes will probably come and stop you) You want to just cruise around? Why not?
The second mode is the "story mode" where the premise is basically the same as the Star Trek Voyager episode "Shattered", in which the locations of the Dragon Ball world have been split into different time periods and you have to go into each location/time period to find an item to restore things to normal.

- "Quest for the Dragon Balls" - You play through the Dragon Ball Z storyline from Raditz to Buu. Mainly a fighting game you start as Goku but you also get given allies to use for each battle. So in the first match you have a choice of Goku/Piccolo/Krillin/Gohan to use to defeat Raditz. The trick is though if your character is defeated then you can't use them again, they're gone for good. You only lose the game if you have no characters left to fight with. The quest part stems from, after a certain number of battles, you get the opportunity to go on a Dragon Ball quest to find the dragon balls and revive any fallen comrades.

- "Tournament Fighter" - A build up fighting game. You design a custom character and then have to train and learn techniques to raise your battle power. You start being being ranked 100. Once your battle power is high enough you can challenge fighters (DB/Z/GT/Super characters) above you to raise your ranking, but as you rise up the ranks the fighters get stronger and stronger and the stronger they are the more damage each hit will do. Naturally there'd be an online multiplayer so you can challenge others with your built up character and find out who's truly the strongest under the heavens.
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Re: Create Your Dream Game / Roster

Postby Ozotto » Mon May 14, 2018 11:34 am

Dragon Ball Z 767

• 2.5D Fighter
• Bruce Faulconer Music
• Original Funimation Dub Voice Actors

Visual Roster

Playable Hero Characters & Transformations (10)

Playable Villain Characters & Transformations (9)

Playable Movie Characters & Transformations (9)

Alternate Costumes

Assist Characters

Story Mode Battle Script

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Re: Create Your Dream Game / Roster

Postby Yuli Ban » Tue May 22, 2018 1:23 pm

My dream game is impossible. I mean, it is possible but I know Namco and Dimps would never put in the effort to create it because of the costs.
Basically, it's a 3D dynamic open world JRPG with an extensive character customization tool, though it functions more like a western RPG. Choose your race and starter alignment, choose your age and class, and choose which planet you want to start on. Now you have this huge wide-open world to fuck about in. You can go on adventures to save the world or conquer it (or destroy it), then hop over to the next planet, repeat. Make rivals and enemies, create friends, craft your own narrative based on all these rich experiences in the worlds. You can customize just about everything about your character, even down to the shape and color of your aura. Or, if you're joining Freeza's army/Red Ribbon Army, the design of your weapon.

It's like, imagine Dragon Ball Online meets Skyrim. Except with machine learning powering the NPC interactions. And entire planets to explore. Combat should feel like the Tenkaichi/Raging Blast series, with an over-the-shoulder perspective.
One of my favorite things to imagine is shooting a beam attack from a mile away and it still hits someone who wasn't even aware you were there. That's something you can't really do with turn-based combat. There'd also be easter eggs, like a "False Super Saiyan" achievement for dying your hair blond and then equipping a golden aura. Because why not? Environmental damage will also be a thing because otherwise, what's the point? If I take a monkey's face 'cross that plateau, I want to see a mile-long gulch with lip impressions the whole way. When I visit Freeza Planet 419, I'm going to make sure those freaks never repopulate the place by replacing that psychic mudball with an asteroid field. And when I blow up West City, it's doomsday until the construction crews move back in so I can blow it up again. Hopefully when such a thing can be created, we'll be able to create smoke that doesn't vanish after five seconds.

I've dubbed it "Saiyan Knights". Coming to a PC near you in 2028.

To be fair, even a 3D open world remake of the Legacy of Goku series would be fine by me. I just want a 3D open world Dragon Ball game. And I mean a legitimate one, besides Online. I have no clue why they presented us with that pile of piss flakes called "Sagas" claiming linear hallways are "open world".
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Re: Create Your Dream Game / Roster

Postby Jackalope89 » Tue May 22, 2018 1:38 pm

The Xenoverse series isn't far off from my dream game. But more meaningful character interactions, and character customization would make it far more ideal.

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Re: Create Your Dream Game / Roster

Postby ZeroDio » Wed May 23, 2018 7:39 pm

Updated version of my roster:

Golden Cooler
Guard - Hyper Movement
Transformation - None
Ultimate 1 - Golden Super Nova
Ultimate 2 - Super Ki Explosion
Super 1 - Maximum Charge
Super 2 - Golden Death Beam
Super 3 - Death Crasher
Super 4 - Finger Blitz Barrage

Super Android 18
Guard - Energy Barrier
Ultimate - Hell Lighting Cutter
Ultimate 2 - Hyper Energy Cannon
Super 1 - Maximum Charge
Super 2 - High-Pressure Energy Wave (3 levels of Charging)
Super 3 - Deadly Dance
Super 4 - Side Bridge

Fasha (What-if Ver)
Guard - Break Strike
Transformation - Super Saiyan Full Power
Ultimate 1 - Hunting Arrow
Ultimate 2 - Hysterical Saiyan Lady
Super 1 - Maximum Charge
Super 2 - Energy Ballet
Super 3 - Meteor Crash
Super 4 - Super Explosive Wave (Future Gohan's Move)

Vegeta (Ultra Instinct Omen)
Guard - Instant Rise
Ultimate 1 - Gamma Burst Flash
Ultimate 2 - Final Strike
Super 1 - Surging Spirit
Super 2 - Earth Splitting Galick Gun
Super 3 - Wild Hunt
Super 4 - Instinct Flash Strike (basically Flash strike that works like Soaring Fist and a power boost)

SSJ God Vegito
Guard – Vanisher Guard
Ultimate 1 – Limitbreaker Kamehameha
Ultimate 2 – Spirit Sword
Super 1 – Maximum Charge
Super 2 – Big Bang Flash
Super 3 – Complete Shot
Super 4 – Galick Blazer

Majin 21
Android 21

Xenoverse 2 Full Roster (Base Game + All DLC Characters)

2nd Form Frieza
3rd Form Frieza
Imperfect Cell
Android 19
Dr Gero
Gotenks Buu
EvIl Grey Buu
Super Garlic Jr
Base Form Broly (RSSJ, SSJ)
Super Baby 2 Vegeta
Oceanus Shenron
SSJ Rage Trunks
Damaged Fused Zamasu
Destroyer Toppo
Berserker Kale
Kale (SSJ, Her LSSJ Controlled Form)
Caulifla (SSJ, SSJ2)
Kefla (SSJ, SSJ2, Strengthened SSJ2)
Ultra Instinct Omen Goku
SSJ Blue Evolution Vegeta
Super Mira
Darkness Towa
Demon God Towa

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Re: Create Your Dream Game / Roster

Postby sintzu » Wed May 23, 2018 8:21 pm

I'd love a Naruto storm type that has an interactive cinimatic story and covers Z (arcs and movies) in the 1st game while covering Super in the 2nd one.
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