Xenoverse 3 Raid Concepts

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Xenoverse 3 Raid Concepts

Postby Phozz » Wed Mar 07, 2018 3:53 pm



- Defeat 1st form Hirudegarn
- Defeat brainwashed Gohan & Tapion
- Defeat brainwashed Vegito & Gotenks
- Defeat 2nd form Hirudegarn

Stage: Earth from an unknown time (The same stage used while fighting Final Form Mira)

Rewards: Hirudegarn in playable giants mode, Tapion's sword (usable weapon), Hero's flute, Earth is in your hands now! (Super Soul)

Hirudegarn's abilities:

- Sweeping fire breath (unblockable & does lingering damage)
- Teleportation (various attacks can be done directly after teleporting)
- Tail grab (can be used in front or behind Hirudegarn)
- Flying attack (2nd form Hirudegarn only)


- Using Hero's Flute makes Hirudegarn focus you
- Dragon Fist does additional damage to Hirudegarn
- Hirudegarn's 2nd form also increases his speed, attack, & defense
- If enough damage is done to Hirudegarn's tail with a sword, his tail can be cut off. This prohibits him from using tail grab. This also makes sword users very useful during this raid.



- Defeat Anilaza
- Defeat winged Anilaza
- Push back winged Anilaza's gigantic ki-blast

Stage: Tournament of power arena

Rewards: Anilaza in playable giants mode, Hit's outfit, Ultra instinct aura, Ultra instinct! (Super Soul)

Anilaza's abilities:

- Hyperspace punch (same as Illusion smash) (unblockable)
- Energy reactor beam
- Flying attack (winged Anilaza only)
- Gigantic ki-blast (winged Anilaza's final attack)


- Winged Anilaza has increased speed, attack, & defense
- Attack Anilaza's energy reactor to do increased damage



- Defeat Janemba
- Defeat 2 random Hell villains
- Defeat 2 more random Hell villains
- Defeat Super Janemba

Stage: Hell

Rewards: Janemba in playable giants mode, Janemba's sword (usable weapon)

Janemba's abilities:

- Illusion smash (same as Hyperspace punch) (unblockable)
- Rapid cannon


- Stardust breaker (or Soul punisher) does additional damage to Janemba

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