Some rankings and statistics on the use of Kikuchi's BGM in the series

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Some rankings and statistics on the use of Kikuchi's BGM in the series

Postby ManuGem » Sun Jan 06, 2019 8:38 am


I will present here the results of some "statistical" research that I had done little by little over the past few months on the uses of Kikuchi's BGM in the series.
For those who know Rafa Zenkai's channel, this is already in the comments under the video about M740 / "Heavy Crisis", so I reproduce them here, with some additions.
Of course this could be done thanks to the site of Kenisu (even if I had to correct some errors or omissions, and check directly sometimes, for example for M908 and M909 that Kenisu always confused with the same title).
In particular I tried to count the number of uses of each BGM, in order to make a ranking within each package : eg which movie 1-BGM (M8***) was the most used, which M8***-BGM in second place, and so on.
But at the same time, I will show a ranking of the packages - which are the most used, in the whole series - which was done by adding the uses of the BGM of each of them.
I ignored the music for recap, title-card and eyecatches, I counted only the music used on the scenes.
(so I'm not talking about the uses of M710, for example). I do not 100% guarantee a possible small error in my count, however it must light and rare because I really was attentive.

In a second post, there will also be some percentages of the packages used by "periods" or mini-arcs (group of episodes), and finally, a small summary of the main "End of the episode" BGM.

* * *

FIRST PLACE : M700 (first épisodes of DBZ), 637 uses

- First BGM : M740 « Heavy Crisis » 49 times, but mainly Sayians / Namek. (just 2 times in Cell arc, and 1 time in Buu arc, in a secondary way : the scene with Chichi, Yamcha, Videl and the dinosaur.

- Second BGM, tied : M741 "Boiling Blood" and M724 "The Vast Expanse Of Space", with 43 times. Concerning the 2nd, there are 11 times in the Garlic-Androids-Cell arc, and 1 time in the Buu Arc
- M727 "Vegeta's theme" : 38. (including 6 in Androids-Cell and 5 in Buu arc, which is exceptional because a part this one, the M700 package is almost « abandoned » in the Buu arc)

- M732 (36, mainly in Namek, and also 3 / Androids and 3 / Cell), then M742 (34, including 1 Androids and 2 Cell), then M725 (33), then M726 (32)
- M737 (28) then M728 (27)
and behind all that, M730 and M738-A (17 for each, but concerning M738-A, sometimes it’s only the final chord)…

I do not specify for others, except the last two: M743 (3 uses : ep 117, 169, 173), and M739-C (2 uses: ep 7 and ... 259 , on "Boo is back to normal, drinking a cream soda" …)

2nd place : M800 (Movie 1 - "The Dead Zone"), 404 uses

First BGM: M814 « Garlic Jr. Beats Up On Goku And Piccolo » with 53 times, but only if you count the 3 specials. Otherwise, it's M802 « Garlic Jr’s Castle » with 52 uses in the series. (of course often used as « end of episode » music especially in Namek, and used 3 times with Androids, 2 times with Cell)

Little behind, there come M816 "The Dead Zone Is Summoned Up" (43 uses) and M813 "Garlic Jr. Transforms" (42 uses)

And then : M803 (33), M817 (31), tied M811-M818 (29 uses for each)
A little bit apart, M815 (22; including 2 / Androids, 4 / Cell, and 1 / Buu !)

The other BGM are less important : 11 uses for M808 and M809-1, 9 uses for M806.
More rare : M812 and M819-B (4 uses each), and only 2 uses for M807, M805 and M810.

3rd place : M1300 (Movie 6 - "The Return of Cooler"), 334 uses

There are 3 BGM in the lead: M1315 « The Story Of The Computer Chip » (42 times, including 8 in the Buu arc), M1314 « Coolas’s Multiplicity » (41 times, including 5 in the Buu arc), M1308 « Coola Engulfs Goku In Giant Yellow Energy Ball » (40 times, including 9 in the Buu arc).
A little behind, there is M1303 (32 times, including 8 in Buu arc).

Then : M1316 (26, including… 12 with Buu, in fact it’s the most used Movie 6-BGM in this arc), M1309 (25), tied M1307-M1311-M1313B (21 each), and M1318 (19).

4th place: M1500 (Movie 8 - "Broly-The Legendary Super Saiyan"), 251 uses

First BGM : M1525 « The Tragic Battle », with 29 times.

Then there are M1516 « Broly’s True Nature » (22 times), and also M1510 and M1515, tied with 21 times for each. M1522 (and M1513) comes right after (19)
However, as M1519 and M1520 are quite similar, if we counted them as if it were the same track, it would be the first one (18 + 17 = 35 times)

Further behind, M1517 (11 times). We can add M1501-1505, also 11 times if considered as "one piece »… And so on (I do not specify the others)… Notice the absence of M1514 « Heavily Dark Past » and M1518 « Broly Transforms », in the series.
The very rare BGM - used just once - are M1509, M1511, M1521, M1524, M1528.

5th place: M1100 (Movie 4 - "Lord Slug"), 203 uses

In order: M1103 « Brief Discovers The Meteor » (32 times, including 5 in the Buu arc), then M1122 « Piccolo Lends Goku His Power » (30 times, including one in Buu arc), then M1104 (28 times). And right after, the famous « Saiyan’s theme », M1119 (26 times).

And behind M1109 (21), and tied M1108-M1114 (20).
M1121 is used 12 times, M1118 « Setup for Super Saiyan » 11 times…
Notice the absence of several BGM : M1110, M1111, M1116, M1123, M1125, and also these 5 other BGM which are used only once : M1112, M1113, M1117, M1124, M1126

6th place : M1600 (Movie 9 - "Bojack Unbound"), 185 uses

first BGM M1611 « Kuririn takes A Beating From Zangya » I counted 28 times.

M1612 « Dosukoi is assaulted », come second with 20 times. Then M1606 (16 times), M1614 (13), and M1607 (12).

7th place : M1200 (Movie 5 - "Cooler's Revenge"), 166 uses

First BGM : M1215 « Piccolo Basted Even More », which is used 26 times.

Then M1208 (21 times, including 5 with Buu ! ), M1201 (19 times, including 4 with Buu), M1213 (18 times), M1207 (17 times), M1217 (15 times, but similar to M1213 so… this one is not used at all in the Buu saga)… And M1216 (12 times including 1 Buu)

Unused in the series : M1202, M1210, M1219 et M1221.
The very rare BGM - used just once - are M1204, M1206 and M1214 (« end of episode 121 : Goku returns on Earth »)

8th place M1700 package ( First episodes of Buu saga, « We gotta Power » & « We’re angels »), 164 uses

1st BGM : M1709 "Saga Buu - To Be Continued" (30 times) and M1708 "Kid Buu Is Complete" (29 times), especially for the "end of the episode" in the Buu saga. M1702 arrives in 3rd, 20 uses for the same reason ("end of the episode") ...Then it's M1705 (12), then M1707 and M1718 (11 times for each), then M1703 and M1704 (10 times for each), and ... M1706 (9 times only)

9th place is held by M900 (Movie 2 - "The World's Strongest"), 157 uses

1st BGM: M911 « Enter The Bio Fighters » , 31 times,
and then the 2nd Bgm is M922 « Dr. Willow Rises/Dr. Kochin Dies » (26 times).

If we count M912 and M919 as if it were a single track, it would be the 3rd, with 20 uses (11 + 9).
and, regarding Dr Willow’st theme, also M923 (13 including 1 Cell-end), M918 (5), M925 (5 including 1 Garlic and 1 Androids), M913 (2), M917 (1)

Other important BGM : M909 The Bird-Bots Hold Bulma Down (13 including 10 Namek and 1 Garlic, 1 Cell and 1 Buu) and M908 « The Bird-Bots Threaten Roshi »(7 times, including Namek) TOTAL 20 (since these 2 tracks are quite similar, and as I said earlier, some Kenisu’s indications confused the two)

M920, a particular rendition of Piccolo’s theme, is used 11 times.

Never used in the series : M901, M902, of course M905 (song), M910, M915, M916, M921 except in the SPECIAL 1, M924, M928.

10th place : M1400 (Movie 7 - "Super Android 13"), 146 uses

Most used : M1404-M1405 « Androids' March », 22 times for both together, but including 11 in Buu arc.

Then M1410 with 20 uses, including 18 in Buu arc. In fact, although the M1400 * appear in the episode 161, so 2nd part of the Cell saga, unlike the M1300 * they are not used intensively from that moment, some are even more frequent with Buu. This is the case of M1410 already mentioned, but also of M1408, M1409 (first use in episode 195, then 218 ...) and M1418 (which does not appear before episode 198, then 205). Ah and of course, M1413 (Vegeta's theme), which does not appear before episode 228.

11th place : M1800 (Movie 10 - "Broly - Second Coming"),142 uses
142 uses
1rst BGM : M1820 « The Devil Won’t Die »
Then M1809 (18) and M1806 (17x, both versions)

And behind : M1813 (12), M1817 (11), M1818 (10), M1814 (9)
M1808 (8), M1826 (7), M1801 et M1805 (6)

12th place (but close from the previous one) : M1900 (Movie 11 - ‘"Bio-Broly"),139 uses

1rst BGM : M1912 « Is That Broly ? » , the ending, with 18 uses in the series
In second it's M1910 and M1922 (tied, with 16 times for each), M1914 « Rock Saiyan’s theme », comes only after (14 times)

13th place : M500 / Dragon Ball - Piccolo Daimao arc, 127 uses

Most used BGM: M520 « Checking Out Surroundings » (18), but probably because of its regular use in the Buu saga. (but it's used before, of course, for example at "Kami's resurrection" episode 76)

In 2nd, it's M518 « Ultimate Decision » , with 16 uses ... And 3rd , M522 "Super Divine Poison" with 14 uses.
Also note M506 « Piccolo's-Overwhelming Confidence » which is 4th with 12 uses.
Then, in order: M513 « Bad Blood » (9 uses), M519 « The Fallen" (8 uses), then M507 « Yajirobe's Revenge » / M510 « Children of Daimao » / M517 « Out of Darkness" (7 uses for each), M501 and M512 (5), M511 and M516 (4), M504 (3) , M502 (2), and one use for the others (M503-M508-M514-M515-M521-M523)
Unused BGMs are M505 and M509.

14th place M600 / Dragon Ball MOVIE 3 "Mystical Adventure », 116 uses

The two first BGM are M602 « The Wrath of Tao Pai Pai » , and M645 « Tenshinhan Knocks Out Kame Sennin » , with 11 uses for each.
Then come M626-Tao Pai Pai Recognizes Muten Roshi (but it's the same theme...), and also M637-Karin's Lesson To Goku : 10 uses for each.

At 3rd, M610-Tao Pai Pai's Killer Tongue, 9 uses.
Note that the Tao Pai Pai's theme is also heard in M625 (4 uses), M635 (2), M609 and M633 (5 each), in one sense these BGM could be counted with M602 or M626.

Other important BGM : M652-Tenshinhan Prepares To Kill Chaozu, 7 uses, and M617-Mifan Raids The Holy Land Of Karin, 6 uses.

15th place : M1000 (MOVIE 3 - "Super Decisive Battle »),113 uses

NB I was surprised, because he appeared during the Namek saga, so well before the previous ones ......Perhaps because few tracks have been used often.
1rst BGM : M1002 « Shen Long Is Summoned » of course, with 27 uses, including 2 uses in Garlic Jr, just one in Androids, and 7 uses in the Cell arc (in fact they gave it a special meaning with this villain, so much so that some people consider it as "the music of Cell's death").

The 2nd BGM is M1020 « A Sign Of Hope » with 20 uses : 8 on Namek, 10 with Cell, and 2 with Buu !
M1012 is used 17 times (12 Namek, 2 Garlic, 1 Androids and 2 Cell), and M M1004 and M1006 are used 16 times if we counted them together. (besides, these 2 tracks are sometimes confused in Kenisu’s listings)

Of course, if we count all versions of the "Tree of Might" theme (M1004, 06, 07, 08, 09, 10, 21, 22, 23), this theme is in the first place, before M1002.

Unused BGM : M1013, M1017, M1019, and even M1018 if we don't count the 3rd Special. I thought M1014 "Gohan Transforms" was never used, but in fact there is just one use in Buu saga : episode 275 when Goku and Vegeta are removing the cysts in Buu's brain.

16th place : M300 / Dragon Ball - Tao Pai Pai arc, 57 uses

1rst BGM : M302 « The Darkest Hour » : 9 uses, especially with Freeza... Just behind, M322 « Bumper Cars ! » (8 uses).

Then M306 et M320 : 5 uses, and notice also 4 uses for M308-Last Resort Kamehameha. All other BGMs are used 1 to 3 times (only 2 for M304-Centipede Of The Future... but 3 for M313-Turn of the Tide). The only ones not used are M301 (?) Pk Powered Ropes, M305 Karin Tower and M314 Protecting the Land.

Then there are 3 packages for which I counted the same number of uses : 52 for each one (if I'm not mistaken, otherwise it's very close), so the 3 will be ranked 17th, tied.

17th place : M2000 (Movie 12 - "Fusions Reborn"), 52 uses

First BGM: M2004 « The Cleansing Machine Backfires » (10 times). Then there is M2021 « They Need To Fuse » (7 times), and also 5 times for M2020 and M2016.

17th place : M400 (Dragon Ball Movie 2 - "Sleeping Princess in Devil's Castle »), 52 uses

1rst BGM: M407 « Kuririn's theme » , 7 uses, then «M420 « The Demon Army Runs Over Goku And Kuririn » , 6 uses. We can consider M424 / M424EXT equal with M407, if we mix the two versions (chorus 3 uses + instrumental 5 uses, so 8 in total).

Then come M436-Goku And Friends Are Trapped (4 uses), then M408-The Legend Of The Princess and M435-The Moon Awakens The Princess (3 for each)

17th place : M200 (Dragon Ball Movie 1 - "The Legend of Shen Long" ), 52 uses

Most used : M205 « Bongo Leaves Smugly » and M229 « Goku Vs Yamcha » (7 times each)

then M201 "Legend Of The Dragon Balls", which is used 4 times. M26 "Damehameha", is only used 3 times, as M226 "We're in Yamcha's territory now !"

20th place: A-J Package (first episodes of Dragon Ball), 46 uses

The most used BGM seems to be F24 "A Dragon Ball", 8 uses, but does it count ? :) If not, there is 4 uses of F30 "Suspicion", and 3 uses of F2 "And down they go" and I20 "The Kuma Mercenary ».

21th place : M-00 Package (Dragon Ball Training + 21th Tenka'ichi Budukai), 43 uses

1rst BGM : M2 « The Rabbit Gang Pushes Their Weight Around », 7 uses. 

Then M13-Severe Training (6), M19-Sexy Girls (5), M1-Preparing the Kamehameha and M4-Mt. Frypan (4 each), M3-Dark Alley Murder and M7-Feel The Burn (3 each)

22th place : M100 / Red Ribbon Army, 40 uses

1rst BGM : M121 « All Is Hopeless » (8 uses), followed by M114 « Beads Of Sweat » (7 uses).

Then M106 "The Mystery Army" (6), M109 "Goku And Chichi To The Rescue" (5).
Behind this, M111-The Sneak and Strut and M112-Muraski on the Run have 3 uses for each one, M103-Psychotik Break 2 uses, and the others (M104-M116-M118-M119-M120-M126) just one use. The ones I did not mention, like M105, M107, M108 and so on, are not used at all.

23th place : M2100 / MOVIE 13 "Wrath of the Dragon"

Without the song, used in episode 289, only 4 BGM used one time (M2106, M2113, M2118, M2126) in the 2 last episodes.

So, to summarize, a ranking by 20 of the major BGM in the series (without counting the specials) :

1. M802 (52 uses)
2. M814 (50 uses)
3. M740 (49 uses)
4. M724, M741 and M816 (43 uses)
5. M813 and M1315 (42)
6. M1314 (41)
7. M1308 (40)
8. M727 (38)
9. M732 (36)
10. M742 (34)
11. M725 and M803 (33)
12.M726, M1103 and M1303 (32)
13. M817 and M911 (31)
14. M1122 and M1709 (30)
15. M811, M818, M1525 and M1708 (29)
16. M737, M801, M1104 and M1611 (28)
17. M728 and M1002 (27)
18. M922, M1119, M1215 and M1316 (26)
19. M1309 (25)
20. M1820 (24)

And then M815 and M1404-05, then M1109, M1208, M1307-M1311-M1313B, M1510-M1515… And so on.

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Re: Some rankings and statistics on the use of Kikuchi's BGM in the series

Postby TheRed259 » Mon Jan 07, 2019 7:38 pm

If you were also counting DragonBall Z Kai (Kikuchi score), the numbers for certain soundtracks would be even higher.

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Re: Some rankings and statistics on the use of Kikuchi's BGM in the series

Postby Acetona » Thu Jan 10, 2019 4:43 pm

Nice topic.
I was doing something similar years ago but I lost all of my data... somehow

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Re: Some rankings and statistics on the use of Kikuchi's BGM in the series

Postby ManuGem » Sun Jan 13, 2019 6:56 am

TheRed259 wrote:If you were also counting DragonBall Z Kai (Kikuchi score), the numbers for certain soundtracks would be even higher.

Yes of course. I was more interested in the uses in the original DBZ, because in Kai, the small number of Kikuchi songs that were selected makes the whole music as a sort of "jukebox" ... But it is true that on some tracks, it changes completely (for example M1523, which had only 3 uses in original DBZ, became totally overused in Kai)

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