Episode #0421 (12 February 2017)

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Episode #0421 (12 February 2017)

Postby VegettoEX » Mon Feb 13, 2017 1:01 pm

Episode #0421 (download MP3) (rss feed) (subscribe in iTunes) (YouTube version) (SoundCloud version)
58:46; 96 kbps, mono; 40.5 MB

Episode #0421! Mike and Jake check in on the translations for both the "Dragon Ball Super" anime simulcast and the Viz digital manga publication. With each version moving along at their own pace, how do the translation styles stack up against each other, and have there been any noticeable errors? Ajay later joins to discuss the new visual direction for the "Universe Survival arc" of the "Dragon Ball Super" anime with its saturated colors and new line art techniques.

00:13 - Introduction (what's on deck)
02:22 - News (gaming and Dragon Ball Super updates)
11:03 - Topic 1 (Dragon Ball Super translation quality check-in)
34:51 - Topic 2 (Universe Survival arc new visual presentation)
57:44 - Episode wrap-up


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Re: Episode #0421 (12 February 2017)

Postby Chuquita » Mon Feb 13, 2017 2:27 pm

I'm of such mixed thoughts about the filters. I like the line art thickening machine, but I'm not a fan of the yellow tint on the colors - makes me think of Kai's green tint. The crushed black I feel could be done better by simply dropping Yamamuro's shading scheme. I saw a good example of it somewhere on Ajay's feed several days back.

I prefer spelling it Zamasu and Gowasu for the same reason - they're literally Japanese words like desu.

I'm also hoping they have something to cut away to so the animation doesn't come in danger of collapsing.

Also also worried about the theory of The Dragon Ball Room appealing to the loudest forces with the whole Brolli thing and the color scheme changing. None of that stuff was really my deal (I'd be somewhere else if it was). I want to hope they'll not totally ditch their home fanbase in Japan and what they like to instead pander solely to Funi's base in the U.S. If they're going to look internationally, please let them look at other countries too! Mexico, Canada, Europe, etc.

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Re: Episode #0421 (12 February 2017)

Postby Basaku » Wed Feb 15, 2017 12:15 pm

I like both the new color palette and the lines so basically I disagree 8) Doesn't matter if it's trying too hard, it simply works. The animation finally looks like it has at least a little bit of soul, depth, "weight" and boldness. And in this way yes it does make people think "it looks like cells!" because well, cells had all this soul/depth etc.

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Re: Episode #0421 (12 February 2017)

Postby Cipher » Wed Feb 15, 2017 2:55 pm

I'm glad Herms weighed in on the "Kaioshin vs. Hakaishin" thing. It'd been bothering me recently that I didn't really have any defensible reason for why I use "God of Destruction," but still go to "Kaioshin," "Kaio," "Zeno," or even "Kame-Sennin" when they have perfectly accurate, if somewhat cumbersome, translations.

"Kaioshin is at least a term Toriyama made up" is a little flimsy, but I'll take it!

Now if I could just marry up my preference for representing the full "ou" a la Hepburn romanization with the greater fandom recognition for Kunrei romanization, which I end up going to for proper nouns in Dragon Ball just out of convenience.

I'm 100% behind keeping "Zamasu" as opposed to "Zamas," especially since his name is based on a verb. If the greater internet can wrap its head around "desu," it can certainly handle the unstressed ending of this particular character's name.

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Re: Episode #0421 (12 February 2017)

Postby simtek34 » Wed Feb 15, 2017 5:46 pm

You guys forgot to mention that Viz still uses Hercule! Why do they still use it!

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Re: Episode #0421 (12 February 2017)

Postby Baggie_Saiyan » Thu Feb 16, 2017 4:53 pm

The filter looks bad on the Supreme Kaioshin realm but it looks fine when we got to the tournament, so it should be fine. As for Dragon Rooms influence, it defintely seems that way they started in June I believe so they probably couldn't affect the Trunks arc much but this two month break and now all these suspicious things and a new pair of directors I think it is way to coincidental.

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