How did the re-cast characters turn out (in your opinion)?

Discussion specifically regarding the "refreshed" TV version of DBZ created in Japan for its 20th anniversary, including individual threads for each episode.

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Re: How did the re-cast characters turn out (in your opinion

Postby Nightmare Wheel » Wed Sep 23, 2015 4:21 pm

Kamiccolo9 wrote:
Ree wrote:People make lame jokes about what must have happened in the booth
They still call Paul Bandey that nickname
Some people make personal attacks on the cast like "If I knew who did this i would....."
Sometimes they have to exaggerate which is saying a lot since we're talking about the "horrible" Big Green

There is no excessive hate but i still think their rep should be better than it is

I had never heard anyone call Paul Bandy "That Old Bastard" before you came here and made a big deal about it, and I know quite a few others who never had either.

So, thanks, I guess, for spreading it?

And the dub is pretty horrible. There's no exaggeration necessary.

The whole Old Bastard thing came from Youtube as well, if I remember right. There were a few nicknames for the other cast members, but Old Bastard was the only one that stuck.

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Re: How did the re-cast characters turn out (in your opinion

Postby Ree » Wed Sep 23, 2015 5:40 pm

You can look up "old bastard"on the search bar to see that others said it before i joined
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Re: How did the re-cast characters turn out (in your opinion

Postby Kamiccolo9 » Wed Sep 23, 2015 6:10 pm

Ree wrote:Kamiccolo9
You can look up "old bastard"on the search bar to see that others said it before i joined

37 mentions of the phrase "old bastard" dating back at least to the merger of the forums, with a little under half of them not referring to Big Green guy at all, about an equal number from you complaining about overuse of the term, and about 5 mentions by 2 or 3 other members on the forum. Hell, the only reason half of those search results are there is because the search takes into account people who have quoted those guys.

It's hardly an epidemic.
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Re: How did the re-cast characters turn out (in your opinion

Postby Ree » Sun Sep 27, 2015 9:38 am

okay but my original point was that i agreed with matt0044. even if the end result is bad they should still get a little credit for trying unless they don't try.

i just happen to think there is worse than BG
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Re: How did the re-cast characters turn out (in your opinion)?

Postby 8000 Saiyan » Mon Oct 03, 2016 6:29 pm

Freeza: Downright perfect. He's the definitive English Freeza. Every scene with him is absolute gold. My favorite scene is the one where he loses his composure over losing the chance of getting immortality.

Gohan: While Nadolny was very good as Kid Goku, I never liked her Gohan. Clinkenbeard is definitely better and sounds like an actual boy, although I think she can be a bit grating at times. Saffron Henderson is my favorite Kid Gohan and she never got grating.

Bulma: She can be a bit grating in the beginning, but she gets better. A good recast.

Narrator: He's great.

Dr. Brief, Turtle, Mr. Popo, Puar and Chiaotzu: They all sound good, no complaints.

Dende: All English Dendes sound good, but I think that Whitehead is the best.

Grand Elder: Great recast. Sounds appropriately wise.

Moori: He sounds good.

Zarbon: A massive improvement. One of my favorite recasts in the dub.

Dodoria: There isn't much I can say about Swasey's performance. All I can say is that he's definitely better than Chris Forbis, who just sounded generic.

Ginyu: Absolutely love his drill-sergeant take on the role. I think he's just as great as Richard Newman was in the role.

Jeice: I honestly wish Sabat had kept this role and gave Recoome to another actor. Liebrecht is a good actor, but to me, he just sounds like a pansy. I'm glad Sabat reprised Jeice in Xenoverse.

Burter: I love the energy Mignogna brings into the role. He reminds me of Don Brown, only more goofy-sounding.

Guldo: Eh, I'm not a big fan of Greg Ayres as a voice actor, but he's good in the role, although I prefer Townsley and Klassen.

King Cold: Another great recast. Douglas is just great in the role, appropriately regal, commanding and threatening.

Android 18: While Clinkenbeard's voice and performance is closer to Ito's, I prefer McCoy for sounding deep and sexy.

Android 19: I don't know about this one. All English 19's suck in my opinion, and this is no exception.
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Re: How did the re-cast characters turn out (in your opinion)?

Postby MasenkoHA » Sat Mar 04, 2017 3:16 pm

Just the main cast replacements

Gohan- I couldn't stand the first funimation voice. Gohan is suppose to be a sweet humbled shy kid not a wise ass chain smoking 12 year old. Colleen is a bit try hard but such an improvement. Really Saffron Henderson was the best and even she was flawed

Bulma- The first Funi voice always sound like she was screaming through a sore throat. The Kai voice sounds normal.

Freeza: Wow Freeza finally sounds like an upperclass tyrant instead of your grandma with a frog in her throat? Such a hard choice. Not.

Android 18- Yeah I prefer Meridith but Colleen isn't...awful

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Re: How did the re-cast characters turn out (in your opinion)?

Postby Danfun64 » Sat Mar 04, 2017 7:08 pm

My main issue with the recasts is precisely that they aren't the same as Z's old dub. I'm not saying the old cast is superior (in many cases the Kai and newer replacements are superior to their Z counterparts) but I like the idea of consistency between the series and the movies. Granted, BOG, Resurrection 'F' and Super all cause a permanent rift between new and old material in terms of actors, but at least those don't cross pollinate with the old stuff like Kai inherently does, being an adaption of said old stuff.

It's a shame too, especially since Kai's dub is much more accurate than Z's, meaning any fanedit that tries to insert Kai voice audio into Z would have to give the Z dub actors preference (with the exception of any characters which don't have Z material cut in Kai or aren't in any pre BOG movies), and even in the cases where the voice actors are the same, if Kai and Z lines are too different than Z lines would have take priority. Even if such a hybrid isn't as accurate as Kai's dub, it would still be a lot more accurate than the Z dub left alone and consistency with the movies wouldn't be an issue. The closest thing I've seen is the Dragon Ball Z Legacy Edition fanedit on [REDACTED], which goes a bit too far in the opposite direction (preference for US replacement score, keeping of filler that I'd cut, etc).

Honestly, the fact that many of Kai's dubs all around the world replace voice actors (and even in cases where the voice actors are the same, you can't remove the music from any of those dubs that aren't Funi's.

I'd like to see a list of each character that each dub recast for Kai 1.0 and afterwards (and which of these replacements have been reversed for Kai 2.0, BOG, Res 'F', and Super) (Since there's no reason to make a fan edit using anything Japanese Kai and afterwards, Latino Spanish Kai 1.0, or Arabic anything, those don't need to be listed (Latino Spanish Kai 2.0 and afterwards can be listed) )

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Re: How did the re-cast characters turn out (in your opinion)?

Postby Metalwario64 » Sun Mar 05, 2017 9:31 pm

So, in Kai TFC, now Oolong is back to being Brad Jackson, which is consistent with Z and Super, but not all of Kai prior to TFC. Why did they bring him back suddenly? Was his absence the same as McCoy's where she was apparently unavailable to do Kai?
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Re: How did the re-cast characters turn out (in your opinion)?

Postby Valerius Dover » Sun Mar 05, 2017 9:36 pm

^He kind of left the anime scene for a while around 2007-2008 or something but then came back around 2012, it seems. It does seem to be pretty much like what happened with McCoy. It's not really a big deal though, since he doesn't really get that many lines, especially in Kai. Personally, while I think Bryan Massey was good, I am glad to have Jackson back!
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