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Re: Super Episode 107 (17 September 2017)

Postby namekiansaiyan » Sun Sep 17, 2017 5:03 am

omaro34 wrote:
precita wrote:
Username2016 wrote:If every bald guy is getting eliminated then first that means...


Oh dear god no, oh dear god no.

I didn't even think of that. Piccolo can be eliminated at any time now.

Until those Namekians show up, Piccolo isn't going anywhere. Relax.

If Piccolo was next then they could have saved that joke for then so I am assuming that someone with hair is next.

Every week big fights happen and fighters go out while all 3 Namekians basically do nothing and we are going to be in the twenties for fighters remaining very soon. This is just very weird.

I am going to say Frost is the last person going out before the special.

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Re: Super Episode 107 (17 September 2017)

Postby Kanassa » Sun Sep 17, 2017 5:06 am

GodKaio-Ken wrote:Really liked the episode. I do question how Frost figured out reversing it so easily and hit the tiny opening. Goku couldn't get it at first....

To be fair, Frieza and Frost's signature moves are tiny beams that have pin point accuracy in hitting specific parts of the body to inflict pain with accidental killing. Out of all other characters, they are not slacking on the aim game.

Yomi wrote:

I like this "interesting" shot of Goku. Looks a lot like limit breaker, might be a little nod they drew for kicks.

This just needs a Lorel logo smacked on the top "Because you're worth it!"

Super Saiyan Swagger wrote:

Saonel has a meme worthy smile there...
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Kanassa wrote:
FoolsGil wrote:I hope Mark is dead. But chances are the dragonballs will bring his stupid ass back. :D

- FoolsGil, Out of Context, 2017

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Re: Super Episode 107 (17 September 2017)

Postby Lionel » Sun Sep 17, 2017 5:24 am

I'm on board the thought train who found the episode to be gripping, moreso than Tenshinhan's halfhearted outing two weeks back. Frost's conniving underhandedness was on full display by targeting Roshi, attempting a feint on Vegeta, working in tandem with Magetta and positioning himself so as to redirect the Mafuba against Vegeta. I don't particularly care for Frost being unwoven as a sadist caricature like Freeza. So far he hasn't quite sunken to those same levels of depravity but his torturous grip on Roshi throughout the episode combined with what looked like him trying to lobotomise the old hermit has not won any favours with him being portrayed as a bit more greyish than his Universe 7 counterpart -- harbouring grudges, gleefully smiling as he presses his foot into Roshi's shoulder, and laughing like a maniac are all trademark characteristics that I would come to expect from Freeza. Some mitigating personality quirks still give some distinction to Frost like his willingness to cooperate with Magetta and humbling himself before Champa in order to exonerate himself of any previous wrongdoing, but the fine line that's being treaded is beginning to lessen ever more throughout this event. I'm not all too confident at this point about Frost making his own way in life but who knows, anything could happen.

Roshi had an impressive send-off this episode. He was outmatched against Frost but his tenacity in mounting a final resistance and subsequent measures to use the Mafuba to secure victory at no matter the cost was commendable. Everyone gave praise to both him and the sealing technique, even Frost seemed frightened of it and he gave it high acclaim for its potential, going so far as to incorporate it into his strategy against Vegeta. When Roshi understood the folly of being manipulated by Frost, he corrected his mistake and freed Vegeta before it was too late. A personal wish of mine is that Vegeta could have been incapacitated or eliminated as a result of the Mafuba. Oh well, such a desire was unlikely to pan out anyway. The Mafuba is one of the most powerful techniques in the series with a sealing capacity that appears to work on virtually everyone sans those who know how to reflect it; really useful ability. Piccolo could still potentially make use of it. Overall, Roshi did very well and he had a respectable showing. Events of this episode dispel the advocacy for an elimination pattern discernible in the ending credits.

Maji=Kayo's confrontation with the Pride Troopers was clearly the subsidiary event of the episode but still good in its own right. Somehow his gelatinous physiology is a shock-absorbent that's able to resist the kinetic impact of physical attacks as well as Ki attacks. So he appears to be a combination of Zamasu's insulating immortality and Buu's body manipulation and recovery abilities. I can only assume that the mechanics of Maji=Kayo's body enabled him to neutralise any kinetic energy being imparted by Dyspo who happened to be restrained and on the verge of having his body mutilated for some reason. Speaking of which, Maji=Kayo has proved himself to be another unhinged sadist that delights in torturing his opponents. Methiop/Napapa's tag-team pummeling session with Kale proved that the lizard criminals weren't the only questionable figures in the tournament. Does Maji=Kayo's conduct towards Dyspo make anyone question the eligibility for being deemed the most abhorrent character of the episode? Frost was a conniving cheat who seemed to be enjoying planting his boot on Roshi and he also seemed to be on the verge of lasering through his skull, but Maji=Kayo was intent on tearing off Dyspo's ears. What possible reason could he have for doing that? It was needless sadism, and with Toppo/Jiren so close by it would have been foolish to subject their comrade to agony.

I wasn't impressed by Jiren's shockwave punch display. We've been witnessing characters exert large enough amounts of power to propel fighters out with their limb motions since the 21st tournament. Jiren was no different; he continues to disappoint, in my opinion. The Mafuba was the most noteworthy technique seen in the episode.

The pair of Zenos' confusion about the amount of fighters remaining was obviously a means to pad things out, but you have to admire the artwork and insignias dedicated to the group photographs of all the teams; very impressive stylistic art and visuals there.

At least Beerus finally acknowledges the humans for their worth, most especially with Roshi; he's probably the only one whom Beerus has grown to fully respect while wishing to remember the name of. With the episode over, next week is finally going to be unveiling the contents of Freeza and Frost's preemptive alliance with one another. If Freeza does actually fight Gohan in tandem with Frost then he's effectively damned himself in the eyes of Beerus and the others. If Zeno doesn't erase him on the spot due to personal reasons then he'll likely have hakai used on him to irrevocably destroy his soul so that he no longer exists. Freeza would have to abandon Universe 7 and take refuge somewhere else if he doesn't want to be destroyed or hunted down like an animal. Moving on, with Gohan poised to fight the two schemers, where is Piccolo being situated? We only see Gohan battling the pair. Last we saw of Piccolo he was still recovering after being forced to regenerate his limbs so many times; he couldn't have regained his stamina so quickly. Maybe Gohan chose to conceal somewhere soft like Roshi, only we know how effective that decision turned out to be. I doubt Piccolo is in good enough condition to be fighting on his own at the moment. We'll have to see. It seems like Cabba is having a go at Toppo while Goku starts to engage Ribrianne. I don't want any of them, sans Goku, to be eliminated so soon. But since Cabba is being put into the crosshairs of U11's strongest, it might be his downfall next episode. We'll have to see.

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Re: Super Episode 107 (17 September 2017)

Postby thegamer23 » Sun Sep 17, 2017 5:57 am

Best episode of the entire Arc hands down.

You could feel the tension, finally, thanks to an exceptional Frost, who's never been so sadistic. His move against Vegeta was just genial. Jiren's one punch against the blue guy was also worth noting.

Art + Animation was great in this episode, just smooth.

Finally the Arc is gearing up.

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Re: Super Episode 107 (17 September 2017)

Postby shadowmaria » Sun Sep 17, 2017 6:04 am

omaro34 wrote:I like how they're not giving away the spoilers of who is getting eliminated.

The ED has finally been dis-proven, however it certainly seems that the OP has too.

Looking at HD screen caps;

One Star Dragon Ball (Krillin)

Two Star Dragon Ball (Piccolo) and the Three Star Dragon Ball (Master Roshi)

Four Star Dragon Ball (Tien Shinhan) and the Five Star Dragon Ball (#17)

Six Star Dragon Ball (#18) and the Seven Star Dragon Ball (Frieza)

So Krillin was number one, that's a given. But Piccolo is number two, and Master Roshi is number three. Tien is Four, and so on. Clearly not the order of elimination

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Re: Super Episode 107 (17 September 2017)

Postby Legion » Sun Sep 17, 2017 6:37 am

Roshi 8)

Jiren vocabulary is really vast. :problem:

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Re: Super Episode 107 (17 September 2017)

Postby gohan_black » Sun Sep 17, 2017 6:40 am

what a great episode it was. a lot of suprises and twists. clever strategy and interesting favorite TOP episode so far

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Re: Super Episode 107 (17 September 2017)

Postby sintzu » Sun Sep 17, 2017 7:03 am

Amazing episode and it looks like next week's will be just as god if not better.
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Re: Super Episode 107 (17 September 2017)

Postby Pluto » Sun Sep 17, 2017 7:44 am

omaro34 wrote:Interesting take. I get what you mean, and that's probably the attitude we should have. However, Beerus wishing his brother's earth back was a nice gesture which means he's capable of showing sibling compassion to an extent. Champa has exhibited all the things you described, and I'll look at him as someone out to get his by any means necessary.

Aham, it is one of a few moment where he is compassionate. Remember, he even expressed a sort of respect for Bulma as well, while for Goku and Vegeta, he may just see himself at them. He is also a lot more protocol, he didn't want to get rid of Zamasu without blunt proof, and remember, Goku couldn't comprehend his passivity.

Champa on the other hand, the GoD of what seems to be someone from our reality, has a lot of the virtues of the ugliness we see a lot in daily news (things we tend to agree that suck), he has obesity, is straight down capitalistic, barely gives a shit about respect (intruded his brothers yard), and is in for the gain. I wouldnt be surprised if he's more focused to snitch the SDB from its winner somehow rather then go for survival.

THEEEN, we have the angels. Whis clearly saved Freezas ass when they showed up on Earth to see wtf was going on when Goku was stuck on the Hakai ki sphere, a case that puzzles me. Apart from his will to train Vegeta and Goku, literary nothing from him takes a side nor is he neutral, if anything, he is an resourceful R&D geek, a powerful one.
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Re: Super Episode 107 (17 September 2017)

Postby Draconic » Sun Sep 17, 2017 7:46 am

You know, I disliked the twist of Frost being a bad guy back in the U6 arc, but this episode made me realize that while he might be a Freeza clone, him also being quite of a weakling provides a new context that would otherwise be unexplored. That is: How would Freeza carry himself around if he wasn't the most powerful guy? Sure, he has been surpassed many times before, but never did he have to live with that. Frost on the other hand is weak from the start, has to put on the good guy mask to do the same job Freeza just did out in the open, has to live on the run, uses poison when overpowered and grovles for mercy in the face of his superiors; and now, he's picking up weak or unguarded fighters, uses tricks and his cunning in dealing with threats while hiding behind stronger guys, and if those plans fail, he just high tails it out.

While this doesn't make Frost much more than just a blue Freeza, basically having the same personality and occupation, the show seems to take the direction of emphasizing his cowardice, rather than ruthlessness. That's a trait that Freeza (Cold too for that matter) displays too against Goku on Namek, but it's not explored like it's here. Maybe it's because with both on the same field, the writers are just trying to differentiate them a bit and all this is probably unintentional, but it's present nonetheless.

Sure, this doesn't make Frost more than just a tertiary threat at best, but it does make him an interesting character. He's more than what was left of him back when he was introduced, that's for sure. I'm inclined to say it's probably more interesting than him just being good guy Freeza, which would have been cool in the tournament, but since he's not part of the main cast, I'm not sure where they could go with it. Probably the way of Cabba... A guy we know who's just there.
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Re: Super Episode 107 (17 September 2017)

Postby Liquir » Sun Sep 17, 2017 7:55 am

Nothing Special From the Jiren attack. SSB Goku was able to the the same to Maji Kayo with pure pressure of the SSB transformation. Magetta's elimination was not well thought off, they could have invented something new for his defeat.

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Re: Super Episode 107 (17 September 2017)

Postby MrUnusual » Sun Sep 17, 2017 8:17 am

I'm glad Vegeta got out of that, when I read the synopsis of the episode last week and saw the trailer 2 weeks ago, I had already put 2 and 2 together that Frost was going to avert the Mafuba to capture Vegeta, told my friends I had a feeling this would happen, but I thought Frost would throw Vegeta out of the ring when he was captured and I was hoping that did not happen and that my theory was wrong, thankfully, I only got the mafuba part right and Vegeta made it out of there lol

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Re: Super Episode 107 (17 September 2017)

Postby PerhapsTheOtherOne » Sun Sep 17, 2017 8:24 am

An episode that a majority of the vocal opinions on these forums likes?

Great! And the episode was just great, too!

Action, skill, strategy, suspense, and awesome character moments!

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Re: Super Episode 107 (17 September 2017)

Postby Majin Jator » Sun Sep 17, 2017 8:43 am

Draconic wrote:

This sums up my thoughts about Frost perfectly. It may sound silly for some, but I enjoy him way better than Freeza. The fact that he isn't the top dog of his universe makes him more interesting.
Seems like he might turn against freeza next week, with the predictable outcome, but NEPs can be misleading. Maybe he thinks twice, or Freeza lets him go with a -painful- warning.

Roshi was great, and I enjoyed watching him kicking asses, but i still think a similar role could have been performed by Krillin, or maybe Ten Shin Han (And Yamcha could be the one getting eliminated in the third episode, as a nod to his luck with tournaments). But I don't complain, he has been well used.

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Re: Super Episode 107 (17 September 2017)

Postby GodKaio-Ken » Sun Sep 17, 2017 8:53 am

Kanassa wrote:
GodKaio-Ken wrote:Really liked the episode. I do question how Frost figured out reversing it so easily and hit the tiny opening. Goku couldn't get it at first....

To be fair, Frieza and Frost's signature moves are tiny beams that have pin point accuracy in hitting specific parts of the body to inflict pain with accidental killing. Out of all other characters, they are not slacking on the aim game.

Yomi wrote:

I like this "interesting" shot of Goku. Looks a lot like limit breaker, might be a little nod they drew for kicks.

This just needs a Lorel logo smacked on the top "Because you're worth it!"

Super Saiyan Swagger wrote:

Saonel has a meme worthy smile there...

Yeah it didn't bother me that much, after all it already happened with Trunks anyway.
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Re: Super Episode 107 (17 September 2017)

Postby TheOne » Sun Sep 17, 2017 9:10 am

SonReggie wrote:Great episode. No complaints bar one. Jiren.

Sorry, but there is a reason that 'One Punch Man' is a parody anime. I think someone in the production team saw Saitama but totally missed the point. And I'm really growing to dislike Jiren, and U11 in general, at this point. From what little of Jiren's (VERY bland) personality I don't like him. For all the "Justice" blab, he doesn't seem to give a much of a crap about his team; to me it felt like there was a air of exasperation when he stepped in to rescue Dyspo. All-in-all U11 seem to have a 'Jiren is all that matters' attitude. "Pride" my ass. The 'Jiren Force' would be more appropriate.

Otherwise though, best episode of this run.

So I take it you don't like Hit either? Because they did something similar with him and people love him.
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Re: Super Episode 107 (17 September 2017)

Postby supercat » Sun Sep 17, 2017 9:16 am

Both Vegeta and Roshi are awesome. Vegeta's character progression is quite commendable. He not only tried to save Roshi twice, but he actually seemed worried about Roshi. The two of them fighting together is really cool too.

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Re: Super Episode 107 (17 September 2017)

Postby Onibaku » Sun Sep 17, 2017 9:28 am

Enjoyed this episode a lot. Nice to see they doing my boy Roshi justice yet again. Also loved the Vegeta and Roshi's moments.

NEP looks juicy

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Re: Super Episode 107 (17 September 2017)

Postby Lupin879 » Sun Sep 17, 2017 9:32 am

Good but not beautiful

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Re: Super Episode 107 (17 September 2017)

Postby Freezerbaby » Sun Sep 17, 2017 10:27 am


A-MA-ZING episode! There was fighting between universes other than #7, there was scheming and plotting by Frost, teamwork, and tension! Roshi lost like a boss, and it was fucking awesome to quickly correct his mistake. Vegeta and Beerus respecting him was totally amaze-balls!

As for the next episode, I can only see two outcomes: either Frost tricks his alt U persona, succeeds and Frieza is out, or Frieza tricks his alt U persona, succeeds and Frost is out! THE NEXT EPISODE IS TORIYAMA'S VERSION OF GAME OF THRONES 'THE BATTLE OF THE BASTARDS!'

Gohan: ... F-Frieza ... you ... you?
Frieza: Oh ho ho ho ho ... did you really think I would let Frost-san pull this off? I merely attacked you so that he would drop his guard.
Gohan: ...
Frieza: (grins evily) The only one who gets to kill you Saiyans ... is me. (turns around and walks away) But ... not today.

Seriously, is ToP keeps this up, I will 100% change my mind about this arc.

If freeza is out next week, it would make for the biggest misuse of character ever during an arc, I don´t see that being happened since Golden freeza is not shown in the nep though, and I do really hope we get to see golden freeza vs hit or jiren in this arc.

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