" Ultra Instinct is not the only 'limit breaker' "

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" Ultra Instinct is not the only 'limit breaker' "

Postby ZenkaiBoosts » Tue Mar 06, 2018 2:35 am

I came across this thread on reddit. It was utterly amazing. I just want to share it with you guys here: ) Enjoy the read: ) Its a brilliant read. Captures exactly how I feel but articulates it so well. This is awesome, and I hope this is what we get (or close to it)

"I think there is something we're potentially missing that might not only explain how Jiren is able to fight MUI Goku but also pave the way for a whole new spectrum of power further down the line when Dragonball returns.

A few months ago, you may remember this post I made regarding the relationship between Jiren and Buddha.


Since then, a few very interesting things have happened. Notably regarding Jiren's full power aura.

u/powderedgoblin left a fantastic comment on that post and I'd like to refer to it here just to provide some context.

'Jiren mirrors the Amida Buddha particularly well. The mudra(hand gesture) that Jiren makes while meditating is the same mudra that the Amida Buddha is often depicted with. The Amida Buddha is the main deity of Pure Land Buddhism and is associated with fire, discernment(life force or mind), pure perception, and infinite light. Amida's attributes mesh nicely with Jiren's apparent ability to perceive or impact the world around him with his mind and the red energy which radiates when he displays his true power. Additionally, pure land Buddhism is apparently the most popular sect of Buddhism in Japan and thus Toriyama would likely be aware of the characteristics of the Amida Buddha.'

There's one sentence in particular that stands out:

The Amida Buddha is the main deity of Pure Land Buddhism and is associated with fire, discernment(life force or mind), pure perception, and infinite light.

If we refer to Jiren showcasing his full power. This parallel is confirmed beyond all doubt.

Full Power Jiren

Not only this, but Zeno commented during the power up that Jiren was 'on fire', reinforcing this link between Jiren and the Amida Buddha.

If we examine the teaser for Episode 130, there is something particularly evident.

The Auras

I'm not going to sit here and argue that Jiren has Ultra Instinct. I think it's been proven beyond all reasonable doubt that he doesn't possess this power.

However, it would be almost foolish to ignore the similarity between Goku and Jiren's auras throughout this clip.

I've heard some people state that this is merely to represent Jiren going at full power but I disagree. The similarity is just too great to be total coincidence.

In the preview, Goku states:

"Jiren! From now is the true fight that will surpass both our limits!"

So, here's what I think is going to happen.

Jiren is also going to break through his shell, terrifying the Gods with a 'limit breaker' power of his own. Ultra Focus.

Why Ultra Focus?

Throughout this arc, one of the main features of Jiren's character has been focus, exemplified by a variety of different instances such as pushing the spirit bomb with his eyes, or his mediation.

Much like Goku has been training with Ultra Instinct in mind (moving without thinking) I believe that Jiren has been training in pursuit of another path built upon concentration and perception, which poetically is the entirely opposite path to Goku.

When you examine it, the parallels become clearer. Red vs Blue, Friendship vs Solitude, Trust vs Doubt.

Instinct (moving without thinking) vs Focus ( sheer concentration, heightened perception of everything)

It would explain why Jiren is able to keep up with Goku as it effectively boils down to the old saying of an Unstoppable Force meeting an Immovable Object.

Goku may be able to avoid everything coming at him whereas Jiren is able to see everything coming back.

Now I know what you're thinking - "But Hydrox, Jiren is clearly getting punched in the preview, this makes no sense"

Oh but it does, and it is why Jiren will lose. Jiren is a deeply flawed character. This has been made crystal clear and these shortcomings are going to impede him from achieving victory. Jiren is prideful, lacking in humility and quick to anger. In order to maintain true focus, one must obtain tranquillity and a sense of inner calm. Jiren knows this, which is why he is so obsessed with meditation. He has attempted to remove this negativity from his mind but it will catch up with him here as he becomes infuriated that Goku is able to compete with him.

This also ties into the theme of Friendship. I strongly feel that Jiren, once defeated, will understand that his own selfish nature and excessive confidence is the reason he succumbed to emotion and was unable to defeat Goku. As a result, I feel the end of the Tournament will involve Jiren finally realising the error of his ways, reaching out to Goku so that the two can explore the new boundaries of power together.

Goku gets to pursue what he loves, while Jiren acquires the friendship and trust he's always sought after. The two will bring out the best in each other and I think this is something they will both realise at the end.

In conclusion, where do we go from here?

To keep it short, I don't think that Ultra Instinct is the end - I believe that Jiren will show that Ultra Instinct is one of many 'enlightened' forms that exist. It's the first piece of the puzzle and when Dragonball eventually returns, I believe this will be explored in more detail as Goku begins his journey to grow more than ever before.

Let me know what you think."

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