Would you welcome Sunrise alongside Toei Animation to produce Dragon Ball Show ??

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Would you welcome Sunrise alongside Toei Animation to produce Dragon Ball Show ??

Postby Bebi Hatchiyack » Fri Mar 30, 2018 9:27 pm

Dragon Ball Super left out strong, proof is that thanks to this franchise, Dragon Ball has become number one again for the toys sales under Namco Bandai. Another proof is that during its run, Dragon Ball Super, if I remember never went off the audience charts and that weeks after weeks.

Pendant les tournées de DBS, Shueisha a démarré un département Dragon Ball Room, une unité spéciale dédiée à la franchise Dragon Ball pour Shueisha. Toei lancera début avril un département similaire pour produire et gérer la licence Dragon Ball pour Toei Animation et Toei. Compagnie dans son ensemble.

With all that said there is as previously stated Namco Bandai who does possessed under its belt Sunrise studio this studio is famous for the Glorious show that is Gundam (SIEG ZEOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON hhrrrmmmm never mind) and others mechas show. It wouldn't be that hard to think that since Dragon Ball is shared by three parties, that Namco Bandai could also handle some of the legacy of Toriyama's master piece.

So my question is to you would you welcome Sunrise alongside Toei Animation to produce Dragon Ball Show ?? Those shows would be focused for exemple the game lore such as Dragon Ball Fusions, Dragon Ball Online, Dragon Ball Xenoverse and Super Dragon Ball Heroes or why not Dragon Ball legends. And why not combine them into a cohesive selt timeline ?

Now I know that having Namco Bandai enter the ring to produce DB anime under its subsidiary that is Sunrise would be perhaps Overloading the licence but that could be worth it for discharge Toei Animation of some works in their belt, thus allowing us viewer to experience with greatness others possible stories and whatnot.

Thought about this idea ?
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