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With inspiration from Dragon Ball fansites of the past such as Suushinchuu and Dr. Gero’s Laboratory, we set out to create the most complete and up-to-date listing of Dragon Ball-franchise music back in the late 1990s. Well decades later, the series continues to flourish with new compilations, remix albums, new compositions for video games, and so much more.

Our Music Database is the single resource you’ll need to check track listings and translations, artist information, release dates, catalogue numbers, and more.

CD Singles

Japanese CD singles were traditionally released as ~3 inch / ~8 mm “mini” CDs, though this has changed over time to the standard-sized CD — anything released for the Dragon Ball market after 1997 has been a standard-sized CD. The Dragon Ball franchise has received many different types of CD releases, but any “CD Singles” will be categorized primarily according to price (typically in the ¥900-1500 range), the number of tracks contained on the disc, whether or not the release debuts a new song for its time, and whether or not the Japanese market itself actually classifies the release as a “CD Single”.

Release Information

Released:01 May 1989 – 20 March 2013
Catalogued:26 CDs

Dragon Ball Z Hit Song Collection

There are twenty Dragon Ball Z “Hit Song Collection” discs in the series. Opening and ending TV themes, movie closing themes, TV episode insert songs, and image songs galore are contained herein. Of special note are the 8 ½ & 18 ½ volumes, which contain remixes of popular songs from all throughout the series and movies.

Release Information

Released:21 July 1989 – 20 March 1996
Re-released:20 September 2006
Catalogued:20 CDs

CD Sets

Consists of the Never Ending Story set, the five disc Daizenshuu set, and the brand new, three discs each, four volume Complete Song Collection series. You can find almost every background music piece, theme song, image song… or whatever… on these discs!

Release Information

Released:01 April 1994 – 02 April 2008
Catalogued:19 CDs

Video Game Soundtracks

From the Super Butōden series to the games on the 32-bit platforms all the way through today’s consoles, there were some Dragon Ball video game soundtracks released that we bet you did not even know existed! These releases include in-game music, new vocal tracks, and more.

Release Information

Released:27 March 1993 – 13 November 2009
Catalogued:15 CDs

Movie Soundtracks

Music from the various Dragon Ball movies have been released on CD, both in single CDs containing music from multiple movies, and later movies that have their very own soundtracks. Some of the movie background music that was later used in the TV series appears only on these discs!

Release Information

Released:21 August 1992 – 15 April 2009
Catalogued:6 CDs

Dragon Ball Kai CDs

During its run from 2009 to the present, such an overwhelming amount of music and CD releases were produced that it ultimately made sense to branch it off into its own page. In addition to standard soundtrack releases, Dragon Ball Kai followed the trend with various compilations and packaged discs, complete with its own collection of image songs, background music, and more!

Release Information

Released:19 August 2009 – 23 February 2011
Catalogued:9 CDs

Miscellaneous Dragon Ball CDs

This page catalogs any “miscellaneous” CDs released for the Dragon Ball franchise that are a single disc and do not fall into any other category (for example, being a “CD Single” or more specifically fit within categories like “Movie Soundtracks” or “Dragon Ball Kai”). These are traditionally single-disc “Best Of” collections, new arrangements of songs, of some other type of re-packaging of previously-existing music.

Release Information

Released:21 October 1991 – 23 February 2013
Catalogued:17 CDs

Miscellaneous Non-Dragon Ball CDs

In Japan, other artists than those featured on Dragon Ball soundtracks have had the honor of performing a few of these songs. There are also a plethora of additional studio and live performances from the original artists, and even so-called “self-covers” of classic Dragon Ball songs released on CDs that are otherwise not related to Dragon Ball. This section is our little way of showcasing these actual “rare” songs!

Release Information

Released:20 April 1996 – 10 March 2010
Catalogued:69 CDs

Foreign Dragon Ball CDs

In this case, “foreign” refers to countries other than Japan and the United States. Did you know that Germany has dozens (and we mean DOZENS!) of drama CDs? That France has a remix album? It really is interesting to see what other countries have that has never seen the light of day elsewhere…

Release Information

Released:15 October 1999 – 05 May 2004
Catalogued:22 CDs

American Dragon Ball CDs

From the early days of Saban onward, we have seen the domestic release of Dragon Ball CDs. Here, you’ll find all sorts of dub music, from Peter Berring’s score to the 1995 Dragon Ball dub, to Shuki Levy’s work on the first two Dragon Ball Z dub seasons, to the most recent compilations from Bruce Faulconer’s score.

Release Information

Released:09 December 1997 – 03 May 2005
Catalogued:10 CDs

Bootleg Dragon Ball CDs

Don’t buy them. That’s pretty simple. You won’t find a complete listing of all bootleg CDs; rather, you will find a listing of CDs made by bootleggers that aren’t exact copies of CDs that have already been released in Japan. Confused? Exactly!

Release Information

Catalogued:2 CDs