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The lovely Suupaa Gohan 2 alerted us to a product that just came out last month that we (somehow!) completely overlooked. Shoko Nakagawa put out a third Anison Cover album, and this one includes a (full-length) cover for the first Dragon Ball Z TV closing theme (“Detekoi Tobikiri ZENKAI Pawā!”), and the special 2-CD+DVD edition of the album also includes a TV-size cover of the Dragon Ball GT TV opening theme (“DAN DAN Kokoro Hikarete ’ku”).

The discs came out 10 March 2010, and will run you ¥2800 for the regular edition (SRCL-7220, which does not include the Dragon Ball GT song cover!), while the 2-CD+DVD edition (SRCL-7218) will run you ¥3500.

Nakagawa’s first cover album’s main single was a version of the Dragon Ball TV series closing theme (“Romantikku Ageru yo”), which also received a music video — we reviewed it way back on Episode #0078 of our podcast.

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FUNimation has posted a full-length trailer for their first domestic release of Dragon Ball Z Kai which is due out on both DVD and Blu-ray 18 May 2010. Judging from the trailer and FUNimation’s recent comments on Twitter, it appears that the domestic release of Kai will indeed be in a 4:3 aspect ratio, which is nice to see.

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Shueisha’s official listing website has finally updated with some information about the upcoming Dragon Ball Uranai book.

The listing included the books cover and a little blurb describing the book:


あの占いババが、あなたの運勢を『DRAGON BALL』に登場する48のキャラクターに当てはめて占う!運勢の浮き沈みが一目でわかる年間チャートつき。占いババを信じれば運気上昇まちがいなし!!

We’ll tell you your destiny…!!

Uranai Baba will divine your fortune based on 48 characters which appear in “DragonBall”! A yearly chart is included that will allow you to instantly comprehend the ebb and flow of your fortune. If you trust in Uranai Baba, your fortune will definitely pick up!!

The book is set to be released 31 March 2010 for ¥840, and you can grab it from Amazon Japan if you so desire. The book will be 224 pages and is a B6 size, which is the same size as the Jump Remix comics. For reference, that is roughly right between the size of the tankōbon and the kanzenban.

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This week on the show, we finally got around to taking a look at one of the more popular fan-manga out there called Dragon Ball Multiverse out of France!

It has been two years since we looked at Toyble’s Dragon Ball AF fan-comic, and it made sense for us to give the other “big” one its fair shot. Does the concept do more for us than the actual execution, or is there enough genuinely interesting story-telling going on? Download the show now, or head on over to the podcast page for more information or to subscribe.

As you tune in, you will probably notice another huge jump in the sound quality. It made sense after five years or so to finally encode at a higher bitrate. You’re welcome!

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Shueisha recently posted a batch of new images of support from its various Jump artists, which included a second image from Dragon Ball author Akira Toriyama saying, “Thank you everyone!! The Genki-Dama is getting bigger and bigger!!”

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In addition to Mayumi Tanaka, Sakura-Con has also announced Ryō Horikawa (Vegeta) as another Guest of Honor. Any photos or videos that community members would like to take and share with us would be greatly appreciated!

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We are passing along a little bit of second-hand information, but we put decent-enough faith in it to warrant sharing it. Our buddy EvilGamerX gave us word that a “friend at Nicktoons” has shared that the American television debut of Dragon Ball (Z) Kai will begin 24 May 2010 and will air four days a week, though a time slot has not yet been finalized. Songs will also be in English, though it is unclear if that simply includes the opening and ending themes, or extends to the mid-episode insert songs (such as “Over the Star” and “Saiyan Blood”).

As we have known for a while, the first 13 episodes of the “refreshed” version of the Dragon Ball Z TV series will be released domestically on DVD and Blu-ray beginning 18 May 2010. A premier of the first four episodes with their new English dub are actually set to debut at Sakura-Con next Saturday at 8:30 pm during the convention.

We are still holding out until the physical product is in our hands, but it sounds like the domestic release of Kai will indeed be in a 4:3 aspect ratio in some capacity. The Amazon Blu-ray listing is for a 4:3 product, while the DVD listing is for a “widescreen” product, mirroring the Japanese release style. When asked on Twitter by various members of our community, @funimation has responded that the show will be 4:3, though this still does not provide a comprehensive explanation on the TV broadcast versus the DVD release versus the Blu-ray release. If Japan is teaching us anything, it is that their own products can be just as confusing as any American release!

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Having reached the appropriate place in our monthly “Manga Review of Awesomeness”, it made sense to take pause and focus in on Trunks for an episode.

This week we take a look at “TRUNKS: THE STORY”, the special manga chapter that was later adapted into the second DBZ TV special, and compare the two. How do the direct contradictions between the original source and the animated adaptation affect our enjoyment? Is Trunks a genuinely interesting character, or is his world the actual interesting thing? Download the show now, or head on over to the podcast page for more information or to subscribe.

Episode #0213! VegettoEX, Meri, Julian, and Jeff do a mid-month “Review of Awesomeness” and compare the “TRUNKS: THE STORY” manga chapter with the second DBZ TV special, along with all the standard analysis you’ve come to expect. The rest of March’s releases, an e-mail, a contest winner, and a bunch of other good stuff rounds out the episode.


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Multiple online retailers are finally listing the upcoming Dragon Ball Uranai book! Unfortunately, most are listing the book under the title “ドラゴンボール キャラクター占い 2010” (Dragon Ball Character Fortunetelling 2010). I think this all but confirms my fears that this book will be nothing more than a “What Dragon Ball character are you?” kind of book.

For a taste of what this book will most likely be, you can check out a somewhat official Dragon Ball Character Fortunetelling released online back in April 2004 by OCN (Open Computer Network). You simply enter your birth date (YYYY/MM/DD), hit the submit button, and it will tell you what character you are. Apparently I am Tenshinhan! The character’s page will give you a rundown of the character’s personalities and traits. It also provides a bunch of quotes and references to the kanzenban for more information about the character, which were released right around the same time as this thing.

Of course, there are other websites out there made by fans that do the same thing. So I’m afraid that is all this book is going to be, unfortunately. Hey, at least we are also getting an illustration collection book, right?

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Happinet has unveiled the cover art for the next set of Dragon Ball Kai DVD volumes, both of which are set to be released 23 April 2010 for ¥2,940 (~$30). Volume #9 will contain episodes 25-27, while Volume #10 follows with the next three episodes, 28-30. In addition, they have also put up the cover art for the third Blu-ray box set which also has a scheduled release date of 23 April 2010. The box set will contain episodes 28-39, broken up onto four discs with three episodes per disc, and will set you back a pretty ¥15,960 (~$175).