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It is technically $10, but if you are interested in picking up Dragon Ball Origins at that price, you will also need to pick up another game from Wal-Mart’s list for a combined deal of 2-for-$20. There is some good stuff on the list, though, including Final Fantasy III, Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword, and two Dragon Quest spin-offs.

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At the end of August we learned that we would be getting another new CD, something called the Dragon Ball Kai Song Collection. The album is due out 21 October 2009 for ¥2,940 (~$30). At the time we only had a vague idea of what would be on the album, including the opening and ending themes, the insert song “Over the Star”, and new character image songs such as a theme for Kuririn, a theme for Freeza, and a theme for Super Saiyans. However, Columbia recently released the finalized track list and cover art for the album:

 01 Dragon Soul / Takayoshi Tanimoto (Dragon Soul)
 02 CHASER! / Shinichi Sakurai
 03 Win Tough Fight! / Yō Yamazaki
 04 The Invincible Aura’s Energy / Dragon Soul
 05 Take the Stage!! Ginyu Special-Squad!! / Yō Yamazaki
 06 Over the Star / Saki Oshitani
 07 CURE ~I’ll Be Here~ / Dende (Aya Hirano)
 08 Saiyan Blood / Vegeta (Ryō Horikawa)
 09 An Ultra-super Dragon Soul / Takayoshi Tanimoto (Dragon Soul)
 10 Only a Chilling Elegy / H.E. DEMON
 11 Yeah! Break! Care! Break! / Takayoshi Tanimoto (Dragon Soul)

You will note there are quite a few newcomers to the Dragon Ball franchise, such as Shinichi Sakurai, YouYamazaki, Aya Hirano, and H.E. Demon. I know many have commented on the “stunt casting” of Aya Hirano as Dende in the series (I tend to agree with most of them), but I think H.E. Demon, or rather His Excellency Demon Kakka, is by far and away the most interesting one of the bunch. If you have a chance, I highly suggest you give his profile a read — you will not regret it!

Many of the tracks are new character image songs, but it is not very clear which one may belong to Kuririn, Freeza, and/or the Super Saiyans. However, using the process of elimination we can see they might be “CHASER!”, “Only a Chilling Elegy” and “An Ultra-Super Dragon Soul”. Besides these new image songs, the only other track that we have not seen yet is “Win Tough Fight!”, which was indeed on the first Original Soundtrack for the series, but was included there as guitar version by Kenji Yamamoto. Oddly enough, the song itself has not been used in the TV series as of yet, but already has multiple versions. Could this be a little foreshadowing of another insert song? We will just have to wait to find out.

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Amazon Japan has posted the cover art for both the first Blu-ray box set and second volume of the DVD releases of Dragon Ball Kai. Both are set to be released 23 October 2009; the DVD release will contain episodes 004-006, while the Blu-ray box will contain episodes 004-015. The Blu-ray box will feature non-credit version of both the opening and ending themes, “Dragon Soul” and “Yeah! Break! Care! Break!”, respectively. It will also contain a extra spot to put the first Blu-ray volume, which is set to be released this Friday, 18 September 2009. As far as money is concerned, the high definition Blu-ray release will set you back a pretty ¥15,960 (~$160), while the the standard definition DVD release is the typical price of ¥2,940 (~$30).

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Let the shenanigans continue! Toei Animation’s official Dragon Ball Kai website has updated with the new voice of Nail. Taiten Kusunoki will be taking over the role of Nail in Dragon Ball Kai, replacing Katsuji Mori who had originally voiced the character in Dragon Ball Z. He also provided the voice of the popular action star Panput in Dragon Ball during the 22nd Tenka’ichi Budōkai. Again, we are not sure why Katsuji Mori is being replaced, as he is still very active as a voice actor — he even runs his own talent agency, Office Mori.

Finally, probably the biggest blow to all of Dragon Ball fandom… the original voice of Appule has been replaced. However, it is a real slap in the face because his recasting never got an official announcement! As you may know, Appule recently appeared in Dragon Ball Kai episode 023. Unfortunately, according to the credits, Yūji Machi has been replaced by Takahiro Yoshimizu. For anyone familiar with One Piece, Yoshimizu provided the voice of Paulie, one of the five Dock One foremen of Water 7. Needless to say, he has some pretty big shoes to fill.

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We have another doozy of a show for you this weekend, in addition to catching up on a bunch of news! This time around on the show, our regular buddy Jeff joined us along with Scott Melzer to talk about ethics in fandom. Things have changed a great deal since the days of VHS fansubs (and we were sure to give a thorough history lesson), but with the franchise finally slipping into the modern distribution era with Kai, questions on how to conduct yourself as a fan have never been more relevant. Download the show now, or head on over to the podcast page for more information or to subscribe.

Episode #0190! VegettoEX and Meri bring on Jeff and Scott to talk about ethics in fandom. Things have changed a great deal since the days of VHS fansubs, but with the franchise finally slipping into the modern distribution era with “Kai”, questions on how to conduct yourself as a fan have never been more relevant. September’s releases, your great e-mails, and a full catch-up on donation item namings round out the episode!


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It has certainly been a rather slow week in terms of news! The best we have for you is that Amazon has new listings for even more “Chapter Book” volumes of the Dragon Ball story they have begun releasing under their “Viz Kids” label. We absolutely adore the cover art for the releases, but are conflicted over the actual content.

Unlike the first four volumes which came out two at a time, it looks like these are going the one-every-other-month route:

  • Volume 5: 03 November 2009
  • Volume 6: 05 January 2010
  • Volume 7: 02 March 2010
  • Volume 8: 04 May 2010
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We are sad to report that the Arabic voice actor for Son Goku, Mr. Zeyad Errafae’ie, passed away on August 26th. He was involved with a car crash and apparently seemed to be getting better, but ultimately did not pull through in the end. Our condolences go out to his family and all of the Arabic dub fans that may have grown up with his performance.

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We took a week off from our regularly-scheduled audio content, but I think we more than make up for it with this doozy. This week, Heath and Corey join us to talk about the first arc in DragonBall Kai. Now that we are an entire block of the story into the show, how are we feeling about? After all the hype leading up to this “refreshed” version of the series, it sure had a lot to live up to. Download the show now, or head on over to the podcast page for more information or to subscribe.

Episode #0189! VegettoEX and Meri discuss the first arc of “DragonBall Kai” with Heath and Corey. After such a huge lead-up to this “refreshed” version of the DBZ TV series, was it all really worth it in the end? How do we feel about it now, and what are we looking forward to, if anything? Julian joins in for the rest of the episode to run through the news, September’s releases, and some fantastic e-mails.


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Toei Animation’s official Dragon Ball Kai website has updated with the cast for the Ginyu Special Squad members. As is starting to become the trend, all five members have been completely re-cast with none of the original voice actors returning to take on their original roles:

  • Ginyu: Katsuyuki Konishi
  • Jheese: Daisuke Kishio
  • Butta: Masaya Onosaka
  • Recoom: Sasaki Seiji
  • Gurd: Yashuhiro Takato

Jheese’s original voice actor, Kazumi Tanaka, passed away in late-2007 from pulmonary heart disease. Also of note, Kenji Utsumi , the original voice actor for Recoom, has already returned to reprise his role as Shenlong in Dragon Ball Kai, but appears to have given up voicing Recoom. He had left following the 100th episode of Dragon Ball Z, shortly after voicing Recoom, who was last credited in episode 95. Finally, Kōzō Shioya was the voice actor for Gurd in Dragon Ball Z, but since this character has been re-cast, it makes me wonder if the rest of his roles will also be re-cast in the future. If you will remember, Shioya was the sole voice for all of Majin Boo’s forms. So, did he decide he would rather return to voice Boo later rather than do Gurd now, or will he not be returning at all? I suppose only time will tell.

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Our buddy Tanooki Kuribo tracked down the European cover art for the upcoming Attack of the Saiyans on the Nintendo DS:

It is certainly nice to see the Japanese cover art remaining consistent across the world! We are hoping the American release gets the same thing when it drops this November.