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Episode 146 // 29 March 2015
Completely Unrivaled!
The Ultimate Warrior, Vegetto

We have been hearing “rumors” (and boy-oh-boy, do I use that term loosely) about trailers for the upcoming live-action Dragon Ball movie, but it seems like we finally have some actual, concrete, valid information. is reporting that the “Max Payne movie” (a video game adaptation) will be the first to feature the DB trailer. Neat.

VegettoEX8:14 PM EDTPodcast

Episode #0143 of the podcast is available for download! Julian was finally able to join in with us for recording, and we were all very excited to check out and review Viz’s release of the first daizenshuu in English!

Ain’t that trippy to see, with both of them right next to each other? We’ve said it before, but we were pretty sure this day would simply never occur. As you’ll hear in the review, there is very little “negative” we had to say about it. We were both shockingly and gratefully impressed with the near-perfect quality of this release. Definitely check it out.

Episode #0143! VegettoEX, Meri, and Julian discuss Viz’s fantastic release of the first daizenshuu in English (“The Complete Illustrations”). It’s a day we thought would never happen, but here we are! Even more video game news come our way, new characters for the upcoming DB short, Julian’s DBZ ABCs, and a whole lot of other good stuff rounds out the episode.


VegettoEX10:44 PM EDTNews

The newest Japanese TV spot for “Dragon Ball DS” is pretty amazing:

Honestly, we teared up a little bit. I do not know that I have ever seen anything that totally sums up what makes the series so amazing, and I refuse to write anything else tonight after leaving you with that.

The names and character designs of the new enemies in the upcoming Dragon Ball Jump Super Anime Tour Special, (“Heya! Son Goku and Friends Return!!”), have been revealed in the latest issue of “V-Jump”:

Table, Abo, & Kado, opposing enemies!
You can tell that Tarble is a Saiyan from his tail. He’s similar to a certain person in facial features, but…!? Also, Abo and Kado, in pursuit of Tarble, arrive on Earth!!

A big thanks to Tatsunoboshi Horoko for translating this so quick and to Cindy for the scan. If you are curious, Tarble’s name is a pun on “vegetable” (taabaru from bejitabaru, the Japanese approximation that also gave us “Vegeta”), and Abo & Kado are a pun on “Avocado”. It is good to see that Toriyama still has his sense of humor!

Now that their French portion has already stolen their thunder, it makes sense that they would go ahead and let the information come on out:

Final Dragon Ball Z Game for PlayStation 2 System Combines the Greatest Elements from the World-renowned Dragon Ball Z TV Series and Video Games

NEW YORK, Aug. 20 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ — It’s time for one final mighty Kamehameha for the PlayStation(R) 2 computer entertainment system as Atari announces the upcoming North American launch of NAMCO BANDAI Games’ Dragon Ball Z(R): Infinite World in November. Developed by NAMCO BANDAI Games Inc., Dragon Ball Z: Infinite World combines all the best elements of previous Dragon Ball Z games, whilst also boasting new features such as “Dragon Missions”, new battle types and drama scenes for fans to delve deeper than ever before into the Dragon Ball Z(R) universe.

The new “Dragon Missions” in Dragon Ball Z: Infinite World include many famous scenes from the Dragon Ball Z series never before seen in a video game. A range of missions from time attack in the “Snake Road Mission” alongside other action and racing-style missions puts players’ strategy and quick-thinking skills to the test beyond simply showing off their deadly fighting skills.

But no Dragon Ball Z game would be complete without its fair share of spectacular battles. Dragon Ball Z: Infinite World uses a simplified battle system taken from the recently released next-gen Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit for thrilling hand-to-hand fighting on the ground, or flying leaps and aerial combat in the skies. Defeat your opponent by blasting damaging Ki attacks from the sky or by diving into him and launching an explosive smash attack.

The game features over 40 unique characters, not counting the different forms that each character can transform into which multiplies the playing potential. On top of characters, fighting techniques and battle stages, Dragon Ball Z: Infinite World also includes selected drama scenes from the previous games all presented using beautifully refined effects and shading techniques.

Representing the last “Z” title for the PlayStation 2 system, Dragon Ball Z: Infinite World combines the many of the best elements from the previous Budokai and Shin-Budokai series, as well as the recently released and much-admired next-gen Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit, to deliver the definitive DBZ experience on PlayStation 2 system.

We learned just about all of this yesterday, but it is nice to see formal words coming from Atari in English.

VegettoEX10:55 PM EDTNews

We have confirmation (slightly) on what this “Infinite World” game — which first popped up in retailer listings — will be for the PS2. Strangely, Atari France was the first one (even including Japan!) to drop word of the game. It appears to be another iteration on the “Budokai” series by Dimps, though it is not clear if it will be using “Budokai 3″ (PS2) or “Shin Budokai” (PSP) as the main engine. From the screen shots, it would appears that the handheld version is actually being used as the general basis.

We know that the game will contain at least 40 characters, not even including transformations. Keep in mind that “Budokai 3″ itself actually only had 38 characters not counting transformations and fusions, so this will probably be even bigger than that. Then again, if the handheld version is being used as the basis, that is even more of a jump up.

Standard fighting is not all we’re going to get with this one, though. It looks like “Dragon Missions” will be the new single-player experience, ranging from things like racing down the Serpentine Road, to catching Bubbles, and beyond!

So far we know the title of the game, that it is being handled by Namco-Bandai, and it will be released exclusively on the PS2 in December. It is safe to say that since Atari (France) was the one to spill the beans on the game, all of the major territories (Japan, USA, Europe, and probably Australia) will be seeing the game, hopefully in time for the holidays in all areas. It is rather interesting that Atari was the one to break the news — it almost never happens that Namco-Bandai does not go with “V-Jump” over in Japan to hype things up first. Perhaps the US will even see its release first, similar to how the original three “Budokai” games went…?

It will be interesting to see if that “Infinite World” title remains the same in all territories, though. I will both laugh and cry if “Final Budokai” ends up being the title somewhere…!

Atari issued a press release earlier this morning confirming their release of “Dragon Ball: Origins”, which is just called “Dragon Ball DS” over in Japan. While the game drops in Japan 18 September 2008, we do not have a firm release date from Atari other than “November” (though online retailers are listing it as 03 November 2008).

Innovative Action-Adventure Gameplay of NAMCO BANDAI Games’ Newest Chapter in the Dragon Ball Saga for DS Comes to North America in November 2008

NEW YORK, Aug. 19 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ — The Dragon Ball bounces back with the announcement that Atari is bringing NAMCO BANDAI Games’ Dragon Ball: Origins for Nintendo DS(TM) to North America in November 2008. Developed by NAMCO BANDAI Games Inc., Dragon Ball: Origins takes players back to the original Dragon Ball series and around the world for a thrilling action-adventure game with innovative touch pad controls.

The single player game follows Goku and his clever sidekick Bulma as they travel the world overcoming enemies and obstacles to collect the 7 Dragon Balls. In the shoes of Goku, the player must protect Bulma from incoming enemy attacks using special skills, such as fighting with his power pole, or unleashing a kamehameha. Combined with Bulma’s brains and her knack for inventing machines and weapons out of discarded spare parts, the intrepid pair make a formidable team able to defeat even the strongest of boss enemies or trickiest of obstacles.

The innovative controls mean the player uses only the touch pad to control Goku. Players must draw lines or shapes to direct the character and control the action by tapping on the screen, for example a double tap on Goku followed by tapping on the Ka-me-ha-me-ha letters unleashes his devastating signature move.

Goku can perfect his skills in training with Master Roshi or by gaining experience through playing mini-games, so when the Dragon radar warns of imminent danger he’s always ready to fight. Bulma’s spare part creations include a time machine, different vehicles and add-ons to Goku’s power pole to help in battle. For extra Dragon Ball fun, hunt down and collect the many virtual figurines hidden in the game world which can then be swapped and traded with friends via wi-fi to get the full collection.

Dragon Ball: Origins pulls no punches in terms of graphics with both screens displaying vibrant 3D visuals, and with the lively, fun humour of Dragon Ball present throughout the game, fans will be able to immerse themselves completely in the spectacular universe.

The immensely popular Dragon Ball Z(R) series is the gold standard of anime-based video games, with more than 30 different games and over 12.7 million units sold since May 2002.

Nothing we have not already heard, but it is great to know that they actually plan on releasing the game over here. Our buddy Marc has some more information and images over on his website.

What is ever-so-slightly obnoxious is their need to change the name of every single game they port from Japan. It ranges from “Sparking!” turning into the bizarre and backwards “Budokai Tenkaichi” up through the perfectly-English-titled “Dragon Ball DS” turning into “Dragon Ball: Origins”. Again, it is nothing more than slightly obnoxious and amusing to write about; it hardly affects the gameplay. It is just strangely interesting.

VegettoEX9:20 PM EDTNews

We have some very strange video game listings popping up on American retail sites:

  • Dragon Ball Z Trilogy (PS2) — 09 September 2008
    $49.99 @ Amazon; $29.99 @ GameStop
  • Dragon Ball Z Infinite World (PS2) — 01 November 2008
    $29.99 @ Amazon; $29.99 @ GameStop
  • Dragon Ball Z: Origins (NDS) — 03 November 2008
    $29.99 @ Amazon; $29.99 @ GameStop

We are assuming that “Dragon Ball Z Origins” is actually just “Dragon Ball DS”, despite its “Z” in the title. We have no real evidence for this, though, especially considering that the game drops in Japan pretty soon on 18 September 2008.

This “Trilogy” on PS2 could potentially be a collection of the three “Sparking!” (or “Budokai Tenkaichi”) games. Again, there is no real evidence for this, and despite it not really making much sense to package three slight iterations on each other together, it is labeled as “Fighting”. Would “Sagas” or “Super Dragon Ball Z” be a part of this package?

This “Infinite World” is completely confusing, though — nothing more than a date and a (moderately low) price on this one. Is this the fabled “Final Budokai” international fans have been rumoring about?

What makes this all the more confusing is that the only new Japanese game we are aware of right now is “Dragon Ball DS”, and since Atari no longer creates games in-house, it is completely perplexing. I guess we will have to stay tuned to “V-Jump”…!

VegettoEX9:15 PM EDTNews

There will be a “junior novel” coming out for the upcoming American live action Dragon Ball movie:

Expect a written adaptation of the movie by a couple people otherwise known for just a couple quasi-Disney-related children’s books.

Episode #0142 of the podcast is available for download! We were finally able to get around to that “Manga Review of Awesomeness” for Volume 18. That’s right, we’re continuing the so-called “Z”-era if you’re going by the Viz release. Surprising comments from all hosts abound! We also went over all the awesome stuff that took place at Otakon! Definitely check it out.

Episode #0142! VegettoEX, Meri, and Jeff discuss Volume 18 (DBZ Volume 2) of the manga. The Saiya-jin arc has hit its stride: Goku is on his way back, someone is already dead, and new attacks abound! Is Toriyama’s magic still working, though? Tons of video game news, movie and book news, releases, and your e-mails round out the episode. We’ve got plenty of Otakon recaps to discuss, too!