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Episode 140 // 01 February 2015
In High Spirits!
Buu-Buu Volleyball!

Abigail wrote in to let us know that both Takeshi Kusao (Trunks) andRyusei Nakao (Tambourine, Freeza, Coola) will be guests at Animazement this year.

VegettoEX7:00 AM ESTPodcast

Episode #0119 of the podcast is available for download! Holy crap, we’re back! After sorting out all of our server issues, we can finally get the site (and feed) posted with the new episode. If you check out the forums on a regular basis, you probably already caught it, but now it will be filling up all those nice little RSS aggregators, as well. This week, I finally came off the pain-killers and hastily threw together a discussion about staying home sick and the weird things you do during those times. Basically, we talked about 1999 and the FUNimation DBZ Season 3 tapes coming out. Julian’s DBZ ABCs, some releases, and a great e-mail round out the episode for everyone. Sorry it’s a little late (sorta)! Definitely check it out.

Episode #0119! VegettoEX, Meri, and Julian catch up on various news and events, and then reminisce a bit about ye’ olden days, staying home from school sick, and doing strange things with the series (like writing scathing articles). March’s releases, Julian’s DBZ ABCs, and an e-mail from someone damn well convinced Trunks went SSJ2 round out the episode.

VegettoEX8:35 PM ESTNews

For those of you no longer about to rock, join with me in sadness as CDJapan cancels all of our pre-orders for the upcoming “Super Survivor” CD single. It is no longer in their site’s database, and while Lantis claims it is coming out later this summer, this is still very disappointing.

VegettoEX7:17 AM ESTNews

According to a couple different sources, the upcoming American live action adaptation of Dragon Ball will not be making its way to theaters until 03 April 2009, pushed back from 15 August 2008.

Lantis has delayed the release of the upcoming “Super Survivor” CD single / mini-album (which was originally due out 09 April 2008). It is not quite indefinite, but it is not due now until sometime during the early summer; there is no actual set date. D’oh!

In addition to that, Columbia has delayed the release of the upcoming 13-CD “Chōzenshū” set to 02 April 2008 (which originally due out 26 March 2008). That is not too bad of a delay, all things considered.

Thanks to Futabatei Shimei for the heads-up.

Episode #0118 of the podcast is available for download! Sorry it’s a day late, but as you’ll hear in the actual episode, the internet connection here at Daizenshuu EX headquarters has been… well, it hasn’t existed much over the last week or so. Yikes. So while Julian was unfortunately thusly not able to join us for the show, we do have another amazing round in our on-going “Manga Review of Awesomeness” for you. Jeff popped in to do Volume 14 with us, which concludes the Piccolo-Daimaô arc and gets on in to the 23rd Tenka-ichi Budôkai. Good times! Definitely check it out.

Episode #0118! VegettoEX and Meri try and catch up on the news and general shenanigans from the last week, which proved to be difficult with no internet. Jeff popped in to do another whopping round of the “Manga Review of Awesomeness”. We’re up to Volume 14; Piccolo-Daimao has been defeated, and the 23rd Tenka-ichi Budokai has begun!


VegettoEX6:22 PM ESTPodcast

Episode #0117 of the podcast is available for download! Sorry that we’re a date late in posting it; I’m not actually sure whose fault it is :P. This week we checked out an amazing project that’s just recently been completed:

That’s right, one of the official DragonBall “side stories”, In The Name Of Piccolo-Daimaô, has been obtained, scanned, and fully translated! The above link will take you to the website of desirecampbell, one of our forum regulars, who helped in the project. Read along and listen in for our thoughts. Definitely check it out.

Episode #0117! VegettoEX, Meri, and Julian discuss “IN THE NAME OF PICCOLO-DAIMAO”, a special side-story manga chapter collaborated upon by Koyama Takao and Maeda Minoru. Where did this come from, how can you read it, and are there any more of these? DBZ ABCs, some e-mails, Mike’s broken pop-filter, and other great things round out the episode.


Super Ghost Kamikaze wrote in and let us know that GameSpot put up a video from GDC (Game Developers Conference for those of you non-hardcore gamers), where Donny Clay from Atari is showing off the upcoming “Burst Limit” game. I definitely appreciate the acknowledgement of Dimps and Spike to a pretty spectacular degree, rather than the typical “we” dialogue (which, admittedly, is still in there a bit) completely ignoring that the games are actually developed in Japan. “Kamehameha” is pronounced correctly this time around, too!

Lots of gameplay footage of Goku vs Piccolo is shown off, along with confirmation that:

  • Both the English (FUNimation) and original Japanese cast are selectable (no word on the music)
  • There will be subtitles if you wish on the Japanese language track (accurate translations / non-dubtitles, we hope?)
  • The game covers the Saiyan arc to the end of Cell
  • There will be the so-called “in-game transformations”
  • Story elements are via in-game engine cut-scenes
  • Simultaneous release on the PS3 & Xbox 360 in July (kinda figured this one)
  • No plans for downloadable content
  • There will be achievements (also obvious)
  • No destructible environments

The video is just under 12 minutes long, and it is worth watching to see the game in-motion in a nice format like this.

Hujio2:18 PM ESTNews

Toei has unveiled the next two Dragon Ball GT individual disc covers… and they sparkle! As with all the other releases so far, Discs #03 and #04 contain six episodes each, covering episodes 013 thru 024, and are slated to be released 05 March 2008.

You can still order any of the previously released discs or any of these discs from Amazon Japan.

Also, Toei has finally figured out that I do not want screen savers for every DVD volume — they have done the right thing and are just releasing wallpapers this time! I guess the third time is the charm…

Futabatei Shimei let us know that Columbia has updated their site with the complete track listing for the upcoming 13-disc “Chōzenshū” collection. Lots of stuff on there, including pretty much everything from the Hit Song Collection series, the 2006 1/2 Special Remix CD, tons of live songs, and even Hironobu Kageyama’s three English songs! We will have a translation soon, and we will also go over it on the next podcast episode.