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A couple folks have sent this in, and while it seems slightly early (compared to prior years and the games’ usual April/May formal reveals), we should probably not be too surprised to see the first hints at this year’s main video game for the franchise.

Listings for a (likely tentatively titled) “Dragon Ball Z HD” have made their way to Walmart’s website (on both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3) with a release date of 02 October 2012. There are a couple tidbits to take away from the listings, beyond the basic “new game” and “coming out in October” that we see year-in and year-out. First off, since there is a listing for a PlayStation 3 version of the game, it is likely that this will be a separate entity from the upcoming Xbox 360 Kinect game. Additionally, Wal-Mart’s genre for the game is “Fighting / Shooting”, the same as last year’s Ultimate Tenkaichi.

As noted earlier, Namco-Bandai does have a press event coming up in April, and it is likely that any tidbits about any upcoming Dragon Ball games will make their way to us around that time.

Walmart was a great source of information leaks back in summer 2009 when they revealed the “season sets” for the first Dragon Ball TV series, which would go on to include the first thirteen episodes uncut and bilingual for the first time in North America.

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We have done a variety of character breakdowns over the years, ranging from major ones like Gohan all the way through minor ones like Tapion from Dragon Ball Z Movie 13. This time around, our buddy Lance joins us to totally deconstruct Vegeta. What makes this guy tick? Did he serve his purpose in its entirety by the end of the Freeza arc, and did Toriyama successfully reinvent him well enough to last the rest of the series? Download the show now, or head on over to the podcast page for more information or to subscribe.

Episode #0293! VegettoEX, Meri, and man of many Internet names, Lance (or Gaffer Tape or MistareFusion) deconstruct the character of Vegeta. From his initial introduction through the end of the series, and despite being just another villain in a long line of them, he is always written completely differently than any other character in the series. What makes this guy tick? Did he serve his purpose in its entirety by the end of the Freeza arc, and did Toriyama successfully reinvent him well enough to last the rest of the series?

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Following up on its ratings in Korea and then the UK, the apparently-upcoming Dragon Ball Z game for the Xbox 360’s Kinect was issued a “PG” rating down in Australia back on February 27th, as reported on Gamekyo:

Namco-Bandai does seem to have a press event coming up next month — while the Internet is aflutter with speculation on a PC port of Dark Souls for this year, fans may remember last year’s event in Dubai did more officially unveil Game Project Age 2011, which became Ultimate Blast/Tenkaichi for the PS3 & 360.

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Come 22 March 2012, Dragon Ball Heroes will officially be entering the realm of Dragon Ball GT as they role out their first “Galaxy Mission” stage for the arcade game. This of course means that they will also be releasing numerous new cards to go along with the stage. In celebration of this new milestone the next issue of V-Jump, which is slated to be released 21 March 2012, will come with an exclusive Dragon Ball Heroes card featuring a chibi Super Saiyan Son Goku and a giant B2 (roughly 28 X 20 inches) size Dragon Ball GT poster.

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Back in August, Manga UK had an “interesting” (for lack of a better phrase) back-and-forth with fans when listings for a Dragon Ball Z DVD release attributed to them was discovered on the British Board of Film Classification website. The company denied the rumors even up through this past October when a flyer for their release— citing a December pre-order date — was leaked online.

Toei Animation themselves seem to have broken the news in a much more official capacity, however:

Manga Entertainment has acquired the licensing rights to release, for the 1st time, the Dragon Ball Z series in DVD (291 episodes of 26′) in the United Kingdom.

The new licensee is planning to release the 1st of the 9 boxes this summer and to support the launch with a complete cross-media promotion campaign.

As expected, it seems to be the orange brick “season” releases originally produced by FUNimation for North America over the span of 2007-2009.

Thanks to TestDemo for the heads-up.

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We know that this month’s “Part 7” of the “refreshed” Kai series is definitely still on its way from FUNimation, and we now have confirmation that the eighth and final “part” is due out 05 June 2012:

At this point, all that is left for FUNimation to do is continue back with the “season” format to replace these two-disc sets.

“Part 8” is confirmed to include the 98th episode of the “refreshed” series, which was also a DVD/Blu-ray exclusive in Japan due to last year’s preempted TV programming due to the earthquake and tsunami disaster followed by Toriko taking the series’ time slot.

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To mark the one-year anniversary of the earthquake and tsunami disaster in Japan, Anime Fans Give Back once again held a 24-hour live streaming fundraising event. We joined on board for a half-hour segment to talk about how our favorite franchise was affected (not only by the disaster, but also by Kenji Yamamoto). Download the show now, or head on over to the podcast page for more information or to subscribe.

Finally, big congrats go out to Ryan for winning our Saikyō Jump contest! On the way from Japan is a copy of the March 2012 issue along with its bonus DVD (which contains both Episode of Bardock and Plan to Eradicate the Super Saiyans). Stay tuned for even more contests in the near future!

Episode #0292! VegettoEX, Julian, and Hujio join the cast of The Unofficial One Piece Podcast for a special Anime Fans Give Back fundraising session. Catch up with the two groups, current watchings and readings, favorite characters, and how last year’s disaster (along with Kenji Yamamoto) so heavily affected the franchise in Japan. Meri joins in to also announce the winner of our “Saikyo Jump” (and bonus DVD) contest!


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To celebrate 291 episodes of our podcast, we in turn celebrate one of the best and most under-appreciated artists from our favorite franchise: Minoru Maeda. When fans think of Dragon Ball, the first name that comes to mind is obviously Akira Toriyama, but Maeda shaped the series (particularly for fans of the anime) in almost as many ways as the original author. Download the show now, or head on over to the podcast page for more information or to subscribe.

Episode #0291! VegettoEX, Hujio, and Herms discuss a pretty full week of news before moving into a biography and in-depth discussion of Minoru Maeda. The first name that comes to mind with our favorite franchise is obviously Akira Toriyama, but most fans (especially those of the anime) do not seem to realize that more often than not they are viewing something that Maeda touched or supervised in at least some capacity. Just who is this man, and what are some of his most important works?


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We are a little late on this, but the numbers are finally interesting to us, again!

Namco-Bandai has posted a ¥8.275 billion (approximately $101.7 million) profit for the third quarter of fiscal year 2012.

Unlike the last several quarters, the Dragon Ball franchise actually performed well enough to show up in the top five-to-six franchises to allow for more extensive figures, with net sales of ¥6.7 billion for the three quarters, up from ¥4.9 billion the same period in the prior year. The company is forecasting a full year net sales total of ¥10.5 billion for fiscal 2012, up from the ¥8.3 billion net sales total in fiscal 2011 — this is all compared to the ¥12.5 billion total net sales in fiscal 2010, and the ¥15.8 billion in fiscal 2009.

In terms of general toys and hobby merchandise (non-video games), the franchise jumped in net sales from ¥1.7 billion the same three quarters of fiscal 2011 to ¥3.2 billion this year, and the company is forecasting a total of ¥4.0 billion for the full year, compared to ¥2.7 billion in Fiscal 2011.

No individual Dragon Ball video game sales were noted in the report — the cutoff for unit sales that are reported in the top five was One Piece Gigant Battle 2 at 350,000 units in Japan, which means that Ultimate Blast/Tenkaichi sold less than this amount.

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There was a bit of concern among fandom a little over a month ago when FUNimation announced that the first four “parts” of their Z Kai release (on both DVD and Blu-ray) were being discontinued in favor of “season” sets. “Part 7” was still on the books for a late March release, coming in a whopping six months after the prior two-disc set… but would it ultimately see the light of day?

Our forum member Travis Touchdown popped in today to reveal that RightStuf is already shipping out their orders for the discs (officially due out 27 March 2012), and his arrived today:

Furthermore, the release contains a teaser for “Part 8”, which will wrap up the series with episodes 89 to 98 — that also means it will include the “bonus” episode that never aired on Japanese television due to the earthquake and tsunami disaster.