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04 July 2001, 2:15 PM EDTComments Off

Thanks goes out to reader WuFEi, who got the chance to e-mail Kristie from FUNimation’s online DBZ store regarding shifting release dates for “Lord Slug” (the fourth DragonBall Z movie), and got the following response:

This release date is true. The August 7th release date is only for our uncut version. The edited release date is set for September 4th.

So there you have it — the regular DVD will be out on 07 August 2001, with edited DVD following on 04 September 2001.

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17 June 2001, 3:05 AM EDTComments Off

As confirmed by user Super Saiya-jin Jedi on (in the thread “Early DVD Review: World Tournament – Junior Division“), the eyecatches make their return to FUNimation’s production of Dragon Ball Z on the upcoming “World Tournament – Junior Division” DVD (which is due out later this month, but has already made its way to select retailer shelves). This will be the first time eyecatches have made their way back into the home release since dubbed/edited season two in 1997-1998.

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Suncoast has a new listing which confirms FUNimation’s simultaneous VHS & DVD release plan: DBZ movie 4, “Lord Slug,” will be released on 07 August 2001. An edited DVD release is listed along with the uncut version.

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Friend of the website Kuririn321 wrote us in with another heads-up on a strange Suncoast listing: something called “DragonBall Z: Our Hero Awakes” (sic).

As Kuririn321 says, this is the title of a FUNimation English dub episode, and the listing says it is a short 20 minutes long. What is most odd is that not only is the listing for a price of $11.13, but there is also an option for “VHS Spanish”. We are not quite sure what this mystery listing is, but when we find out, we will let you know!

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Thanks go out to visitor WuFEi for pointing us to FUNimation’s website that contains a few tidbits about upcoming releases:

The “Z Warriors Prepare” DVD will contain all three episodes found on the previously-released “Trunks: Prelude to Terror” disc. However, the episodes on the “Z Warriors Prepare” disc will be corrected versions — the previous release had several defects (a subtitle at the top of the screen in one scene, repeated dialog in certain subtitles, and a few instances of timing being off in subtitles). This means the disc will contain five episodes in total; the last two of these five episodes were previously available on the Burger King exclusive “Z Warriors Prepare” VHS release.

The “Garlic Jr: Black Water Mist” DVD has been delayed.

17 July 2001 brings us the beginning of simultaneous VHS/DVD releases with both “World Tournament: Blackout” and “World Tournament: The Draw” hitting store shelves.

Finally, the second release of the original DragonBall TV series has been announced (“Tournament – Turtle Hermit”), and will be released on VHS on 19 June 2001.

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FUNimation’s official DragonBall Z site has updated the FAQ once again with incredible information: their continued dub of the original DragonBall TV series will use the original Japanese musical score!

Q: What are future plans for Dragon Ball?
A: Dragon Ball will begin airing on Cartoon Network June 4. Dragon Ball will run in time slot immediately after Dragon Ball Z, at 5:30pm Eastern Standard Time. The first 28 episodes of DB will air through the month of June. These episodes will contain the original music from the Japanese series. This is going to be a blast, so be sure to tune in.

This has somewhat been hinted at throughout the past with FUNimation, as they have used the original Japanese score in both DB movies two and three (“Sleeping Princess in Devil’s Castle” and “Mystical Adventure,” respectively). This is a wonderful step up for FUNimation. What is even greater is that the DB and DBZ scores were both composed by Shunsuke Kikuchi, so we will finally hear the composer’s work in North America for the DB TV series!

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According to Suncoast’s latest listings, the “Frieza: The Summoning” disc is due out on 10 April 2001, but we also have another three discs announced! The last two in the series of four “Androids” DVDs (“Assassins” and “Invincible”) are due out on 03 April 2001, and the first Garlic Jr. disc (“Black Water Mist”) is due out on 06 April 2001. Additionally, as we all know by now, FUNimation has announced that starting with the “World Tournament: Junior Division” release, we will see simultaneous VHS/DVD releases. Excellent!

On a related note, on’s top selling DVD list, the DBZ discs have been moving up since we last checked. “Androids – Invasion” is up to #5, with “Androids – Dr. Gero” following at #8. The only anime disc above DBZ in the top list is the third “Outlaw Star” collection (which is number one). Way to go!

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Having problems playing some of your DragonBall Z DVDs from FUNimation? According to e-mails and posts by many fans out there, you are not alone. Phillips Magnavox players are confirmed to spit the discs back out after being unable to read them, while visitors are reporting that Oritron models run the gamut from playing poorly to simply not working at all.

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As further confirmed by Planet Namek and re-posted by Anime Nation, FUNimation’s DVD release of the third DragonBall movie (entitled “Mystical Adventure”) will indeed be “hybrid”, meaning it will include both the original Japanese language track as well as an English dub.

While we could not announce it ahead of time, a scan of the original Japanese lyrics for the movie’s closing theme (“DragonBall Densetsu”) was provided by us to Steven J. Simmons for accurate translation in the movie’s subtitle track.

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Anime Fringe has posted their regular list of “must-visit” anime websites, and Daizenshuu EX (editor’s note: one of the two prior sites later incorporated into Kanzenshuu) has been placed in the #18 spot:

The second appearance of a DragonBall web site on this list gives us a site filled tons of original multimedia and information. It’s easy to see why this site is one of the best because it is updated virtually everyday with something new to download or read. There are even DragonBall reviews and editorials about anime as well as tons of other DragonBall oriented content that’s helpful for any fan to use.

Thanks go out to the Anime Fringe staff for the spotlight!