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The March 2006 issue of “V-Jump” details more information about the upcoming “Shin Budokai” for the PSP.

The “Shin” in the title is written as “true” or “pure”, and not “new”. This makes sense, since it seems to be not just a port of “Budokai 3”, but a port with many enhancements! In addition to new characters via the story mode (Paikuhan and Janenba are confirmed already), there is a new “Burst Mode” for movement at high speeds. It is also being touted as a “perfection” of the fighting engine used in “Budokai 3”.

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The March 2006 issue of “V-Jump” in Japan details the method for unlocking Neko Majin Z as a support character as hinted at a few days back.

First, you must have beaten “Z Battle Mode” at least once. Next, win all 60 fights in “Mania”/”Maximum” mode. NEXT, on the mode select screen, press:

Up, X, Down, Y, L, R, L, R, Start

Finally, when choosing your support character for a battle, hold the “R” button while pressing “A” to select them.

Again, this is exclusively in the Japanese version of the game, which we received as “Super Sonic Warriors 2” on the Nintendo DS.

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Big thanks to our guest for this episode, Castor Troy, for hopping in with us! We all had a ton of fun recording the episode, and I think you’ll all get a kick out of it, as well. Check out the “Podcast” page for all your audio needs.

Episode #0010! VegettoEX and Meri bring on Castor Troy of the old “Vegeta Insane” and “Ginga Giri Giri” website to discuss favorite speeches from the show. We also discuss the latest gaming news and answer listener audio e-mails.


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Jeux-France has posted the first images from the upcoming “Shin Budokai” for the PSP. Little is known about the game, but it looks like Paikuhan will finally be making his video game debut. is still listing an 07 March 2006 release date for North America.

Much thanks to LaRésistance on the forum for this one.

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Toei has revealed the covers for their next 3 DVDs of the Z Dragon Box individual disc release. Each of these discs will contain six episodes, covering episodes 55 thru 72. These 3 DVDs are set to be released 01 February 2006. You can still order any of the first nine discs or pre-order any of these three discs at Amazon Japan.

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Good ol’ forum member Ash found an updated listing for “Super Dragon Ball Z” on Play-Asia with a listed release date of 13 April 2006. Please note that this is exclusively for the Japanese PlayStation 2 port of the new arcade fighter; there is as-of-yet no word on a domestic release.

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It appears that the one and only Z (being Neko Majin Z) is an unlockable support character in “Bukū Resse”n (the original Japanese version of “Super Sonic Warriors 2” for the Nintendo DS).

Screenshots can be found on the official website. Full details on how to unlock Z will be given in the next issue of “V-Jump” (releasing 21 January 2006) over in Japan. There is no confirmation on whether not he appears in the American version, but it is pretty unlikely.

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We hopped Julian up on alcohol and caffeine in order to keep him awake to do a podcast with us all the way from Japan! Episode #0009 is up for download. Details can be found, as always, over on the “Podcast” page.

Episode #0009! VegettoEX, Julian, and Meri go over the latest news (delayed video games and new Japanese CDs), and give you a detailed history of DBZ’s distribution in North America. Just why is there an Ultimate Uncut Edition, and how does this relate to the entire rest of the series?


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As we originally reported back on December 15th, there are a slew of games coming out for the handheld market. Will all of them actually make it out, though?

“Shin Budokai” for the PSP seems to have slipped to a North American date of 07 March 2006 according to its listing, and we still know absolutely nothing about the game!

“Advanced Adventure” for the GBA also seems to have also slipped to a North American date of 07 March 2006 according to its own listing.

“Transformation 2”, also for the GBA, is no-where to be seen anymore! Our December update noted a listing from for an 01 March 2006 release, which came after two updates last May where it was first listed online by retailers, and then hinted at as one of “two new thrilling DBGT games” on the horizon when Atari formally unveiled the first “Transformation” game.

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It looks like we are finally going to be getting some genuinely complete material in the near future! Then again, we don’t have any track listings yet, but it is certainly justified wishful thinking.

First up is the “Dragon Ball Z Best Song Collection” (2 CDs; COCX-33567; ¥3000). This looks to be like a CD collection of all of DBZ’s vocal songs. Listed so far is only the opening themes, so we will be sure to let you know what else gets confirmed for the set. (Pre-order @ CDJapan)

Next up is the “Dragon Ball Z Complete BGM Collection” (3 CDs; COCX-33564; ¥4500). Does this finally mean we are going to be getting all of the BGM that never made it to CD in the first place? Again, we will be sure to let you know what is confirmed as soon as we find out — for now, we are excited. (Pre-order @ CDJapan)

Both CD sets drop on 22 February 2006 in Japan.