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Toei has unveiled what the actual “Dragon Box: The Movies” set will look like — it seems they will not be going with the image from DBZ movie 10 that they have been using for months as an advertisement. Though the image of Goku was used as promotional posters in Japan, most websites did not use it.

In addition to all this fun stuff, we got more information about the scouter transceivers. It seems that the Movie Dragon Box will come with two scouters for enjoyable conversations at great distances, as advertised on Toei’s site — it is pretty clear that these scouters are indeed simple walkie talkies.

As a reminder for those that still want to order the set, pre-orders end on 21 December 21 2005.

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North American releases of the following games have been found on

It is about time that “Advance Adventure” finally sees a North American release! Most interesting is definitely the PSP game. Will it be a port of one of the previous “Budokai” games? Will it be a conversion of the arcade fighter “Super Dragon Ball Z? Who knows?!

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As noted earlier, Banpresto’s upcoming arcade fighter “Super Dragon Ball Z” is created on the System 246 hardware, which is essentially an arcade version of the PlayStation 2.

In a post yesterday, IGN confirmed that “Super Dragon Ball Z” will indeed see a PS2 release! No set date has been given for the Japanese release (and nothing yet about an international release), but look for it in Spring 2006.

Big thanks to SplitNarcissist for the heads-up!

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This week, Julian takes a much-needed break. In his place, Meri and our super-special-guest Scott Melzer tackle astonishingly interesting aspects of DBZ fandom. DBZ’s use in AMV and fan parodies is examined rather in-depth, and we drill Scott on just how big of a DB fan he really is…! The episode is slightly over an hour in length, so this one should keep you busy for a while! For more information (download link, other topics discussed, XML for subscription, etc.), visit our “Podcast” page.

Episode #0004! VegettoEX & Meri bring on Scott Melzer (This is Otakudom, S.T.E.A.M., This is DBZ Life) to talk about DragonBall’s place in other areas of anime fandom. From anime music videos to fan parodies, how is DBZ portrayed, how is it used, and what is it like to use it? What is it like to be a DBZ fan both on the creative and general-viewer end of things? We also drill Scott & Meri on all things favorite in DBZ!


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From now until December 18th, RightStuf is giving 40% off retail price on all FUNimation DVDs and VHS tape, which of course includes Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, and Dragon Ball GT. When checking out, simply enter the following coupon code: sevensamurai. This is a great opportunity for those that would like to complete their collection or find cheap Christmas presents.

Thanks to M-Vegeta for letting us know about this.

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FUNimation will be releasing Dragon Ball Z movie 12 (which they are accurately calling “Fusion Reborn”) on 28 March 2006. Janenba fanboys, start your engines.

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Shueisha has recently begun to release “TV Animation Comics” of the Dragon Ball Z TV series. These comics are simply a manga form of the TV series comprised of animation screen shots. As these are animation comics, the titles will reflect those of the series and will remain as Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z, similar to what Viz did with the American release of the manga. Also, as done with the DVD “Dragon Boxes”, Shueisha has started releasing the Dragon Ball Z comics before releasing any Dragon Ball comics (though nothing has been announced about “TV Animation Comic” adaptations for either the first TV series or Dragon Ball GT).

Shueisha began releasing these style of comics in 1995, which included both Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball GT TV specials, as well as the 10th anniversary movie. Similar to those of the TV animation comics, they contain screen shots of the films in a manga form.

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This week we tackle such subjects as “Saiya-jin” vs “Saiyan”, Viz’s extremely confusing use of “djinn” (essentially replacing the word “Majin”), and we even review the CDs that came out in 2005. For more information (download link, other topics discussed, XML for subscription, etc.), visit our “Podcast” page.

Episode #0003! We talk about the differences and origins of both “Saiya-jin” and “Saiyan”, and Viz’s confusing use of the Arabic word “djinn” instead of the word “Majin” that we’re all familiar with. We also go over the CDs that came out in 2005, including the “Budokai” soundtracks and 2005 remake songs. Finally, we go over December’s releases and answer some listener e-mail!


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The Magic Box is reporting that Banpresto will release the System 246 arcade fighting game “Super Dragon Ball Z” (developed by ex-Capcom producer Funamizu, along with his studio Craft and Meister) on 22 December 2005 in Japan. The game’s official website is also up, and has tons of great stuff on it — you can find a character gallery, some basics on the fighting engine, and more.

There is no word on a home release as-of-yet, but since System 246 is based on the PlayStation 2 hardware, an eventual home release (at least in Japan) seems likely.

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Toei recently launched a new “Dragon Ball History” site dedicated to the Dragon Ball movies, similar to those of the series. Titled “Theater Edition DragonBall History”, it is actually quite nice and has a lot of information that Toei had never really released about the movies — things such as the staff and cast credits for each movie, synopsis/story information, and movie character profiles. The site also contains some information concerning the upcoming release of “Dragon Box: The Movies”. They have even posted some trailers for the set. For those of you that don’t read Japanese and might have some problems finding the trailers (they are well hidden), we have posted links to the trailers at the bottom of this post.

As for the movies set itself, there have recently been a lot of Toei sites that have been updating information and images. While this does not really pertain to anything concerning the ordering of the Dragon Box, but I find the following image interesting. Albeit a great image, it displays some screen shots taken from various Dragon Ball movies. If you’ll notice, all the images are in a 4:3 format, where as the Dragon Box is being released in a 16:9 format.

A comparison picture below showcases Gogeta (DBZ Movie 12) from the advertisement (on the right) with that of the same image taken from a fansub (on the left). Very confusing!

Finally, Toei has posted some trailers for the Z Dragon Box individual disc releases. There are two trailers, one for high-speed connections and on for everyone still on 56k.