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Episode 135 // 21 December 2014
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The New Majin Attacks!!

The official Facebook page for Dragon Ball video games has posted a new gallery featuring 42 screen shots from the upcoming Dragon Ball XENOVERSE (PS4/PS3/XBO/360).

Rejoice fans! The renowned “Tenkaichi Budokai” (World Tournament) from the DRAGONBALL universe will be a major feature in the upcoming DRAGON BALL XENOVERSE! Fighters from all around the world will keep an eye on the Lobby to take part in epic brawls regularly organised by BANDAI NAMCO Games!

Among the new details garnered by our reporters: the players’ guide will be Trunks, the time-traveler! Thanks to him, all the players’ avatars will meet the Supreme Kai of Time in the “Toki Storage Room”, meet and greet or fight other avatars, customise their characters’ skills and clothes, train with their chosen master and finally, take part in Time Patrol Quests (Story Mode) and Parallel Quests (Co-op Play Mode)!

Speaking about quests… Players will be able to fight gigantic foes such as Great Ape Vegeta (in Time Patrol or Parallel quests)! Moreover, it seems that the story of the movie “Battle of Gods” has been altered…! What are Beerus and Whis doing here???

View the company’s Facebook page for a complete gallery.

Dragon Ball XENOVERSE — currently in development by Dimps for Bandai Namco — will be released on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC. The game will release for the four consoles 05 February 2015 in Japan, 13 February 2015 in Europe (where a “Trunks’ Travel Edition” will also be released), and 17 February 2015 in the Americas. The PC version is set for a global release via Steam 17 February 2015.

Now that next year’s first issue of V-Jump covering the upcoming 2015 Dragon Ball Z movie have been officially released as of earlier today in Japan, Toei Animation’s official website for what we now know as Revival of “F” has been updated and overhauled with a new design and the official movie poster. Currently none of the sections are live, with all of them still listed as “Coming Soon”. Akira Toriyama’s comments originally published in the September issue of V-Jump are still available, although it appears the original teaser trailer has been removed for now, at least until the first official trailer is released.


A recent article on Cinema Today also mentions that the sash worn by movie-design Freeza, as seen in V-Jump as a special present available with pre-release tickets, reads “congratulations on revival” (祝復活).

The story for the movie is being crafted by original manga author Akira Toriyama, who stated he is writing it, “…as though it were a continuation of the manga when it was in serialization,” and that while it will, “…of course be a continuation of the previous Battle of Gods,” he has also, “…deliberately increased the amount of action scenes by a good deal.” Tadayoshi Yamamuro, who worked for many years as character designer and animation supervisor on the Dragon Ball franchise, will serve as the film’s director. No other movie staff have been confirmed at this time. Revival of “F” is set to bring back Freeza and will also include two new characters (Sorbet and Tagoma), feature Beerus and Whis again from Battle of Gods, and much more.

Stay tuned to Kanzenshuu in the coming days for more of the latest movie news!

Shueisha has joined in the celebration and opened their own official website to commemorate Dragon Ball’s 30th anniversary at The site carries the sub-title of “Dragon Ball SSSS (Super Saiyan Special Site)”, not to be confused with the “Dragon Ball SSSS (Saikyō Super Saiyan Secret) Project” that included the recent animated productions of both Dragon Ball: Plan to Eradicate the Super Saiyans and Dragon Ball: Episode of Bardock.


The website includes a special note from original manga author Akira Toriyama:



Hello, it’s Akira Toriyama!
Dragon Ball information has been brought all together in one place, making it easier to browse. I think both fans and novices will be able to enjoy it, so by all means, please check it out!

The website, which officially opened 19 November 2014 (a day ahead of the actual anniversary), contains a rundown of upcoming merchandise (under the guise of “news”) as well as an on-going introduction to, and overview of, the franchise.

Thanks to our buddy TheDevilsCorpse for the heads up!

Happy Dragon Ball Day! It was on this day in 1984 that Weekly Shōnen Jump 1984 #51 officially hit shelves in Japan containing the very first chapter of Dragon Ball.

We have been working on this for a long time, and it’s amazing to be able to finally share it with everyone. We’ve been putting together a special magazine in celebration of this amazing anniversary!


It’s called “DB30YEARS“: it’s available right now, it’s available for free, and it’s available in a few awesome formats. We have an interactive version that you can read right on your computer (which also works great on tablets!), we have a standard/web-ready PDF that you can download like normal, and we also have an e-reader compatible (MOBI) version that you can load up to your Kindle, Nook, etc. to dive into just the articles themselves.

You will see a lot of familiar names on the contributors list, maybe some you haven’t seen in a long while, and perhaps a few new ones. The articles are absolutely incredible, and we can’t wait for you to dive in. There is a complete list of contributors at the beginning of the magazine, as well as on the respective “Features” page.

The cover art comes from Kim Herbst and is also featured as a part of the art exhibit hosted by Q Pop Shop in LA.

In terms of us Kanzenshuu staff, we’ve also contributed material, and 99% of it is original to this publication (though, of course, a lot will eventually make its way back to the website-proper in the near future). Not only do we have editorial pieces, but also some new original research that we’ve been saving up. Some of this new material includes things like:

  • Changes made from the original WSJ serialization (Gohan’s age…!!!)
  • Comparisons with Toriyama’s one-shots and Dr. Slump (Futon ga futton da!)
  • Deep look into the numbers behind how filler came to be and what would have happened without it (we have a chart! wow!)
  • Homages in American television (The Tenka’ichi Budokai is finally complete!)

… and a ton more!

Check it out, share it with friends, share it with other fans, and let us know what you think.

Thank you Akira Toriyama, and happy birthday Dragon Ball…!

Twitter user “kazu4281” has posted a shot from the upcoming 2014 #52 issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump (releasing a bit early due to the observation of Labor Thanksgiving on Monday the 24th), which showcases a bit of information regarding pre-release ticket information for the upcoming 2015 Dragon Ball Z movie, Revival of “F”.


Pre-release tickets go on sale 06 December 2014. Pricing comes in at ¥1,400 for adults and high schoolers, ¥800 for middle schoolers and children 3 years and up, and ¥2,100 for a parent-child pair. A special item will also come with the pre-release tickets: one of either a Goku or Freeza “Movie – Akira Toriyama Model Super Progression Strap” which has the character’s movie version inside their version from the manga.

The story for the movie, which will be opening on 18 April 2015, is being crafted by original manga author Akira Toriyama, who stated he is writing it, “…as though it were a continuation of the manga when it was in serialization,” and that while it will, “…of course be a continuation of the previous Battle of Gods,” he has also, “…deliberately increased the amount of action scenes by a good deal.” Tadayoshi Yamamuro, who worked for many years as character designer and animation supervisor on the Dragon Ball franchise, will serve as the film’s director. No other movie staff have been confirmed at this time. Revival of “F” is set to bring back Freeza — via Toriyama being directly inspired by Maximum the Hormone’s “F” tribute song — and will also include two new characters (Sorbet and Tagoma), feature Beerus and Whis again from Battle of Gods, and much more.

Further photo leaks from this month’s January 2015 issue of V-Jump (officially out this Friday, 21 November) have allowed us to verify previously reported details about the story for next year’s upcoming Dragon Ball Z film, Revival of “F”:



Earth is now at peace——
but then, the remnants of Freeza’s forces,
Sorbet and Tagoma, attack.
Their objective is
to bring Freeza back from the dead with the Dragon Balls.
And so, the worst wish in the history of the universe is granted,
and “F”, plotting his revenge against the Saiyans,
is revived at last…!!

We are also now able to verify Toriyama’s comment regarding his inspiration for the movie:

友人を通じて知り合ったマキシマム ザ ホルモン
曲のタイトルの「F」 というかっこいい表記を

This time, Freeza will be revived!
The “F” stands for “Freeza”.
This is because it’s an idea that came to me in a flash after I listened to a song called “F” by Maximum the Hormone, whom I had been introduced to by a friend, back when I was fretting over what to do about the story for the next movie.
“F” is a song that sings about Freeza in a vulgar-yet-cool way.
I remembered how, back then, they told me, “Sorry, but we went ahead and sang about Freeza without asking”.
Aha! So that’s what I could do!
With that in mind, I was immediately able to write up a story where Freeza is revived.
I know his personality very well, so it was easy to write.
And so this time, as a way of saying “thank you”,
I went and took the cool-looking spelling of “F” from the song.
He is the most vicious enemy, who is most worth defeating.
Of course, he hasn’t merely been revived, so look forward to a terrific fight!

Back in 2012, Toriyama attended a concert for Maximum the Hormone in Nagoya, and met the band backstage. He even drew them a picture of Freeza with the caption “F”, so evidently he was quite taken with the song.


Toriyama’s comments have been dutifully archived in our “Translations” section, which we have a feeling will soon be expanding once again as promotion for the new movie enters full swing!

The nature of the “further transformation” line, glimpsed in a previously-leaked image, is also seen in full:


Allow me to show you……
My further transformation!!!!

This is reminiscent of Freeza’s line in Chapter 303, where he says, “As a special privilege, allow me to show you!! My final transformation… My true form!!!” (大サービスでごらんにいれましょう!! わたくしの最後の変身を… わたくしの真の姿を!!!) What this new form or forms will entail is unclear. A further transformation beyond Freeza’s “final form” was previously seen in Dragon Ball Z Movie 5, where his brother Coola possessed a unique form more powerful than his normal appearance, which had resembled Freeza’s “final transformation”.

Stay tuned to Kanzenshuu in the coming days for more V-Jump news, as well as a very special update…!

The January issue of V-Jump, officially slated for release this Friday (21 November 2014), features a detailed “DB Scoop” on the upcoming Dragon Ball Z movie (originally reported by Anime News Network). The scoop features a new visual for the film, the first seen since the movie was announced this past July. It is more than likely the movie’s official poster, which features our main protagonists, Beerus, Whis, Freeza, and two new unsavory characters.

The movie poster also reveals the film’s official title and release date:

ドラゴンボールZ 復活の「F」
Doragon Bōru Zetto Fukkatsu no “F”
Dragon Ball Z: Revival of “F”

公開日 遂に決定!!! 2015年4月18日(土)2D/3D全国超拡大公開!!!
Opening day, set at last!!! Saturday, 18 April 2015: A super-wide release nationwide in 2D and 3D!!!

Unlike with the previous film, Kami to Kami / Battle of Gods, no supplementary or alternative English title is provided. The movie will premiere nationwide in Japan 18 April 2015 in both 2D and 3D formats. This release date is a bit earlier than expected by most, but it is perhaps intended to build the movie’s momentum going into the Golden Week holiday break.

At the moment we cannot verify plot details — or Toriyama’s comments — beyond what is currently described elsewhere. However, the general plot details from Anime News Network are as follows:

An Earth where peace has arrived. However, remnants of Freeza’s army Sorbet and Tagoma arrive on the planet. Their goal is to revive Freeza with the Dragon Balls. Their dastardly wish is granted, and the “F” that plans its revenge against the Saiyans is revived…!

Two new characters will appear in the movie: Sorbet (ソルベ) and Tagoma (タゴマ), shown below on the left and right, respectively. Following the fine nuances of the name puns in the last film, these name puns seem awfully transparent. As with all of Freeza’s minions, as described by Akira Toriyama in the Super Exciting Guide volumes, the names are “unified as food items that one puts inside [a refrigerator]”. Therefore, Sorbet gets his name directly from the frozen dessert “sorbet”, while Tagoma’s name is derived from the Japanese word tamago (卵), meaning “egg”.

Toriyama’s original designs for the characters are included in the magazine, along with a brief description:

最新型の戦闘服を装着した、謎の惑星戦士2人組!! 特に「タゴマ」は、新しいタイプのスカウターを装着しているようだぞ!!

A mysterious pair of planetary warriors, equipped with the latest type of battle armor!! “Tagoma” in particular looks to be wearing a new type of Scouter!!

The tidbit about the new type of Scouter is very reminiscent of what Toriyama revealed in his interview with Naho Ooishi in the July 2014 issue of Saikyō Jump. He stated (bold added for emphasis):

If you’re a soldier in Freeza’s army, you can have one made to order to fit your ear. The different screen colors can be chosen to fit the peculiarities of different aliens’ eyes, or to suit one’s tastes. Also, dual-eye types exist as well.

This comment came just one month prior to the new movie being officially announced, so it is likely that Toriyama slipped this tidbit in solely because of his work on the upcoming movie, possibly having just drawn these character designs. Also of note is the text reading “更なる変” that is cut off in the upper right corner. This is likely the phrase “更なる変身”, which means “further transformation(s)”. Based on the image available, there is no indication whether this is in reference to Freeza or a Saiyan warrior.

As always, stay tuned right here at Kanzenshuu for all the latest news, documentation, and analysis!

Japanese movie website Cinema City has posted a listing for the as-of-yet untitled new Dragon Ball Z movie, which features some new details about its premiere. According to the listing the movie will have a running time of 120 minutes (2 hours), making it 35 minutes longer than the theatrical running time of Battle of Gods and 15 minutes longer than its extended “special edition”. It should be noted that no other listings for the movie are currently providing any of this information, so for now there is no way to confirm its validity; in fact, the information should be considered highly suspect — if not simply placeholder in nature — considering the fact that the movie is still more than likely in production.

All early promotions for the movie listed its premiere for “Golden Week” (abbreviated as GW), a week of public holidays that most people in Japan have off from work or school. This listing provides a more firm theatrical premiere date of 25 April 2015, which is actually the Saturday prior to “Golden Week”.

The movie’s story is being crafted by original manga author Akira Toriyama, who stated he is writing it, “…as though it were a continuation of the manga when it was in serialization,” and that while it will, “…of course be a continuation of the previous Battle of Gods,” he has also, “…deliberately increased the amount of action scenes by a good deal.” Tadayoshi Yamamuro, who worked for many years as character designer and animation supervisor on the Dragon Ball franchise, will serve as the film’s director. No other movie staff have been confirmed at this time.

Thanks to Alex Mono for the heads up.

Akira Toriyama has drawn an image of Sun Wukong, the legendary monkey king from Journey to the West, in support of and acting as the basis of the Japanese promotional poster for Stephen Chow’s 2013 film adaptation of the same story.


Toriyama has also commented on the film, heaping effusive praise on what he views as the greatest work of pure cinematic entertainment in recent memory:




The mightiest fun in the galaxy,
far surpassing the walls of expectations and common sense!!

This is the first perfect popcorn-movie I’ve seen in a long time!

Intense energy that makes you not care about the trivial details! Masterful allocation of seriousness and comedy! Shamelessly cheap-looking staging! Calculated story developments! This is the pinnacle of my ideal in popcorn-movies! I have nothing to gain through this flattery, so it’s 100% no exaggeration, no nothing.

Due to the nature of my profession, I have a bad habit where when I watch a movie, I always end up thinking about subsequent plot developments, but in spite of this movie having the motif of the famous Journey to the West, I couldn’t predict where it was going at all. Not even stupid established concepts like film theory or rules hold true. As a result of this wonderful betrayal, it is a properly magnificent, new Journey to the West that only its birthplace could deliver, and I’m positively moved at how it’s punctuated by the director’s usual themes of “love” and “little gags”.

It really comes across on the screen that the director was able to complete the movie exactly according to his passion and vision. When we’re inundated with big blockbuster movies that are all long on visuals but short on ambition or individuality, pandering to audiences for the sake of box-office earnings, how thrilled I would have been at its delightfulness for this fact alone! It was just the greatest Journey to the West, so much so that I don’t even know how to express it!!

Incidentally, the characters’ individual traits and the casting of the actors were also wonderful, and I was especially impressed at the acting skill of the person who played Sun Wukong, who at first could seem like an unexpected choice, appearance-wise.

–Akira Toriyama

Thanks to tinlunlau for passing along Toriyama’s comments.

Toriyama’s own Son Goku — whose name is simply the Japanese reading of the same name in Chinese, Sun Wukong (孫悟空) — is one of Dragon Ball‘s obvious, early parallels to Journey to the West. Goku’s Nyoi-bō and Kinto-un are also adapted wholesale from the novel. Other direct equivalents include Bulma taking the place of the traveling priest Xuanzang, while Oolong takes the place of the lecherous pig monster Zhu Bajie.


Stephen Chow’s Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons is available to North American Netflix viewers, and is also available on Blu-ray and DVD.

The official website for Dragon Ball Heroes — the four-year-old, still-going-strong, card-based arcade game — has updated with a slew of promotional material for its upcoming Ja’aku Ryū Mishion 7 (“Evil Dragons Mission 7″ or “JM7″) update coming this month.


The 15-second commercial provides a brief overview of the new cards, specifically focusing on Super Saiyan 4 Broli and Super Paikuhan:

The minute-long “Special Movie” acts as the sort of “opening” theme and animation for the update, showcasing Super Saiyan 4 Goku, Super Saiyan 4 Vegeta, and the Super Saiyan 3 versions of the hero avatars battling Super Saiyan 4 Broli. Super Paikuhan arrives just in the nick of time to help out the heroes.

The four-minute-long “How to Play” video provides an overview of just that along with showcasing some of the new characters and their abilities. A “Heroes Budokai” will also take place in Japan later this month.

The “JM7″ update to Dragon Ball Heroes will be released 13 November 2014.