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01 November 2005, 6:47 PM EDTComments Off

The official website for “Bukū Ressen” (“Super Sonic Warriors 2” as it shall be known outside of Japan) is up and online as-of yesterday. Very sexy site, showcasing lots of new characters and features.

The game, coming out for the Nintendo DS, is due in Japan 01 December 2005 for ¥5040.

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16 October 2005, 8:06 PM EDTComments Off

The Jumpland website has revealed a batch of details about the upcoming Dragon Box for the franchise’s movies, which now appears to be formally named “Dragon Box: The Movies”.


  • Pre-orders open now!
  • Pre-order ends: 21 December 2005
  • On sale: 24 March 2006
  • Retail price: ¥50,000 (Amazon pre-order price: ¥39,000)


  • 8 discs, dual-layered, containing all 17 movies (3 DB, 13 DBZ, 10th Anniversary)
  • Movies presented in 16:9 letterbox format
  • Full color booklet
  • Theatrical previews and TV spots included
  • Picture labelled disks
  • New Print Component Master
  • 2 “Scouter” transceivers

Some interesting things to note here. First, the movies are going to be presented in 16:9 letterbox format (widescreen); while it is general knowledge that the movies were made in 4:3 full frame, they were primarily screened in theaters in the cropped letterboxed format. Perhaps there is something we do not know, or they are just cropping the film again. The scouters seem like a really cool idea, and we will also be getting the original movie introductions, which have not been released since the Japanese VHS releases!

Special thanks to Mr. Robot from the forum for pointing out this new info!

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15 October 2005, 11:29 PM EDTComments Off

IGN has published their review, written by Jeremy Dunham, for the American version of “Sparking!” (“Budokai Tenkaichi”), giving it an overall 8.2.

Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi may not have the combat depth of competition like Tekken and Dead or Alive, but there’s still some definite finger-busting appeal to its simplistic fighting mechanics. And while it’s true that it’s large environments and dash-heavy gameplay may draw out the length of most contests and cause occasional camera problems, it’s still fun — and that’s what matters. Throw in a massively deep list of modes and features, more than 50 playable characters, and customizable goodies for your fighters and you have everything necessary to please both Dragon Ball diehards and fighting game curiosos alike.

Not too shabby, it seems.

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“Dragon Ball Z: Sparking!” for the PlayStation may have come out in Japan yesterday on the 6th, but fret not US-PS2-owners: the American version (“Budokai Tenkaichi”) is due out very soon on 19 October 2005.

The “Greatest Hits” version of “Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3” (also for the PS2) was due out for us lucky Americans 09 November 2005, but has since been pushed back to 14 December 2005. Atari’s enhanced re-release is a cheap $19.99, sports the original Japanese cover art, and will feature selectable English/Japanese language tracks for the game. Europeans already got their hands on this special treat, so be sure to check it out if you get the chance.

“Bukū Ressen” (the sequel to “Bukū Tōgeki”, published on the GameBoy Advance) is due out for the Nintendo DS in Japan 01 December 2005. The American version of the game (“Super Sonic Warriors 2”) is listed by FUNimation as available the week of November 22nd. Sorry, no Japanese cover art for this one, yet — let me know if you have come across it!

“Legacy of Goku 1 & 2” for the GameBoy Advance is a compilation of the first two games in the series on the same cartridge, and is set for release on 14 December 2005.

That is technically at least one new game release every month until the end of the year — sweet deal! Big thanks to Mike on the forum for the heads-up on things we had missed.

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Toei has revealed the covers for their first 3 DVDs of the Z Dragon Box individual discs. Each of these discs will contain six episodes and are set to be released 02 November 2005. The first nine discs are already available for pre-order at Amazon Japan.

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Best Buy is currently doing a major clearance on video games — you can pick up “Boo’s Fury” (the third game in the American-created “Legacy of Goku” series on the Nintendo GameBoy Advance) for a mere $4.99! Only while supplies last. Go, go, go!

Special thanks to JTurner954 for the heads-up on this one.

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This is one of those random updates with nothing but a single picture. My best friend from high school and college is currently over in Japan teaching, and I received the following photograph from him yesterday. I really have no idea what it is, but…

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The official “Sparking!” website was recently updated with character profiles for Future Trunks and Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta! Be sure to check out the sexiness that is the Japanese site for the game.

In American video game news, “Dragon Ball GT: Transformation” for the GameBoy Advance was released this week. I picked it up today, but have not played it yet, so there is really nothing to say about it just yet…!

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Apparently there is a celebration going on in Japan right now to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Dragon Ball. It started on 16 July 2005 (a Saturday) and will run until 31 August 2005 (a Wednesday). The celebration is located on the first floor of the Aqua City building, Daiba 1-7-1, in the Tokyo Metropolitan area. It is open from 10 am to 6 pm (rally participation ends at 5 pm). Although it has been on for several weeks now, they have only recently added this info to the Dragon Ball website (in a couple different places). The celebration consists of a rally, museum, special shop, and a gaming corner!

In the rally it seems you go around to check points and try to get all 7 gashapon pins, and if you manage to complete the course you can receive a deluxe Data Carddass. A rally participation kit costs ¥500 (including tax). We are not really sure what this is all about, but it seems like some kind of game for the children to play and win prizes.

There is also a Dragon Ball museum and shop. The museum will include work from the manga, anime, Toriyama’s Q-VOLT designed car, as well as lots of rare Dragon Ball materials. The shop will include tons of Dragon Ball merchandise, and apparently some of the stuff sold will be limited edition!

There is also a section called the play zone, where you can play with the cards you received at the rally. Apparently this is a brand new game a new series of cards?), so all the lucky attendees will get the chance to be the first ever to experience this new game!

All this happening right under our noses, and we did not even know about it. Sheesh…

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So today marked the release of the new “Makafushigi Adventure! -2005ver.-” CD single in Japan. Performed by original artist Hiroki Takahashi, all of the Dragon Ball songs contained on the CD are updated versions recorded specifically for this release.

The CD single (KDSD-74) contains seven tracks and retails for ¥1200. The TEAM-ENT website has a listing with samples of the songs, and you can purchase the disc online via CDJapan.