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The official website for Japanese arcade fighter “Super Dragon Ball Z” was updated today showcasing #17 as an additional, playable character in the game!

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There was apparently major error with the initial release of the “Budokai 3: Greatest Hits” disc in North America: they did not put the “Greatest Hits” version in the box! Instead, the original version from November 2004 was slapped in, which does not contain the extra material (such as the selectable Japanese voice cast) promised for the re-release.

Thankfully, fixed versions have begun trickling into stores, and it seems like Atari has fessed up and has issued information allowing customers to get fixed versions:

Due to an error in production, some copies of Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3 Greatest Hits did not include the game’s new features, including the Japanese character voices. If you have purchased Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3 Greatest Hits and believe this feature is missing, here is what you should do:

– By Email via our Support page for Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3 Greatest Hits located here.

– Notify the Technical Support representative of your problem and you will be given a Return Merchandise Authorization number, or RMA number, as well as our mailing address.

– Send the game disc, and please include a brief, typed letter with your name, complete address, telephone number, and e-mail address (if you have one) in case we need to contact you, as well as your RMA number both on the letter and on the outside packaging.

– We will send you a replacement game as soon as possible.

– Note that the RMA number will remain valid for 120 days from the date issued, and we must receive your claim within this 120-day period in order to be processed.

You are entitled to this fixed version if you purchased the “Greatest Hits” version that does not actually contain the “Greatest Hits” version, and if you are just now getting around to picking up the game, changes are you will want the most complete version!

Thanks to our own forum member Tekkaman Gamma51 for providing the Atari forum link.

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This week, we go over the name pun and relationships involving the DBZ movie 3 main villain, Tullece. We also shoot through all the other DBZ movie character name puns! We got some great audio questions which we played and responded to this episode, so definitely check it out! If you’d like to send us audio questions for the show (either WAV or MP3 format works for us), send them along. Make sure you say what your name is and where you are from!

So enjoy the episode, look for some more cool stuff soon, and akemashite omedetō gozaimasu~!

Episode #0007! VegettoEX & Julian discuss the DBZ movie 3 villain, Tullece, and his name pun and relationship to Goku. We also go through the name puns for every single other DBZ movie villain! Finally, we respond to listener audio and text e-mails.


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Extra, extra! Learn all about it! VegettoEX, Julian, and Meri tell all their embarrassing fandom stories! Learn the dirty secrets of the amazing trio! Podcast Episode #0006 is available!

Episode #0006! For our special Christmas episode, we sit around and… tell embarrassing stories! Ever wonder just what VegettoEX, Julian, and Meri used to think as totally newbie fans? Here’s your chance to laugh at our expense, and learn some of our dirty little secrets!

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Across Japan today, “Super Dragon Ball Z” hits arcades in a mad fury of Kamehameha and general punching attacks. Our Senior Arcade Correspondent is currently snowed-in… so no pictures, just yet! Hopefully we will get some, soon!

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It looks like we are finally going to get our Dragon Ball Z parody on “Robot Chicken”! In the commercials airing for this Thursday’s special holiday episode (Thursday/Friday at midnight), we clearly see Goku in both his orange and blue gi. Awesome.

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This week we brought in Maggie from Lovely Cyborg to talk with us about 人造人間 (jinzōningen) and its various translations throughout the world. Android? Cyborg? Robot? Which term is appropriate for which character(s), and why? We also put out the request this episode for you to send in your questions… as both e-mail AND MP3s! If you’d like to record yourself asking us a question, please feel free.

So check out the episode! Remember, folks… Daizenshuu EX: Where you learn about zombie dogs. For more information (download link, other topics discussed, XML for subscription, etc.), visit our “Podcast” page.

Episode #0005! Julian returns to talk Jinzoningen (versus android, cyborg, and robot) with VegettoEX, Meri, and our special guest Maggie from Lovely Cyborg. Breaking video game news and amusing stories round us out for this hilarious week.


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Toei has revealed the covers for their next 3 DVDs of the Z Dragon Box individual disc release. Each of these discs will contain six episodes, covering episodes 37 through 54. These three DVDs are set to be released 11 January 2006.

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Toei has unveiled what the actual “Dragon Box: The Movies” set will look like — it seems they will not be going with the image from DBZ movie 10 that they have been using for months as an advertisement. Though the image of Goku was used as promotional posters in Japan, most websites did not use it.

In addition to all this fun stuff, we got more information about the scouter transceivers. It seems that the Movie Dragon Box will come with two scouters for enjoyable conversations at great distances, as advertised on Toei’s site — it is pretty clear that these scouters are indeed simple walkie talkies.

As a reminder for those that still want to order the set, pre-orders end on 21 December 21 2005.

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North American releases of the following games have been found on

It is about time that “Advance Adventure” finally sees a North American release! Most interesting is definitely the PSP game. Will it be a port of one of the previous “Budokai” games? Will it be a conversion of the arcade fighter “Super Dragon Ball Z? Who knows?!