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02 March 2004, 9:18 PM EDTComments Off

The Magic Box has released some images from the upcoming “Dragon Ball Z 2 V” expansion disc (remember, “Dragon Ball Z 2” is the Japanese version of “Budokai 2”; the “V” comes from V-Jump, Shueisha’s Japanese video game magazine under the “Jump” brand).

Bandai announced DragonBall Z 2 V (the “V” stands for V-Jump, a Japanese manga magazine) for PlayStation 2, an upgrade to DragonBall Z 2 (DragonBall Z Budokai 2). The game will feature brand new fighters from the DragonBall Z movies, plus several new fusion characters, such as Kuura, Cubit, Gokutan (Goku + Satan) and Potana. DragonBall Z 2 V is scheduled to release in Japan in April.

The upgrade looks to have at least Coola (and Metal Coola) as a playable character, plus some of the bonus fusions (Yamhan / Tiencha, Gotan / Gokule, Kibitoshin). The screens also seem to confirm a special “V-Jump” version of the Tenka-ichi Budōkai ring, as well.

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15 February 2004, 4:00 PM EDTComments Off

Included with my latest batch of kanzenban stuff were some images of the upcoming Japanese Dragon Ball DVD “Dragon Box”. Take a look below at how the box and discs will look, as well as a shot of the Tenka-ichi Budōkai Diorama Set that will come with it (including more figures in addition to Goku and Kuririn).

Looks cool. Too bad I don’t have a spare ¥100,000 to fork over.

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The Magic Box has posted some new information from Atari. On 29 June 2004, “Dragon Ball Z: Super Sonic” will be released on the GameBoy Advance — this will be a new RPG (no word on any relation it may have to the “Legacy of Goku” series).

Also, there is “unconfirmed” news that “Budokai 2” will hit the GameCube in August of this year (also, no word on whether or not it will have any of the Japanese version’s extras, but it is unlikely).

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If you have been reading “Neko Majin Z”, no doubt you have become familiar with Kuriza, Freeza’s son. He is making another appearance in the third “Neko Majin Z” chapter, but that is not all…

Our old buddy Greg Werner, who is hiding out in the streets of Japan, sent us over two pictures of Kuriza popping up in “Budokai 2”! Unfortunately, he is only in the Japanese version of the game (called, simply, “DragonBall Z 2”). Here are the pics (taken on his cell phone):

Thanks, Greg!

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As reported by FUNimation’s Lance Heiskell on the Anime on DVD forums, the (actual) first two volumes of Dragon Ball GT will be released on 13 July 2004, with three episodes per volume. The first 16 episodes (being referred to as the “Lost Episodes”) will span five volumes, which results in a typical 3/3/3/3/4 (or similar) type of episode distribution.

Regardless, they are coming out, and the GT TV special has been assured for after the completion of the entire TV series.

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A couple people have been “concerned” about FUNimation’s changing of the name of Dragon Ball GT‘s last arc to the “Shadow Dragon” saga. Julian actually typed up something about this on earlier today, so I’m going to paraphrase it below:

The “evil dragons” are not “___ shenron” but are actually “___ shinron” — “Xing Long”, or “Star Dragons.” For example, Sūshinron is Si Xing Long, or the 4-Star Dragon. Remember that Toriyama’s written-out names for the Dragon Balls, themselves, are all in Chinese, with his own intended pronunciation written above in kana. The dragons that come out of the Dragon Balls are no different.

The evil version of Shenlong that comes out initially when they try to call the Dragon is called “Kokuen no Ryū” in Japanese, or “Black Smoke Dragon” — “Shadow Dragon” is not all that far off, if you think about “black smoke” causing “shadows”.

(Of course, nobody can dispute the complete wackiness of the names they made up for the individual Star Dragons such as “Nuova Shenron” and “Eis Shenron”.)

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14 January 2004, 12:19 PM EDTComments Off is listing several of the remaining “Cell Games” discs as being released on 30 September 2003… which is silly, because it is 2004, now. However, these are the DVD releases in their database, and it is strange to see them there…

None of this can actually be confirmed, but it is interesting information. We are supposed to be getting these discs this year, and with the “Cell Games” starter-set coming out on the 27th (box + first two “Cell Games” discs), it is a pretty good indication that we will indeed be getting them soon. More info to come… ?

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The Magic Box reports the first “Budokai” game for the PlayStation 2 came in as the number eight console game in Japan for the 2003 year, with 538,734 units sold.

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The Magic Box has released a set of new images from Banpresto’s upcoming Dragon Ball Z fighting game for the GameBoy Advance in Japan, now titled 舞空闘劇 or “Bukū Tōgeki” (roughly, “Flying Battle Show” — and yes, they transliterated the title wrong on their page). This is the game that will be done in “Marvel vs Capcom” style with 3-vs-3 fights, and apparently backgrounds that span up to four screens. Pretty interesting stuff!

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Toei has announced a new “Dragon Box” for release in Japan! This time around, the entire 153-episode Dragon Ball TV series will be released on R2 DVD by Toei Animation. Some of the details we have translated from the page include:

  • Pre-orders begin January 1st
  • Goes on sale 7 July 2004
  • ¥105,000
  • 26 discs (153 episodes)
  • Tenka-ichi Budōkai diorama set designed by Akira Toriyama
  • Exclusive Booklet
  • Video Extras

This new set comes after the two-set Dragon Box releases of the Dragon Ball Z TV series released in March and September of this year. Can we assume a Dragon Ball GT Dragon Box in 2005, perhaps…?