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05 May 2005, 5:32 PM ESTComments Off

Ignore anything you read elsewhere — the game being released in the US by Atari under the name “Budokai Tenkaichi” is indeed the game “Sparking!” being developed in Japan by Spike for Bandai.

IGN has some new information (including images and movie clips!) concerning/from the game. Look for upwards of 60 characters, including all five of the Ginyu-Tokusentai.

I do have a bit of a problem with the IGN article calling the game “Budokai 4”. This is a brand-new game being developed by a completely different game developer (Spike vs Dimps) with a completely new game engine, and as such, really makes no sense to call it “Budokai 4” (note that is also not being called “Dragon Ball Z 4” in Japan, or anything like that). Regardless, check out the article for some screens and videos (from the Japanese version, no less!).

We also have some other gaming news, mostly for all you international fans. Poor little “Sagas” is coming out over in Europe in July, and you will also be getting “Advance Adventure”, which is up for pre-order both on Amazon UK and Amazon Germany.

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30 April 2005, 1:22 PM ESTComments Off

For the first time since the game was released, Dimps’ official website for “Dragon Ball Z 3” has been updated. It simply showcases a little bit more of “Dragon Universe” and the eleven characters playable in that mode — nothing of any significance. If you like character model artwork, though, it is very neat!

They still have those two hidden sections that have not been enabled, which we eagerly await. Our guess is that, in due time, they will showcase all of the hidden extra costumes.

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24 April 2005, 1:45 AM ESTComments Off

According to Bandai’s press release for “Sparking!”, there will indeed be both a European and American release for the game (in addition to, obviously, the initial Japanese release). It reads, as translated by our good friend TripleRach:

The newest product, like the first three releases, will be developed worldwide simultaneously, scheduled for release in Japan and the American and European markets starting Fall 2005.

For more information on the game (all in Japanese, of course… but it all looks so pretty in the obligatory Flash websites!), you can visit Bandai’s official “Sparking!” website, as well as Spike’s (the game’s actual developer) official “Sparking!” website.

On the heels of this, think back to a previous poll FUNimation had in which you could pick the next name for a DBZ game — among these choices was “Tenkaichi Budokai”. Well, a new PS2 game has a listing on entitled just that… OK, so they have it backwards, written as “Budokai Tenkaichi”, but regardless of the name, it lists a release date of 15 November 2005.

So what is this game? All signs point to it being the domestic release of “Sparking!” — for those not in the know, “Sparking!” is the last line in the 1st opening theme to Dragon Ball Z, “CHA-LA HEAD-CHA-LA”.

Even more additionally, also has a listing for a one very special “Super Sonic Warriors 2” (the sequel to the GameBoy Advance game “Bukū Tōgeki”, which we received as “Super Sonic Warriors”) on the Nintendo DS! The release date on this one is set for 22 November 2005.

If we get new animated openings and Japanese vocal theme songs out of all this, I will continue to be a very happy (and very money-spending) fanboy.

That is it for now! Special thanks to all of our forum goes for their constant vigilance in the world of interweb news! We will be hitting you all up with more information and translations as soon as we possibly can.

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Thanks to forum-member sangofe, we have come across a report on the Belgian site PlayerOne about a European collector’s edition of “Budokai 3”. For those of you who cannot read French, I have prepared a translation:

After the deserved success of “Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3” on the Playstation 2, Atari plans to release a collector’s version of its acclaimed fighting game. What’s new on the program? This version will have a new cover jacket, the Japanese voices, and even three new unlockable characters. The collector’s edition will be available this coming 21 June in Europe.

There is also an “exclusive” sneak-peek at the cover of the collector’s edition on the page linked above (and no, the kanji do not mean anything important; they are “gold”, “water”, and “city”, respectively). While the art is nothing special, the game itself should be a treat… if you live in Europe.

And so once again, we Americans get the short end of the stick, while the European fans get treated to the original voice actors for the characters, and extras from the Japanese version (though it is not mentioned in the article, the three new unlockable characters are probably Piccolo-Daimaō, Long-Haired Trunks, and Level 99 Goku w/Halo, as they were in Japan).

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15 April 2005, 5:35 PM ESTComments Off

The latest Japanese issue of “Jump” reveals screen shots from the upcoming “Sparking!” video game for the PlayStation 2.

Thanks to sangofe‘s translation of the original Jeux-France update, we know that the game:

  • Will be available for JP PS2 this year (tentatively)
  • Will be an action/3D game
  • Will have 40+ playable characters
  • Will “give more liberty” than the “Budokai” series

Scans for the issue of “Jump” showcase Super Saiyan Goku blasting away (at what looks like a Super Saiyan Vegeta) in a 3D battlefield, with big images of himself and Janenba on the sites of the page.

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FUNimation’s DVD release of the eleventh Dragon Ball Z movie uses cover art very similar to the original Japanese cover art, yet again! The movie, re-titled “Bio-Broly” by FUNimation, will see its release on 16 August 2005.

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I know it is a bit late in the day to be saying it (it is not even the 5th in Japan, anymore), but today is a very special day: Akira Toriyama’s 50th birthday! So, we would all just like to say:

Tanjōbi Omedetō, Toriyama-sensei~!!

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The cover art for the upcoming “Neko Majin” kanzenban has made its way online. Judging from the characters showcased, the release should contain the two “Neko Majin Ga Iru” chapters, “Neko Majin Mike”, as well as the five “Neko Majin Z” chapters, to (as expected) round out the entire series.

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03 March 2005, 8:25 PM ESTComments Off

On the “April New Release Information” page of Shueisha’s “Comics News” site, there is a listing for a “Neko Majin” kanzenban (complete edition manga) by Akira Toriyama scheduled for 04 April 2005.

There is no word on what is in it, but since it is a kanzenban, it is probably the entire series to-date. No price has been announced yet, but one would assume it will be close to the Dragon Ball kanzenban releases, which were ¥980 each.

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The “Dragon Ball Z 3” original soundtrack (KDSD-60) was released in Japan today. Produced by Sony Music Entertainment, the disc contains 28 tracks and retails for ¥2800.

The disc is available for purchase online via CDJapan.