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The first two “Budokai” games (which simply go under the title “Dragon Ball Z” in Japan) are finally getting a dual-soundtrack release in Japan. On top of it being ridiculously cheap, it will also be coming with a bonus DVD that includes a music video for the “Budokai 2” theme along with “classic game moments” and more!

The soundtrack drops on 01 September 2004 in Japan, will cost ¥3200, and you can pre-order it over on CDJapan!

Big thanks to new forumite SS Kakarot for the tip.

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Thanks to the ever-perceptive folks over on our forum, we have unearthed some listings for two new Nintendo GameBoy Advance games over on Atari’s website:

A description for the “Red Ribbon Army Saga” game reads as:

On his continuing quest to regain the Dragon Ball which represents the spiritual essence of his beloved grandfather, Goku is horrified to learn that death and destruction seem to be following just behind him. He soon learns that the source of this chaos is the Red Ribbon Army, who are also in hot pursuit of the seven Dragon Balls which, when assembled, will grant their owner a wish.

Goku’s toughest challenge lies ahead as he faces the Red Ribbon’s Evil Generals, Hired Assassins and ultimately the Army’s Muscle Tower. Along the way he will meet interesting characters who will become great allies or terrible foes.

What to expect? Well, “Legacy of Goku IV” will most likely follow in the step footsteps as the previous three games (action/RPG; remember, “Boo’s Fury” is technically “Legacy of Goku 3”, having originally been listed as such, and even starting up with a recap from “Legacy of Goku 2” right in the game itself). What series will it follow? Well, the page notes “Dragon Ball GT and all logos…”; sounds like a DBGT game, to me!

What about the DB game? Unsure. The description makes it sound similar to the “Legacy of Goku” series, so perhaps it will continue in the action/RPG vein.

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Due out this Friday (02 July 2004) from Shueisha in Japan is a new guide book to the first Dragon Ball TV series entitled “Dragon Ball: Tenka-ichi Densetsu”.

What can you expect? Similar to the “Son Gokū Densetsu” Dragon Ball Z anime guide book released a while back (which focused mainly on Goku, himself, as the title would indicate), we might be getting a guide for the first TV series that focuses on the various Tenka-ichi Budōkai (along with some other neat stuff).

Clocking in at 224 pages, it will run you ¥1,300 (around $12).

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As reported on

Screenwriter Ben Ramsey (“The Big Hit”) has signed to adapt Dragonball Z for the big screen for 20th Century Fox, reports Variety. Dragonball Z was adapted from the “Dragonball” manga created by Akira Toriyama and later developed into a Japanese anime series.

“Dragonball Z” follows the adventures of an adult humanoid alien who’s just discovered that he was sent to Earth to blend in and destroy our population but instead elects to protect it from an oncoming alien onslaught.

Ramsey recently wrote the adaptation of Marvel’s Luke Cage at Sony’s Columbia Pictures, as well as Static for Columbia-based producer Neal Moritz.

Nothing makes sense with this news lately. Fox does not want to make the movie, yet they have optioned it, but keep denying it, and now there is a screen writer?

Thanks to forum friend Nyogo for the tip.

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While prior information floating around pegged the name of Volume 1 of the Dragon Ball GT “Lost Episodes” release from FUNimation as “Rejection” (despite cover art clearly showing a name of “Reaction”), it turns out “Rejection” will be the second volume in the “Lost Episodes” release series (as seen over on RightStuf).

For the original Dragon Ball TV series, the “Tien Shinhan Saga” two-disc set’s release date will indeed be 28 September 2005. This seventh volume will cover TV episodes 84-101.

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More “Budokai 3” characters have been revealed through recent screen shots and videos. Here is a brief list of who we know for sure will be new (or re-added) to the game:

  • First-form Cell
  • Third-form Freeza
  • Coola
  • Broli
  • Gogeta
  • Super Saiyan 4 Goku
  • Super Saiyan 4 Vegeta
  • Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta
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As reported over on Anime News Network, Majecso will be putting out some Dragon Ball GT episodes on Nintendo’s GameBoy Advance. I believe these carts are something like one or two episodes (at a low frame-rate), and are English-dub-only.


Top-Rated Anime Franchise Joins Majesco’s Powerful 2004 Lineup

EDISON, N.J., May 20, 2004 – Strengthening a 2004 lineup already bolstered by premium content, Majesco, (OTC: MJSH), a leading publisher and distributor of interactive entertainment products, today announced an agreement with FUNimation Productions, LTD. to publish Game Boy Advance Video products based upon FUNimation’s tremendously popular Dragon Ball GT ® franchise.

Under terms of the agreement, Majesco secures the exclusive rights in the United States and Canadato apply its proprietary technology to the top-rated Dragon Ball GT ® animated series.

“We are thrilled to partner with FUNimation to bring the extremely successful Dragon Ball GT ® property to our Game Boy Advance Video lineup,” said Jesse Sutton, Chief Executive Officer, Majesco. “Having achieved retail sell-in of more than two million units for our initial offerings, we’re confident that such a highly recognizable property as Dragon Ball GT ® will continue that momentum into the back half of the year, and beyond.”

“The Dragon Ball GT ® audience is a perfect match with the Game Boy Advance demographic,” said Gen Fukunaga, president of FUNimation Productions, LTD. “With more than 21 million Game Boy Advance owners throughout North America, Majesco’s innovative technology will enable us to bring our top-rated animated action series to this extremely large audience.”

One of the most popular properties to date, the Dragon Ball franchise has created a new standard for animated action series having achieved sales of more than $3 billion in related merchandising worldwide and over 20 million home videos. Web sites for the Dragon Ball franchise receive more than eight million hits per day, and the term “Dragon Ball” was a Top 10 search term on the Lycos 50 Daily Report for a total of 200 consecutive weeks. For additional information on Dragon Ball GT ® visit

For more information about Majesco’s proprietary compression technology as well as its new releases, please visit

Additional information about Majesco and their entire line up of exciting entertainment products can be found at

About Majesco’s Game Boy Advance Video Technology

Majesco’s new video compression technology presently allows viewing of approximately 45 minutes of quality color video with the capability to view 90 minutes of color video under development. The technology fits in a standard Nintendo-manufactured, Game Boy Advance cartridge and incorporates standard ‘DVD-style’ player controls. The technology features color video across 100 percent of the screen.

About FUNimation

FUNimation Productions, LTD. is a full-service brand management company with in-house production, licensing, Internet, marketing, and home video sales and distribution divisions. The company manages brands such as the international phenomenon Dragon Ball Z®; Dragon Ball®, the precursor to Dragon Ball Z; Dragon Ball GT®, the long awaited sequel to Dragon Ball Z® currently airing on Cartoon Network; Yū Yū Hakusho®, the hit series seen by millions on Cartoon Network; the recently announced mega-hit series Case Closed™, known in Japan as Detective Conan, which is coming to Cartoon Network on May 24, 2004; and many other fan favorites. For additional information on FUNimation and its properties visit, or contact Jeff Dronen at 817-788-0627, ext. 251, or

About Majesco

Established in 1986 and headquartered in Edison, NJ, with offices in the United Kingdom, Majesco Holdings Inc. (OTC BB: MJSH), operating through its wholly owned subsidiary, Majesco Sales Inc., is a leading international developer, publisher and distributor of interactive entertainment products for the Xbox ® video game system from Microsoft, Sony PlayStation ®2 computer entertainment system, and Nintendo GameCube ™ and Game Boy ® Advance systems, as well as the personal computer. The Company’s 2004 lineup includes the critically acclaimed Advent Rising, the first in a trilogy of action/adventure games; BloodRayne 2, the sequel to its popular action/horror series, as well as the launch of its Game Boy ® Advance Video product line, which utilizes the Company’s proprietary video compression technology to enable consumers to view commercial-grade video on a standard Nintendo Game Boy Advance system. Majesco can be found online

Safe Harbor

Certain statements contained herein are “forward-looking statements” within the meaning of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995, Section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933, as amended, and Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended. These forward looking statements may be identified by reference to a future period(s) or by the use of forward-looking terminology, such as “may,” “will,” “intend,” “should,” “expect,” “anticipate,” “estimate” or “continue” or the negatives thereof or other comparable terminology. The Company’s actual results could differ materially from those anticipated in such forward-looking statements due to a variety of factors. These factors include but are not limited to, the demand for our products; competitive factors in the businesses in which we compete; continued consumer acceptance of the gaming platforms on which our products operate and our products; fulfillment of orders preliminarily made by customers; adverse changes in the securities markets and the availability of and costs associated with sources of liquidity; changes in national, regional or local business conditions or economic environments; government fiscal and monetary policies; and legislative or regulatory changes that affect our business. The Company does not undertake, and specifically disclaims any obligation, to release publicly the results of any revisions that may be made to any forward-looking statements to reflect the occurrence of anticipated or unanticipated events or circumstances after the date of such statements.

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Amazon has posted up cover-art for not only the English release of Dragon Ball Z movie 9 (which uses the original Japanese cover art!), but also the first volume of the Dragon Ball GT “Lost Episodes” (which contains the real first three episodes of the series):

Thanks to FusionHA2071 for the heads-up.

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The Magic Box has reported some new Nintendo line-ups for the upcoming Nintendo DS portable game system — among the list of games is an unspecified Dragon Ball Z game being developed by Banpresto.

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The Magic Box has thrown up three new images of “Budokai 3” — these images show Broli and Coola, two of the new characters from the “Budokai 2” expansion disc in Japan entitled “DragonBall Z 2 V”. Will Kuriza be popping up soon? The Budōkai ring is the same as it was in “Budokai 2”. Is this just the exact same game as “DBZ2V”…?