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Episode 119 // 31 August 2014
I'll Take Care of the Majin
Vegeta's Final Desperate Battle!

The Japanese Society for Rights of Authors, Composers and Publishers (JASRAC) database contains a new entry for what appears to be an additional song for the international version of the Majin Buu arc of Dragon Ball Kai: “Let It Burn” with lyrics by JUN, composition by Yasuharu Takanashi, and the song performed by Masatoshi Ono.


The international version of the Majin Buu arc of Dragon Ball Kai is being produced under a subtitle of “The Final Chapters” and has already begun airing in South Korea. This international version is different from the version currently airing in Japan, in that it is the “original” version of the arc; the Japanese broadcast seems to be a haphazard edit with fewer episodes, different background music placement, and entirely different opening and ending themes, but also retains vestiges of the international version’s opening in its title card and eyecatch themes.

Masatoshi Ono also performs the international opening theme for the arc, “Fight it out”, and had previously contributed to music on the expanded Dragon Ball Kai song collection albums during the “refreshed” series’ original run in Japan from 2009-2011. The database listing does not mention whether or not “Let It Burn” is an opening theme, ending theme, or possibly even insert song, but it is specifically attributed to the “overseas/international edition” (海外版より).

Thanks to our buddy kei17 for passing along the find.

In anticipation of next year’s new movie, Toei and Megahouse have announced a new “Dimension of DRAGONBALL” figure for Super Saiyan Son Goku.


The vinyl/PVC figure comes with three heads with different facial expressions all as a Super Saiyan. A halo is also an option, and the figure is posable at the neck.

Pre-orders for the 210mm figure officially open today (28 July 2014) with an expected release date of later this year (December). The figure will retail for ¥7,560 and is currently available for pre-order via CDJapan, Amazon Japan, and the Crunchyroll store.

A Piccolo figure is also due in the future, but no timeframe has been announced.

In conjunction with Episode #0366 of our podcast last week, we started up a contest to give away a free copy of Discotek’s Dr. Slump movies DVD set. This is the final reminder to get your #slumpun entries in; the contest closes this evening!

Check out the podcast episode for a little insight on the various plot-development connections between Dr. Slump and Dragon Ball, and then give us your best pun! See full contest rules below.



  1. Entry participant must possess a Twitter account (available for free at
  2. Contest open to worldwide participants, with the understanding that the prize is a North American release.
  3. One entry per individual.
  4. Contest is open until Monday, July 28 @ 11:59 p.m. eastern time.
  5. Content of entry must be a Dr. Slump and/or Dragon Ball-related joke that includes a pun.
  6. Entry should begin with @kanzenshuu and end with the hashtag #slumpun
  7. Entry must be a single tweet in length, including the above handle and hashtag inclusions.
  8. One winner will be selected by the Kanzenshuu staff and will receive one Dr. Slump Movies 1-5 (NTSC, Region 1) DVD set.
  9. These rules may be updated/edited at any time and at the sole discretion of the Kanzenshuu staff.

Our own “Herms” worked a bit on this set with subtitle/translation updates and smoothing, so we obviously encourage you to check it out. The set officially drops tomorrow (29 July 2014), contains the first five Dr. Slump movies based on the franchise’s 2007-2008 Japanese remaster, and is available via Amazon and RightStuf. Check in later this week for our contest winner selection!

A new Dragon Ball Z movie is on its way! Set to debut in Japanese theaters during “Golden Week” in 2015, the film is already generating massive excitement amongst fans. As with any news, but particularly with it being so early on in the promotional cycle, there is already a good amount of unintentional-misinformation and telephone-game-exaggeration happening. Below is a detailed look at what we know for sure, what might be taken out of context, and what we already know is wrong.

When will the movie be released?
The new movie will hit Japanese theaters during “Golden Week” (generally early May) in 2015. If we assume things will be similar to the Battle of Gods release cycle, a home release will likely come roughly six months after that, with international rollouts happening over the course of 12-18 months.

When was the movie announced?
The first announcements of the movie came in the September 2014 issue of V-Jump and issue #34 of Weekly Shōnen Jump, both released 19 July 2014. Subsequent announcements were seen on various Japanese media outlets and entertainment websites.

What is the title of the movie?
So far no title has been announced and the movie is simply referred to as “Dragon Ball Z”, as was the case with Battle of Gods before its official title was announced. The tagline given for the movie is:


The Whole Universe Has Been Waiting. A Godly Dimension of Battle Begins.

The 神 (shin; in this case read as “godly”) is a pun on something “new” and 次元 (jigen; read as “dimension”) can also be interpreted as a synonym for “scale”, giving us an indication that the battle, and possibly even the movie itself, will be on a “new level” (not necessarily that it is taking place in a “new/godly dimension”). It is very similar in character to the original taglines used for Battle of Gods, which was 最強、始動。(“The mightiest make their move.” — or perhaps in light of the plot revealed later on, “The Strongest Stirs.”), followed by 全人類待望。かつてない興奮へー。 (“All Humanity Has Been Waiting. Toward an Unprecedented Excitement–.”).

Who is working on this movie?
In the movie’s initial announcement, original Dragon Ball manga author Akira Toriyama noted that he was working on the scenario, dialog, and character designs. Tadayoshi Yamamuro, who worked for many years as character designer and animation supervisor on the Dragon Ball franchise, will serve as its director.

Is this a sequel to the 2013 movie, Battle of Gods?
As a part of the movie’s initial reveal, original manga author Akira Toriyama began a thought by stating:

This time will of course be a continuation of the previous Battle of Gods

This seems to indicate that it will continue onward in some fashion, whether that be in tone or chronology, or perhaps both. Toriyama did explicitly note, however, that he had, “…deliberately increased the amount of action scenes by a good deal.”

What is the plot of the new movie?
The movie’s official website debuted with an image of Shenlong that stated:


The worst wish in history. That is the beginning of despair.

A subsequent update to the website provided a complete version of the movie’s first teaser, which contained the following new bit of text:


There’s someone I want you to revive

The text is provided on-screen without narration, so it is unclear who may be making this wish.

Fans have already begun speculating about who this might be, and so it in particular may be worth mentioning that Broli was not created by Akira Toriyama, but rather by Takao Koyama, scenario writer for the theatrical films prior to Battle of Gods. While Toriyama added embellishments to Broli’s base form after his design, the character’s creation and his expansion into additional films is credited exclusively to Koyama (who was not involved with Battle of Gods, and had several interesting things to say about it). Likewise, the design of the character’s pumped-up “Legendary” form belongs to Tadayoshi Yamamuro (who will be directing, but has no say in the script), and actually goes against Toriyama’s aesthetic preference for making strong beings not look strong at first glance, which was his reasoning behind the designs of “Super Saiyan God” and Beerus in Battle of Gods. While nothing is entirely out of the question at this time, Broli would be an extremely unlikely candidate for the one being “revived”.

Can someone who has been dead for a long time even be revived?
A common misconception is that there is a hardline rule stating that someone dead for longer than a year cannot be revived. However, this seems to only apply to a large group of people, as described by the God of Earth directly in the series:

Why do you ask? Are you intending to bring back to life all the aliens killed in the past by Vegeta and co.? That should be possible too of course, but it would only be effective for those who died within one year.

Many fans have tossed out the idea of possibly resurrecting Goku’s father, Bardock (a character not originally designed by Toriyama, but re-incorporated back into the manga and then revisited again just recently with the “Dragon Ball Minus” bonus chapter of Jaco the Galactic Patrolman). Interestingly, when asked about any additional stories involving Bardock that might be told, Toriyama recently noted:

But unfortunately, Bardock has been dead for quite some time, so you probably won’t be able to see him in action except in stories of the past. There is the trick of having Shenlong bring him back to life, but by this point, his battle power isn’t high enough, so methinks it’d be a bit difficult.

Furthermore, Toriyama’s version of Bardock in “Dragon Ball Minus” does not appear to be as “evil” as the version from the original TV special, and if this new movie’s wish brings about such despair, in all likelihood we can safely strike Bardock from the list.

As it stands, a wish of that type has not ever actually been tested in-series. Finally, we do not know who it is exactly that someone is looking to revive, or if it is even a character we have actually heard of before.

Is this a new story or an old story?
An early mistranslation by Anime News Network noted that Akira Toriyama was writing a story that he had planned back during the series’ original serialization. However, what Toriyama actually notes is:

[As with the last movie], I thought up the new story for the next Dragon Ball theatrical movie as though it were a continuation of the manga when it was in serialization.

As Toriyama describes, this is similar to what he did with Battle of Gods, where it was not literally a story he had thought about writing twenty years ago, but rather a new one that he was writing in the same style and mindset.

Will Vegeta be the main character in this new movie?
To wrap up a “Super Q&A” fronted by Dragon Ball SD’s Naho Ooishi, when asked about possible stories in the future involving Bardock (as noted above) and/or Vegeta, Akira Toriyama explained:

As for Vegeta, in the event that there’s talk of another animated film, then next time, I’d like him to play the main role. (Of course, this is nothing more than intentions, and I haven’t decided anything at all.)

The Q&A was published in the March 2014 issue of Saikyō Jump, meaning that it actually took place sometime in February 2014 or earlier. We do not know how far along pre-production on the 2015 movie may have been at that point, if it had even begun at all. Until there is more information revealed about the upcoming film, there is not much we can take away from Toriyama’s statement, other than knowing that this was what he was thinking at the time.

Where can I view the new movie’s teaser?
The teaser initially debuted in segments on Mezamshi TV before it was added in whole to the movie’s official website.

As with the initial teaser for Battle of Gods, there is no indication that any animation or recorded dialog from the teaser will actually make its way to the final product.

Where can I learn more?
As always, you can stay tuned right here at Kanzenshuu for all the latest news, documentation, and analysis!

Zenkai Battle Royale — the Japan-exclusive, arcade-only, multiplayer fighting game — will officially hit update version 2.18 on 31 July 2014

The update will bring character balance tweaks along with the first introduction of two new playable characters: Vegetto and Janenba.

From 31 July 2014 to 17 August 2014, another “Scramble For the Dragon Balls” event will take place during certain play modes. When this is activated, and when you win in Battle Royale mode, you receive one Dragon Ball. When you team wins in a team battle, two people on the team will receive one Dragon Ball each. When you collect all seven Dragon Balls, you will be able to play as Vegetto and Janenba early! Much like other recent additions, the two will presumably be solidified into regular selections at a later point in time.

Other recent character additions to Zenkai Battle Royale have included BardockCoolaUltimate Gohan, and the duo of Spopovitch & Babidi.

Zenkai Battle Royale first test-launched in Japanese arcades at the end of 2010 and, while it has continued to receive constant updates since then, has not had a home port announced.

The complete teaser for the upcoming 2015 Dragon Ball Z movie, initially shown in segments just the other day on Mezamashi TV, has been added to the movie’s official website at

Most notably, after Shenlong provides his usual spiel about granting a single wish, the video contains a new quote in text:


There’s someone I want you to revive

Adjusted text from the initial V-Jump reveal is also included:


Now, despair begins


The as-of-yet untitled film will debut in Japan during “Golden Week” next year. Original manga author Akira Toriyama is heavily involved with the script and character designs, while series veteran Tadayoshi Yamamuro will also serve as director.

Japanese clothing company Cospa will be releasing somewhat-humurous shirts of both Yamcha and the legendary “Farmer with Shotgun” later this year.

Yamcha’s shirt, available in either white or orange and in Japanese sizes from small to extra-large, features the character dead on the ground having been blown up by a Saibaiman. The text around the character, written in English, reads: “YAMCHA IS DEAD”.


An additional shirt features the farmer that Raditz first encounters upon his arrival on Earth. Available in blue and in the same sizes, the shirt features the number “5″ behind the character, while the back of the shirt, also in (broken) English, reads: “POWER LEVEL ONLY 5 WHAT A GARBAGE”.

Both shirts retail for ¥2,900 (¥3,132 including tax) and are available for pre-order now with an expected release in September 2014. The shirts can be ordered via CDJapan.

It is time to once again to dust off a few issues of V-Jump, pull out a few randomly-purchased magazines, and attempt to put another minor dent in our ever-growing translation backlog! This time around we are hitting a few lengthier interviews, intermixed with some short Q&As and commentaries, with original manga author Akira Toriyama as well as a few others associated with the Dragon Ball franchise.

  • V-Jump, May 2013 Issue – “Double Dragon Talk” Interview
    This interview with Naho Ooishi (author of Dragon Ball SD) and Toyotarō (author of Dragon Ball Heroes: Victory Mission) was released on 21 March 2013, just shortly before Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods officially debuted on 30 March 2013. The two manga artists gave their review of the film, having just seen an early screening, and each includes a short humorous comic strip about it.
  • V-Jump, June 2014 Issue – Kōzō Shioya & Unshō Ishizuka Interview
    With the “Majin Buu arc” of Dragon Ball Kai just underway in Japan, this issue of V-Jump contains an interview with some of the other stars of the series, Kōzō Shioya (Majin Buu) and Unshō Ishizuka (Mister Satan). The two discuss their respective characters, the change in their performances from Dragon Ball Z, and of course the recording session after-parties.
  • Men’s Non-No (January 2014) – Akira Toriyama Interview
    In late-2013 Men’s Non-No, a fashion and lifestyle magazine for the young single male business professional, interviewed Akira Toriyama just shortly after Jaco the Galactic Patrolman wrapped up its run in Weekly Shōnen Jump. The author discusses his early career, how he stumbled into the manga business, his most popular series (Dr. Slump and Dragon Ball), as well as some of his more recent works.
  • Training the Manga Mind – Akira Toriyama Q&A
    Published by Shueisha on 19 March 2010, Training the Manga Mind was a special book released as a part of the Weekly Shōnen Jump 40th anniversary celebration (the anniversary itself was in 2008). It features interviews with, and articles about, 37 different Jump manga artists and their techniques, conducted/written by Shima Kadokura. Naturally, Toriyama is quite shy about this, and while most other artists have face-to-face interviews where they show Kadokura their studio and tools in person, Toriyama’s is a Q&A conducted by e-mail.

While not from a print publication, Fuji TV’s own website published a brief series of comments with Dragon Ball Kai production staff earlier this year:

  • Fuji TV Information: “Dragon Ball Kai” Producer Comments
    As part of their promotional hype for the revival of Dragon Ball Kai in 2014, Fuji TV’s public relations department released statements from two of the series’ producers, Osamu Nozaki and Norihiro Hayashida. While they contain nothing too eye-opening regarding the production process, you can certainly “feel” the hype level they are striving for. It also marks the first time anyone associated with its production notes that this new production coincides with the 25th anniversary of Dragon Ball Z.

As always, you can now find these listed on our “Translations” page along with many others. Check back soon for our next batch of translations, as we attempt to clear out as much as we can in preparation for the upcoming 2015 Dragon Ball Z movie!

The recently-announced new Dragon Ball Z film, set to debut during “Golden Week” in 2015, was quickly teased earlier today on Mezamashi TV in Japan.

The images note the same information already provided in the film’s original V-Jump reveal, such as its premiere timeframe and quotes from original manga author Akira Toriyama that he has, “…increased the action scenes by a good amount,” and that it, “…should be super-duper interesting!” The visuals, however, are all-new and showcase Son Goku becoming a Super Saiyan, a fiery logo, and Shenlong coming out.

Thanks to @rebo59 for the initial heads-up on Twitter, as well as our buddy kei17 for additional materials.

UPDATE: A capture of the teaser has been uploaded to YouTube and features Hironobu Kageyama’s original version of “CHA-LA HEAD-CHA-LA” behind the basic narration.

The 2013 Dragon Ball Z film, Battle of Gods, was given similar teases on Mezamashi TV with previews and promotional videos aired both as exclusives and in conjunction with Jump-branded festivals, such as the original CG teaser which debuted almost exactly two years ago (featuring a brief animation not actually used in the final product).

Originally teased in a small splash alongside Vegetto’s announcement last month, the September 2014 issue of V-Jump — released last week in Japan — details Janenba’s inclusion in the Japan-exclusive, arcade-only, multiplayer fighting game Zenkai Battle Royale.


Janenba’s abilities include “Lightning Shower Rain” (a long-distance barrage of piercing energy blasts), “Dimension Magic” (using a portal to warp next to an opponent and deliver a blow without having to actually move anywhere), and “Dimension Sword” (a chain slashing technique using Janenba’s sword with the blood-red blade, which allows you to slice up your enemies).

Zenkai Battle Royale has received a significant batch of additions over the last several months including Bardock, Coola, Ultimate Gohan, Spopovitch & Babidi, and Vegetto.

Zenkai Battle Royale first test-launched in Japanese arcades at the end of 2010 and, while it has continued to receive constant updates since then, has not had a home port announced.