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Our latest “Press Archive” additions take us back to the mid- to late-1990s, starting when FUNimation’s English dub of the series had not yet hit Dragon Ball Z, and concluding as Viz’s English translation of the manga was just hitting store shelves.

Animeco served as the official anime and manga magazine of the Japanese Animation Society of Hawai’i (“JASH” for short). It was clearly a passion project for the club, with a mix of well-written articles alongside amateur contributions, with a few submissions from outside sources, as well; Curtis Hoffmann (of the Akira Toriyama Super Database) wrote a two-part article on purchasing and handling cels, for example! Like many other anime publications of the day, a look back makes it feels as if Animeco somewhat-begrudgingly began covering Dragon Ball when the series headed stateside. There were clearly some die-hard fans in the club, however, which made for some very enthusiastic coverage.

Animeco Issue #2 (Spring 1996)
The second issue of Animeco featured a massive Dragon Ball overview article, covering the very beginning of the series up through the end of the manga. Of particular note in this article is the liberal use of (accurate!) translations for terms that had no real English dub precedent yet. Additionally, author Eddie A. S. Mak’s analysis of Son Goku as a character lines up perfectly with James Teal’s analysis from Animerica later that year; as we often explain, this is fascinating to read in light of there being no real adult, English-dubbed Goku to leave an impression on anyone.


Animeco Issue #3 (Summer 1996)
The third issue of Animeco, following up on a tease from the previous issue’s feature article, contained an early review of Dragon Ball GT focusing on the first couple episodes. With the exception of one (understandable) bit of confusion regarding the new set of Dragon Balls, Animeco‘s editors once again seem to nail their contemporary coverage of the series. That being said, this article is unfortunately a giant step down in terms of readability and overall grammar compared to the previous feature.


Be sure to check out all of the other Dragon Ball GT coverage in our archive, particularly that from Animerica and Protoculture Addicts for a broader look at the series’ contemporary perspective in America.

Animeco Issue #4 (Fall 1996)
The fourth issue of Animeco continued the Dragon Ball coverage, this time with a review of “Dragon Ball Z Legends” for the PlayStation. The review unfortunately continues the trend of poorly-written articles, but the enthusiasm certainly shines through.


Be sure to check out Gamefan‘s August 1996 review of the same game for other contemporary coverage.

Animeco Issue #10 (Spring 1998)
Jumping ahead to spring 1998, Animeco‘s tenth issue contains a brief reference to and review of Viz’s Dragon Ball manga English translation, which had just kicked off that March.


We have tons of additional content coming to the “Press Archive“, though the response during our recent live streams kicked these a little higher up on the pile. Stay tuned for more live stream announcements, acquisitions and additions to the section, and more! Be sure to connect with us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Tumblr.

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In light of drastic shifts in recent news reporting, we have decided to refocus our efforts and restructure our managerial staff. As of today, Mike “VegettoEX” LaBrie is no longer with Kanzenshuu. We want to extend our gratitude to Mike, as he was a dedicated webmaster and staff member of this site, in all of its incarnations, for nearly 20 years and his presence will be missed. We wish Mike and Meri well and want the best for them. Undoubtedly, many fans of the site may question the decision to request Mike’s resignation, but rest assured it was a decision made with the Dragon Ball community’s best interest in mind. His dedicated service, friendship, and recent mental instability will not be forgotten.

Moving forward, our intent is to once again return to our roots and refocus on fact-based material, including accurately-researched news coverage that will benefit fans. Any forum account banned today has been reinstated with our sincerest apologies. We have told Mike that we will do whatever we can to help him in pursuit of a new position with another site, if he so desires, during this transitional period.

We are excited about the future of Kanzenshuu and look forward to a very positive rest of 2017.

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Dear Kanzenshuu community,

All users with a registration date after 2005 have been banned in an attempt to Make Kanzenshuu Great (Not “Again”, Because It Never Was)™. It has been determined by a panel of my peers (which consists of only me) that I am the only one capable of discussing Dragon Ball in a responsible manner in English, so we are effectively starting over to the earliest batch of forum posts and registered users. I will be the sole operator and administrator, and will manually approve all posts before they are made. There will be a minimum of a 10-day waiting period for all posts to be approved. This time period may be extended at my sole discretion depending on how many more old magazines I want to scan before reading your dumb posts.

Furthermore, we are re-enabling our world filter (NO FREE SPEECH) which will change all instances of “Hercule” to “Fuzzy Kitten Friend”.

This is not up for debate, and we will not negotiate with any users. Please be sure to re-read the community guidelines, which you agreed to (twice) prior to registration, before making any further contributions.

Thank you, and have fun!

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Today for my online book report I will conclusively show the OFFICIAL DEBUNK for the downplay of SSJ God Cell.

The first evidence (EVIDENCE A) is that Cell is actually comprised of Saiyan DNA. This is stated on page 25 of THE ORIGINAL JAPANESE manga volume 25.

Next, we see that the Dragon Ball Z anime called Cell a “God of Destruction” back in 1992 (EVIDENCE 2). Though none of us will agree on using this source because none of us ever agree, I am clearly in the right because I found this.

Even though I suspect he is one of the gays because he is a moderator on Kanzenshit, TheDevilsCraps correctly cites THE ORIGINAL JAPANESE Chaozenshuu which CLEARLY STATES (EVIDENCE C) that they must be righteous.


We have to be as literal as possible here if we are to get to the bottom of the issue, so let’s examine Superman. He is a god to our people and he destroys things, so that qualifies as a God of Destruction. If the God of Destruction is able to fight a Super Saiyan God, they are equal. So if Superman is equal to a Super Saiyan God, he is equal to Super Saiyan Goddo Cell.

This means that Cell can also bench press a scientist just like Superman, SO STOP DOWNPLAYING CELL.

I made this into a YouTube video so it’s credible.

Thank you. I will not be taking questions today. Please direct all inquiries to your butt.

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I don’t know why people get so worked up over this. It’s so easy and everyone gets it wrong.

Her name is ミント. If you ever took even just one Japanese class you would know that is MI – N – TO. The Japanese don’t differentiate between “R” and “L” sounds so that means it’s “Minto” because it’s literally the word the Japanese use for “Mint” but we are not talking about the dub we are talking about the nihongers. IT’S MINTO.

It’s so obnoxious how they adapt it beyond that. It’s a pun. A PUN. That means it’s NOT just THE WORD.

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Some people on the internet said some things about an upcoming episode of Dragon Ball Super. In this professional news post I will show you one of them.

VegettoEX is an editor and reporter for the japanimation website Kanzenshuu that you are reading right now. Follow him on Twitter at @vegettoex.

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The space is a danger for it’s inhabitants so Goku will make the ask to an old friend to avoid penalty in Dragon Ball Super. Artificial Android 17 returns in the episode 86 of Dragon Ball Super on Saturday, April 16, on Toonami Mizugi in China.

According to the Shonen Jump interview, 17 is was a ranger for parks now with husband and children. “He works in the wildlife preserve area of a gigantic royal nature park, as an outstanding guard who doesn’t hold back against poachers,” Toriyama said the kanzenshuu. “Content farm websites you read for words maybe trust isn’t best,” he concludes.

A scan comes from magazine, but we do not know language to understrand words but share anyway in order to provide you the support. It does appears that 17 will have a DE KKAGAKU event in his new appearance.

In a previous episode, 18 was there. Goku’s team could include the Ozotto says the YouTuber but maybe the Omni-Kings do not allow this.

Dragon Ball Super in a comic show in Japan that airs on Tonnami Sunday nights at 9:00 AM JST.

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With over 40 years of reporting, no doubt Kanzenshuu Has THE MOST information about Dragon Ball out there! Everyone knows the basics like Goku Black’s true identity (Goten, duh) and Jaco’s last name (Tilimentempibosshi, duh), but how many of THESE facts did you know?? See if you are as smart as a Piccolo with our list! We dig deep into the books to find the best facts. Check out our top 10 facts you NEVER knew about Dragon Ball Z/AF/GT/SUper.

Dragon Ball is Japanese

It’s true: Dragon Ball comes from the orient!

Dragon Ball Was Akira Toriyama’s First Series

Believe it or not, the international phenomenon and multi-billion dollar powerhouse Dragon Ball was actually Akira Toriyama’s first series – what a great stroke of luck! When he began the series in 1996, he was relatively unknown, having only previously worked doing copy-editing at a pharmaceutical company! We all know how the story goes after that. Today, Toriyama has moved on from Dragon Ball entirely and now animates on the monthly TV series One Piece.

Akira Toriyama Wanted to End the Series With Freiza

Speaking with esteemed Super Otaku Magazine journalist Nirazaki Tihashiberi back in 1972, Akira Toriyama said:

Yes. Ive put so much time on Doragonboru I cant do much else. I never expected Doragonboru to be this long in the first place. I think its been concluded on a high note. After all, if I had my way, Id of ended the manga after the Freeza period! (Laughs)

Thankfully, it was none other than Batman‘s creator Stan Lee himself who called Toriyama up on the phone one night and persuaded him to continue! Can you imagine the Dragon Ball series without its official canon into Dragon Ball GT…?! We sure can’t! Thank you, Mr. Lee!

Goku’s Voice Actor Passed Out During a Recording Session

Goku’s first and only English voice actor Sean Schemmel passed out during the recording session for the infamous driving episode! Paramedics had to be called, and Schemmel was rushed to the nearest hospital… but because the show is recorded in the Canadian wilderness, it took them over two hours to get there! By then, Schemmel was awake again and ready to record. What a trooper, ey?

It’s Over 9000!

The Japanese dub incorrectly translated this pivotal scene as “It’s Over 8000!” I heard that TOEI animation had to hold a massive press conference to apologize for this mistake, because it ruined Toriyama-sama’s power level scaling for the entire rest of the series. This was a HUGE deal. I don’t know how much the rest of you know about Japanese culture (I’m an expert), but honor and shame are huge parts of it, so I’m not surprised they had to hold a press conference. That was absolutely the right thing to do.

Dragon Ball Was Originally For Adults

Dragon Ball was serialized in the daily magazine “Weekly Shonen Jump” in Japan, which means “Daily Adult Jump” in English. It is a magazine that updates very mature adults on very mature and adult things like tax brackets, investments, and those kinds of money things. There is a lot more nudity and violence in the series in Japan! For example, Goku is actually always naked, and was only given his now-iconic orange G.I. for the international market.

There are More Than 200 Dragon Ball Video Games

The first Dragon Ball video game — Kamehameha Battle For Two!! An Intense Match?! — was developed in 1958 and ran on an oscilloscope! There were only two buttons attached to the room-sized machine: “fly” and “blast”. Pressing the “fly” button would either move you to the top or bottom of the screen, depending on your position, whereas the “blast” button would fire a trademark “Kamekameha” at your opponent. There was an eight-hour cool-down period between attacks, so players typically brought dinner and homework with them to keep busy between matches.

The latest game for the franchise, Butod-en Tenkai-chi Alpha Power, is a VR game for HTC’s PlayStation Vive where you fly around the Dragon World and experience what it is like to dodge Marjin Boo’s ultimate attack! Because it is a VR game, if you die in the game, you die in the real world, too! So far no-one has been able to complete the game. Will you be the first…?! Never know until you try!!

Goku’s Name is Actually Chinese

Goku’s name “Sun Gokou” is the Japanese spelling for the Chinese name “Lu Zhishen” from the biblical story All the Men are Outlaws of the Marsh. When author Akira Toriyama decided to tell his own version of the story, he misread the kenji for “cat” and changed it to “monkey”, and went from there! Bulma is a stand-in for the preacher Dong Zhuo, while Oolong is a stand-in for the horse Liu Bei. Whereas in the original story the group went on a journey east for sacred diamonds, the Dragon Ball gang chases down the titular Dragon Balls!

You Can Watch the Series for FREE Online!

If you want to watch DBZ for free all you have to do is go to Google and type “watch dbz free” and you can just watch DBZ for free! The best part? It is in English!!! I don’t understand why people would pay for something that is free.

How did you do?? Did you know them all?? I doubt it! Be sure to share our post to show how much smarter you are then all your friends at Dragon Ball!! And stay tuned here to Kanzenshuu for all the best lists and facts for top tens. Thank you and have a nice day!

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One of the biggest questions fans have these days is: what’s up with Goku’s new form seen in the show’s opening theme?! After debuting last September (following an unsuccessful pilot series last year), literally dozens of people have been enjoying the show, all the meanwhile wondering what the special hair color and expression on Goku’s face might mean. Is he evil now? Is he some kind of god? Is he adding the power of the Kayo-Ken to himself?

Well, we have the answer!


We found out that Dragon Ball Z is actually Japanese, and finished airing there last year! Not only have they been holding out on us with Super Mario Bros. 5, but apparently also information about our favorite new cartoon! We found someone named “Chris” on who responded:

The final picture of the cast is a big mistake on FUNimation’s part, because it shows Vegeta standing WITH everyone (spoiling the fact that he joins the group) Trunks standing with them (to this day, I bet kids are still asking “Who the hell is that guy?”) and Goku going Super Saiyan. None of this happens until at LEAST the end of next season.

There you have it: apparently that is the “Super Saiyan” we have been hearing so much about! We’re still not sure what a trunks is, though.

Dragon Ball Z airs weekend mornings in syndication. Check your local listings for dates and times.