FUNimation’s Dub of DragonBall TV Series to Feature Original BGM
Published by 04 April 2001, 9:18 PM EDT

FUNimation’s official DragonBall Z site has updated the FAQ once again with incredible information: their continued dub of the original DragonBall TV series will use the original Japanese musical score!

Q: What are future plans for Dragon Ball?
A: Dragon Ball will begin airing on Cartoon Network June 4. Dragon Ball will run in time slot immediately after Dragon Ball Z, at 5:30pm Eastern Standard Time. The first 28 episodes of DB will air through the month of June. These episodes will contain the original music from the Japanese series. This is going to be a blast, so be sure to tune in.

This has somewhat been hinted at throughout the past with FUNimation, as they have used the original Japanese score in both DB movies two and three (“Sleeping Princess in Devil’s Castle” and “Mystical Adventure,” respectively). This is a wonderful step up for FUNimation. What is even greater is that the DB and DBZ scores were both composed by Shunsuke Kikuchi, so we will finally hear the composer’s work in North America for the DB TV series!

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