DBGT Episodes 1-15 Confirmed For Future FUNimation Release
Published by 19 May 2003, 11:19 PM EDT

Folks have been speculating for a bit now, and there have been tons of rumors thrown around on fansites, but up until now there had been no official word on the fate of Dragon Ball GT episodes 1-15 from FUNimation.

Fans can rest assured that they will see the light of day, thankfully. At Anime Central this weekend, FUNimation announced (among other things) that GT episodes 1-15 will indeed be released. Unfortunately for those interested in watching chronologically, this will happen after 16-64 have been fully released.

FUNimation went on to say that all Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z episodes will see an American DVD release eventually, so if you do want to watch it all in a row, you will simply have to kick back and wait for it all to trickle out.

Thanks to Anime Nation for the news tip.

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