More WonderSwan Crystal Game Screen Shots
Published by 24 October 2003, 11:22 AM EDT

The Magic Box has released five new screen shots from the upcoming WonderSwan Crystal Dragon Ball game (which, as noted in past updates, is a remake of an old Nintendo Famicom game from 1989; it was actually the third DB game to be released).

Bandai will release Dragon Ball for WonderSwan Crystal in Japan on November 20,f or 3980 yen. A remake of the classic Famicom action RPG from 1989. The game is based on Goku’s first adventures in the Dragon Ball series, your mission is to guide Goku to collect all 7 dragon balls. The story is based on the first 17 volumes of the Dragon Ball manga, before the Saiyan episodes. The battles are in the form of card battle.

(Little Goku is so damn cute, I can’t stand it!)

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