DBGT Game Heading to PS2…?
Published by 14 December 2003, 5:57 AM EST

The very end of Jeremy Dunham’s review of “Budokai 2” for reads:

And with Dragon Ball GT headed for the PlayStation 2 sometime next year it’s a possibility we can certainly anticipate; but only the passage of time and the cries of its fans can make it happen.

A new GT game? Interesting. We have not heard anything from Atari on this, but it certainly should not come as a surprise to anyone — the “Budokai” games have been doing extremely well. That being said, it would be really funny if they just re-released “Final Bout” on an unsuspecting crowd of newbie gamers. Is it just a misinformed statement, though? Perhaps elements from Dragon Ball GT being included in the next game? Time will tell, I suppose!

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