“Dragon Ball Z 2 V”: Japanese “Budokai 2” Add-On Disc
Published by 02 March 2004, 9:18 PM EST

The Magic Box has released some images from the upcoming “Dragon Ball Z 2 V” expansion disc (remember, “Dragon Ball Z 2” is the Japanese version of “Budokai 2”; the “V” comes from V-Jump, Shueisha’s Japanese video game magazine under the “Jump” brand).

Bandai announced DragonBall Z 2 V (the “V” stands for V-Jump, a Japanese manga magazine) for PlayStation 2, an upgrade to DragonBall Z 2 (DragonBall Z Budokai 2). The game will feature brand new fighters from the DragonBall Z movies, plus several new fusion characters, such as Kuura, Cubit, Gokutan (Goku + Satan) and Potana. DragonBall Z 2 V is scheduled to release in Japan in April.

The upgrade looks to have at least Coola (and Metal Coola) as a playable character, plus some of the bonus fusions (Yamhan / Tiencha, Gotan / Gokule, Kibitoshin). The screens also seem to confirm a special “V-Jump” version of the Tenka-ichi Budōkai ring, as well.

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