FUNimation Redub and Distribution News from MegaCon
Published by 09 March 2004, 12:31 AM EST

Special thanks to Sean Foster for the following check-in from the FUNimation panel at MegaCon this past weekend. Some interesting news:

  • (At least the FUNimation representative on hand) did not know when KidMark’s sub-license for the home distribution of Dragon Ball episodes 1-13 would expire. This is of note to fans who understand that FUNimation cannot release the bilingual, uncut DVDs of this arc until KidMark’s sub-license from distributing the original “Saga of Goku” box set has run up.
  • The re-dub of seasons 1 + 2 (named the “Saiyan” and “Namek” sagas; approximately 67 episodes in the original Japanese, which was cut down to 53 for original syndicated broadcast) has been completed. It is slated to be released after all of Dragon Ball GT has been completed and released. Their format will be in the “box + 1” disc style.
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