“Dragon Ball Forever”: New Kanzenban Guide Book
Published by 04 April 2004, 2:37 PM EDT

Another new book is being released entitled “Dragon Ball Forever.” Here is a translation of what you will find over on its respective page:

Announcing the results of the popular vote!
The best bouts, best characters, and best items in DB Kanzenban vols. 1-34 are published!

Toriyama- sensei‘s interview is also completed!
Sensei tells in super-detail the secret stories of his work. The characters’ roots will become clear, as well!!

There’s also a full load of detailed data!
With an illustrated book of all the characters and items, you’ll be able to enjoy every little corner of DB!

Deluxe stickers are also going to be included!
Reappearance of the covers to kanzenban vols. 1-34, on stickers!

It is assumed there will also be a story guide for kanzenban volumes 23-34, with the other (final) seven “Dragon Ball Children” images drawn by other artists.

Shueshia also has a contest going on (bottom right of the page) where you can win one of 500 boxes to hold all 36 books in the series (34 volumes + “Landmark” and “Forever” books). You will need to cut out one of the application forms from the wraparound ads that come with volumes 33, 34, and “Forever” — stick it onto a postcard with your name, address, age, phone number, and the words “Dragon Ball” (since they are also doing a “Slam Dunk” promotion), and mail it off to the address at the bottom of the ad.

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