“Budokai 3” Announced + Other New DBZ Video Games!
Published by 29 April 2004, 1:23 AM EDT

While Xyex first broke it for us over on our forums on the 21st with a link to the strategy guide, we now have “official” word: “Budokai 3” has been announced, is in development by Dimps, and is slated for release “later this year” (as reported on The Magic Box).

We do not know if it will incorporate anything from “Dragon Ball Z 2 V” (the updated version of Budokai 2 in Japan, which includes character costumes such as Kuriza and Coola), but we will be sure to keep you up to date as we find and translate information.

Furthermore, a new GameBoy Advance game entitled “Boo’s Fury” has been announced for a 29 September 2004 release, and is being developed by WebFoot (who did the two “Legacy of Goku” games). While this game is being described as a fighting game, we can not be sure just yet; one would assume it would be the third game in the “Legacy of Goku” action/RPG series.

Just as a reminder, the North American version of “Bukū Tōgeki” (entitled “Super Sonic Warriors”), the GBA fighting game developed by Arc Systems, is due out 27 August 2004.

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