DBZ: Legacy of Goku IV & DB: Red Ribbon Army
Published by 02 July 2004, 6:45 PM EDT

Thanks to the ever-perceptive folks over on our forum, we have unearthed some listings for two new Nintendo GameBoy Advance games over on Atari’s website:

A description for the “Red Ribbon Army Saga” game reads as:

On his continuing quest to regain the Dragon Ball which represents the spiritual essence of his beloved grandfather, Goku is horrified to learn that death and destruction seem to be following just behind him. He soon learns that the source of this chaos is the Red Ribbon Army, who are also in hot pursuit of the seven Dragon Balls which, when assembled, will grant their owner a wish.

Goku’s toughest challenge lies ahead as he faces the Red Ribbon’s Evil Generals, Hired Assassins and ultimately the Army’s Muscle Tower. Along the way he will meet interesting characters who will become great allies or terrible foes.

What to expect? Well, “Legacy of Goku IV” will most likely follow in the step footsteps as the previous three games (action/RPG; remember, “Boo’s Fury” is technically “Legacy of Goku 3”, having originally been listed as such, and even starting up with a recap from “Legacy of Goku 2” right in the game itself). What series will it follow? Well, the page notes “Dragon Ball GT and all logos…”; sounds like a DBGT game, to me!

What about the DB game? Unsure. The description makes it sound similar to the “Legacy of Goku” series, so perhaps it will continue in the action/RPG vein.

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