Banpresto Announces “Dragon Ball: Advance Adventure”
Published by 23 August 2004, 10:33 PM EDT

GameSpot reports that the latest pages of V-Jump reveal Banpresto’s announcement of yet another new game in Japan! Titled “Dragon Ball: Advance Adventure” for the Nintendo GameBoy Advance, the game will be a 2D, side-scrolling action game that takes place during the very beginning of the storyline (with Goku as a child). The game is slated for its Japanese release in November for ¥5040. No word yet on a possible (and probable) American release.

TOKYO–According to VJump magazine, Banpresto will release a new Dragon Ball action game for Game Boy Advance later this year titled Dragon Ball: Advance Adventure. The game will be based on Goku’s childhood stories of when he traveled around trying to find the seven mystical dragon balls.

Players in the 2D side-scrolling action game control Goku and fight through stages based on the original manga and anime’s storyline. Some examples of the stages are: the wilderness, home of the kung-fu bandit Yamcha; Pilaf’s castle, which is full of booby traps; Muscle Tower, where players must fight different enemies on each floor; and the Tenkaichi Budou Kai, where Goku battles one-on-one against other fighters, such as Tenshinhan. Aside from punching and kicking, Goku can execute Kamehameha blasts, and he can also attack with his Nyoibo stick, which gives him extra range and allows him to deflect enemy shots.

Dragon Ball: Advance Adventure is slated for release in November in Japan at the retail price of 5,040 yen ($46).

Thanks to Jetto for the heads-up!

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