Lots of “Budokai” Soundtrack Details
Published by 28 December 2004, 12:05 AM EST

Remember the soundtrack for “Budokai” 1 and 2 that was supposed to be coming out forever ago in Japan? Remember how it kept getting pushed back repeatedly at CDJapan, to the point where some of us were beginning to suspect they were just making it up? Ever wonder what happened? Well, wonder no more… the “Dragon Ball Z & Z2” is back, and is it ever.

Forum-goer SS Kakarot discovered that the soundtrack has been relisted by Japanese vendors, now indicating a 19 January 2005 release date. There is cover art and a track listing this time, making it pretty well set in stone. But that is not all…

According to the poster advertising the soundtrack’s release, we are in for an extra treat: the month after the “Z & Z2” soundtrack comes out, we will get a CD-single of the openings of the second and third games, and the month after that, we’ll have the “Dragon Ball Z 3” soundtrack! The single of “Ore wa Tokoton Tomaranai” (the “Budokai 3” theme, now with name-y goodness) and “Kusuburu heart ni Hi o Tsukero” (the “Budokai 2” theme) is out on 23 February 2005, while the DBZ 3 soundtrack will be hitting Japanese store shelves exactly one week later, on 02 March.

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