“Dragon Ball Z” Manga to End in Domestic Shonen Jump, Going Bimonthly
Published by 16 February 2005, 5:30 PM EST

April’s domestic “Shonen Jump” arrived today from Viz with a huge bit of news on the cover — this will be the last monthly chapter of “Dragon Ball Z”.

For those keeping track, this monthly issue features original Japanese chapters 419-420 (Viz’s DBZ chapters 225-226), which showcases Trunks’ return to his future to defeat the jinzōningen and Cell.

Fret not, English manga readers, for the series is not done for good. The “Z” portion of the manga will pick up in June 2005 with bi-monthly “graphic novel” releases.

The issue also has promises of additional Dragon Ball and Toriyama features in the future, as well.

Viz has toyed with the release schedule and format of the franchise since it began. Back in March 2003, Viz canceled the monthly, two-chapter releases of the Dragon Ball manga in favor of including it in the monthly magazine, along with re-releasing all of the “graphic novel” collections so far into the now-standard “Shonen Jump”-sized versions.

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