“Budokai 3” Collector’s Edition in Europe
Published by 18 April 2005, 2:25 PM EDT

Thanks to forum-member sangofe, we have come across a report on the Belgian site PlayerOne about a European collector’s edition of “Budokai 3”. For those of you who cannot read French, I have prepared a translation:

After the deserved success of “Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3” on the Playstation 2, Atari plans to release a collector’s version of its acclaimed fighting game. What’s new on the program? This version will have a new cover jacket, the Japanese voices, and even three new unlockable characters. The collector’s edition will be available this coming 21 June in Europe.

There is also an “exclusive” sneak-peek at the cover of the collector’s edition on the page linked above (and no, the kanji do not mean anything important; they are “gold”, “water”, and “city”, respectively). While the art is nothing special, the game itself should be a treat… if you live in Europe.

And so once again, we Americans get the short end of the stick, while the European fans get treated to the original voice actors for the characters, and extras from the Japanese version (though it is not mentioned in the article, the three new unlockable characters are probably Piccolo-Daimaō, Long-Haired Trunks, and Level 99 Goku w/Halo, as they were in Japan).

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