“Dragon Box: The Movies” Details
Published by 16 October 2005, 8:06 PM EDT

The Jumpland website has revealed a batch of details about the upcoming Dragon Box for the franchise’s movies, which now appears to be formally named “Dragon Box: The Movies”.


  • Pre-orders open now!
  • Pre-order ends: 21 December 2005
  • On sale: 24 March 2006
  • Retail price: ¥50,000 (Amazon pre-order price: ¥39,000)


  • 8 discs, dual-layered, containing all 17 movies (3 DB, 13 DBZ, 10th Anniversary)
  • Movies presented in 16:9 letterbox format
  • Full color booklet
  • Theatrical previews and TV spots included
  • Picture labelled disks
  • New Print Component Master
  • 2 “Scouter” transceivers

Some interesting things to note here. First, the movies are going to be presented in 16:9 letterbox format (widescreen); while it is general knowledge that the movies were made in 4:3 full frame, they were primarily screened in theaters in the cropped letterboxed format. Perhaps there is something we do not know, or they are just cropping the film again. The scouters seem like a really cool idea, and we will also be getting the original movie introductions, which have not been released since the Japanese VHS releases!

Special thanks to Mr. Robot from the forum for pointing out this new info!

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