Website Updates: History & Dragon Box: The Movies
Published by 01 December 2005, 12:33 PM EST

Toei recently launched a new “Dragon Ball History” site dedicated to the Dragon Ball movies, similar to those of the series. Titled “Theater Edition DragonBall History”, it is actually quite nice and has a lot of information that Toei had never really released about the movies — things such as the staff and cast credits for each movie, synopsis/story information, and movie character profiles. The site also contains some information concerning the upcoming release of “Dragon Box: The Movies”. They have even posted some trailers for the set. For those of you that don’t read Japanese and might have some problems finding the trailers (they are well hidden), we have posted links to the trailers at the bottom of this post.

As for the movies set itself, there have recently been a lot of Toei sites that have been updating information and images. While this does not really pertain to anything concerning the ordering of the Dragon Box, but I find the following image interesting. Albeit a great image, it displays some screen shots taken from various Dragon Ball movies. If you’ll notice, all the images are in a 4:3 format, where as the Dragon Box is being released in a 16:9 format.

A comparison picture below showcases Gogeta (DBZ Movie 12) from the advertisement (on the right) with that of the same image taken from a fansub (on the left). Very confusing!

Finally, Toei has posted some trailers for the Z Dragon Box individual disc releases. There are two trailers, one for high-speed connections and on for everyone still on 56k.

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