Podcast Episode #0003
Published by 04 December 2005, 12:01 AM EST

This week we tackle such subjects as “Saiya-jin” vs “Saiyan”, Viz’s extremely confusing use of “djinn” (essentially replacing the word “Majin”), and we even review the CDs that came out in 2005. For more information (download link, other topics discussed, XML for subscription, etc.), visit our “Podcast” page.

Episode #0003! We talk about the differences and origins of both “Saiya-jin” and “Saiyan”, and Viz’s confusing use of the Arabic word “djinn” instead of the word “Majin” that we’re all familiar with. We also go over the CDs that came out in 2005, including the “Budokai” soundtracks and 2005 remake songs. Finally, we go over December’s releases and answer some listener e-mail!


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