Podcast Episode #0007
Published by 02 January 2006, 6:50 PM EST

This week, we go over the name pun and relationships involving the DBZ movie 3 main villain, Tullece. We also shoot through all the other DBZ movie character name puns! We got some great audio questions which we played and responded to this episode, so definitely check it out! If you’d like to send us audio questions for the show (either WAV or MP3 format works for us), send them along. Make sure you say what your name is and where you are from!

So enjoy the episode, look for some more cool stuff soon, and akemashite omedetō gozaimasu~!

Episode #0007! VegettoEX & Julian discuss the DBZ movie 3 villain, Tullece, and his name pun and relationship to Goku. We also go through the name puns for every single other DBZ movie villain! Finally, we respond to listener audio and text e-mails.


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