Podcast Episode #0013
Published by 12 February 2006, 8:40 AM EST

It has arrived! This episode we of course hit up all the latest news (which includes video games and CDs, as always), but we also set up our future plans for AnimeNext this year (come join us!) and DVD-giveaways on the show. We conclude our discussion on puns by going over the DB movie & DBZ TV special characters, and then we catch up on all your e-mail.

And Julian sings.

Episode #0013! VegettoEX, Julian, and Meri set up plans for AnimeNext 2006 and upcoming contests on the show. We also go over even more news on the upcoming video games and CD sets, as well as finish up name puns by going over the DB movies and DBZ TV specials. We also fully catch up on all our text e-mails, which include more video game ranting, scans from the first Nintendo Power (!), and a special karaoke session from Julian!


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