Podcast Episode #0015 + Anime 20th Anniversary!
Published by 26 February 2006, 7:30 PM EST

Episode #0015 of the podcast is available for download! We were gone all weekend, so we had to both record and edit early. We bring you a short episode, but that doesn’t mean it’s lacking anything! In fact, it’s probably one of the more fun episodes we’ve done…! Check it out!

Episode #0015! VegettoEX, Julian, and Meri once again discuss the lack of news (March will be exciting, though!), and share some of their favorite utterly-absurd sound effects from the show. Mechanical-walking? Farts? What kind of show is this?! A couple fun e-mails round us out for the week.


And on a somewhat different note, 20 years ago on Japanese television, a little show called Dragon Ball began airing. Happy birthday to our favorite anime!

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