Podcast Episode #0028
Published by 01 June 2006, 12:00 AM EDT

Episode #0028 of the podcast is (finally) available for download! If you’re reading this, the site’s back up, and you can actually get your hands on the episode :P. Sorry for the delay! Additional information can, as always, be found in the respective forum thread for the episode, with all links on the “Podcast” page.

Episode #0028! VegettoEX, Julian, and Meri go over all the big news from the week (FUNimation DVDs, remastered Spanish DVDs, Viz name changes). We also discuss what we would each like to see done with the property now that it is essentially done being released in the US. DBZ ABCs, Top 5 Kuririn Movie Moments, and AnimeNext preparation round out the episode!


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