FUNimation’s Devious Plans For DBZ’s Future on DVD
Published by 18 July 2006, 6:15 PM EDT

The big news today is, without a doubt, the goings-on with the future of Dragon Ball Z on DVD in North America, and specifically the “season one” box set we first reported on back in May.

FUNimation has left a message on the RightStuf home page saying the following:

We will re-announce this title with a new release date in Quarter 1 2007, and there will be other major announcements concerning the property at that time. These season sets are being enhanced and restored, and many new features are being added. Runtimes and packaging will also be different.

You would have to be silly not to connect the dots and start thinking like a true fanboy: has FUNimation secured the rights to the remastered “Dragon Box” footage, or something else entirely? No-one is confirming one way or the other, but the box set’s delay until 06 February 2007 and the promise of additional material sure seems to point toward something.

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