New DBZ Movies 1-3 DVD Pack From FUNimation Confirmed
Published by 04 September 2006, 8:30 PM EDT

As we reported back in August, FUNimation has officially put out the solicitations for their November releases, which includes the Dragon Ball Z movie 1, 2, & 3 DVD set due out on 14 November 2006. This will include the re-dubbed versions of the movies with FUNimation’s “reversioned” script, music, and voices on the English side, and (much more importantly) a new translation by Steven J. Simmons on the Japanese side. They are assumed to NOT be remastered video (read: not from the Dragon Box). The suggested retail price is $29.98, which you will be able to pick up for cheap anywhere. Keep in mind that this will include the same re-released version of “Dead Zone” you picked up in May 2005 as a part of the “Ultimate Uncut Edition” line, though we do not know if there will be additionally-changed cover art.

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