German Dragon Ball GT Premiers
Published by 19 October 2006, 7:00 AM EDT

We got in an e-mail from Christian Rodriguez Hernandez from Germany this week, letting us know what is going on over there with regards to Dragon Ball GT.

We finally will get Dragon Ball GT here in Germany, and the airing will start on RTL 2 on the 30. October !!!

We waited over 2 years to get the continue from Dragon Ball Z so we fans are very exided about the final decision to air the show. It was a big secret this last weeks… (of course the hardcore Fans knew) but some days ago they made the offical anouncement, out of RTL 2 itself.

As a preview they put up today !!! The Opening from DBGT that were produces in Germany, for all Episodes … –

We are looking forward …

And Im sure you will have fun to listen to the German Version of DAN DAN ; )

So here is RTL’s page featuring the German opening to “Dragon Ball GT”… very cool stuff! While it uses a slightly MIDI-fied instrumental in the background, the lyrical performance is just fantastic. All you Germans out there, have fun with the series!

Try not to break things. Or fall asleep. It will be tough, though.

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