Extra Characters in JP Nintendo Wii “Sparking! NEO”
Published by 22 December 2006, 2:53 PM EST

Those keeping a close eye on their internets may have seen some rumors leaking about extra characters showing up in the European Wii version of “Sparking! NEO” (“Budokai Tenkaichi 2”). As common sense would dictate, these extra items are actually spawned from the upcoming Japanese Wii release of the game, currently set for 01 January 2007. So who do we have?

Yep, that’s my main man Appule! Oh, and a random Freeza henchman. Who doesn’t even have a real name. Awesome. Looks like Freeza’s spaceship (as seen at the end of the Bardock TV special) is going to be an extra stage, as well.

The above image and information comes from the latest “V-Jump”, and it looks like the rest of their unlock-passwords are going to be released in the same “Weekly Jump” double-issue as the “One Piece” & Dragon Ball crossover, “Cross Epoch”. We will let you know what else surfaces!

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